Doctor Doctor—Season 4, Episode 5 (The Getaway)

This episode has Hugh reach a turning point.

Penny and Jarrod—Penny and Jarrod are trying to go on their honeymoon only for obstacles to get in their way. Jarrod asks Hugh to perform pre-medical exams on his miners and Penny asks Tara to run the clinic while they are away. After one setback, and Penny admitting to Betty that she and Hugh kissed, she eventually tells Jarrod about the kiss. After an initial reschedule, Penny and Jarrod miss their flights again, and Penny comes back from the hospital after treating Robbo (who I’ll get to in a minute) to find Jarrod waiting for her. Jarrod tells her he’s not a jealous bloke but also questions her choice to kiss Hugh. Penny admits that she loves her independence and that Jarrod doesn’t play games, and she wants him. They try to go on their honeymoon again, only for Jarrod and Matt to stop their charter flight in search of a kidnapped Eliza.

Overall I was surprised that Penny fessed up to the kiss so quickly and I honestly thought Jarrod would end the marriage, so it will be interesting to see where they are at in next week’s episode.

Hugh, Meryl and Dinah—The main plot for this episode was Dinah kidnapping Eliza, however a series of events leads to this. It starts with Dinah deliberately waking Hugh and Eliza in the morning, then Dinah going to see Meryl where both of them share and admit to their parenting failures. When Hugh comes home from partying with Charlie, Tara and Robbo, and Dinah witnesses him drunk and drugs falling out of his pocket, this leads her to kidnap Eliza the next day.

While Hugh and Matt chase after her, initially thinking her flight is taking off early, Meryl finds her at the airport, waiting for her delayed flight. Meryl peacefully confronts her by reminding her that if Harriet wanted to be with Eliza she would be, and that Dinah kidnapping her and Harriet’s drug problems won’t help her with any custody battle. Dinah says goodbye to Eliza and leaves. When Hugh and Meryl return home, Meryl admits that Dinah was right about Hugh being an unfit parent and orders him to leave and not to return until he has his head screwed on straight. He leaves and goes to stay at an unused wing of the Hospital with Charlie.

Overall I felt this was a strong subplot as there was empathy for all of the characters involved and Meryl kicking Hugh out might possibly bring him back to his senses (eventually). This might also shake up the whole Hugh-constantly-on-benders story arc.

Matt and April—The focus on them was minor with the subplot purely being about trying to conceive, only to be seemingly reluctant when they are unable to give up their vices that will ultimately prevent them from conceiving, and Matt’s inability to perform doesn’t help matters. Although it seems like Charlie is trying to sabotage their relationship again, she only wants her desk back and Charlie never interacts with April.

Considering the promo for next week’s episode being all about Matt making a choice between April and Charlie, I feel their subplot was deliberately showing the cracks to make way for what happens next.

Hugh and Tara—Hugh and Tara’s subplot was minor as they partied briefly with Charlie and FIFO, Robbo, who was given a pre-employment medical which showed positive results for cocaine and marijuana. When their party abruptly ends due to the police busting them, Robbo collapses and it is then discovered that he has a heart infection. He is later sent off for treatment once he is stabilised. On a minor note, Charlie questions whether he screwed up with Tara, which seems to be confirmed when she rejects his kiss during the night.

Overall I found their subplot a little predictable as the outcome of the bender and Robbo’s heart condition being discovered didn’t surprise me.

Meryl, Hayley and Ajax—Ajax’s decision to move out in the previous episode was briefly touched upon in this episode. At the beginning, Ajax and Hayley bid farewell to the Homestead, with Hayley later confronting Meryl about being underpaid when working for her. Hayley admits to her that renting is more expensive than expected, and that she and Ajax are more capable than Meryl gives them credit for. At the end of the episode, Ajax gets a caravan which he parks on the property, not far away from the Homestead, which clearly makes Hayley unhappy.

Overall I found this minor subplot a little boring as it didn’t resolve the issue or progress it all that much, maybe in next week’s or a later episode it will be dealt with more.

Charlie—The focus on Charlie was also minor, with her taking her writing desk with her and staying at an unused wing at the hospital when she goes to say goodbye to Hugh and admits she has nowhere to go. She also parties with Hugh, Tara and Robbo, kissing Robbo at the end of the night. At the end of the episode she is seen sleeping in the bed in the wing, as Hugh comes in after being kicked out by Meryl.

Ken—Ken’s subplot started out silly but ended up becoming crucial. Ken’s subplot mainly revolved around his over-the-top efforts to find his missing, favourite pen. Ken wants to up security and even buys a go-pro camera after being inspired by a miner’s go-pro camera on their bike helmet, which leads to him recording footage of Dinah kidnapping Eliza from the Hospital. Betty ultimately ends up finding Ken’s pen under the photocopier. Overall I found this subplot ridiculous but I feel it redeemed its place in the episode by leading to a crucial moment in the main story.


Overall I felt this episode was a little all over the place with too many minor subplots with the supporting characters, however the Hugh subplot was well executed.


Stray Observations:

-Betty has apparently been married four times.

Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Wakey wakey! Hands off snakey!” (Dinah to Hugh after waking him up in the morning)
  • “You should put one of those in the staff room, it would end lunch theft forever.” (Betty to Ken on his Go-Pro camera)


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