Doctor Doctor—Season 4, Episode 6 (Oh Baby)

This episode showed major improvement in a season that is proving to be repetitive and predictable.

Matt and April—I’ll start with them as the episode mostly revolves around them. The episode kicks off with Matt preparing a romantic evening for him and April, only for April to reveal that she is pregnant, much to their joy. Despite April asking Matt not to tell anyone about it, he tells Ajax and Charlie about it anyway, which leads to Meryl and Hayley finding out and putting a “Congratulations!” banner out for them at the Homestead when they go over for dinner.

When April finally gets the chance to see Hugh to confirm the home test, he does a blood test and ultrasound and confirms that she had an early miscarriage. April goes home and tells Matt the news, hugging him but not facing him.

Throughout the episode Charlie is present and indirectly causing issues. First, with being at the hospital after April finds out she has miscarried and again at the netball game. At the netball game, things only get worse when Matt fills in on the FIFO netball team and starts a fight with Hugh. When April calls him out when they are back home, he tells her he’s mad at Hugh for being fertile.

After the miscarriage and Matt sleeping alone in the bathtub, April and Matt talk about their relationship. April admits she knows that Matt is confused about his feelings for Charlie, but asks him to pick her so they can have a life together. Matt tells April he loves her and can see their future together but he can’t pick her because he’s still in love with Charlie. April leaves, telling him to go hell.

Overall I felt their subplot concluded their story arc perfectly. They got what they wanted at first, however their relationship ending was inevitable. That being said, now that both April and Charlie have left, it’s hard to know where Matt goes from here. In all honesty, it’s been difficult to be fully invested in both Matt and April’s & Matt and Charlie’s relationships. Last season, Charlie was written as an unlikeable character who walked out on Matt, and when she returned she went out of her way to sabotage Matt and April’s relationship, and now she has left again. Meanwhile, Matt and April’s relationship was rushed last season and even more so with the twelve month time jump at the beginning of this season, and the question of whether Matt accepted April’s proposal going unanswered.

It’ll be interesting to see where Matt goes from here on the romance front.

Meryl and Hayley—Meryl spends this episode working harder on becoming Mayor by going to the Council meetings and helping organise the charity netball game between the clinic and the FIFOs, an idea that Hayley came up with to both raise money for the clinic and introduce the FIFOs to town. This comes after Nancy reveals findings in a report that the town doesn’t like the idea of having 300 FIFOs wandering the streets at night. Meryl eventually finds out from Jarrod that he has 100 not 300 FIFOs, which leads to Meryl discovering that Nancy forged the figures on the report that her brother-in-law wrote, and just stops short of blackmailing her into resigning. The netball match is a success, raising at least $15,000 for the clinic, even though both Matt and Jarrod tackled Hugh throughout the game.

Hugh—Hugh is still in exile, staying at the old ward with Charlie. However Penny has returned from her honeymoon and discovers this, evicting him and Charlie. He keeps himself busy in the meantime by being on the clinic’s netball team, treating a little boy, and finally making up with Meryl and getting Eliza back. At the end of the episode, he moves in with Matt after April leaves. Although the focus on Hugh was minor and sporadic, he made a lot of progress and I’m looking forward to seeing where the writers take Matt and Hugh living together.

Charlie—The focus on Charlie was minor, showing her at the hospital staying with Hugh, running into Matt and hearing the news of the pregnancy, running into April after she finds out about her miscarriage, being on the clinic’s netball team, and eventually leaving town at the end of the episode.

Tara—Tara tries her best to deal with this week’s medical drama. Amelia, an ex-nurse, brings her son, Xavier, in. It is clear she has a crush on Hugh and as a result is antagonistic towards Tara. Because of Amelia’s antagonism, Tara dismisses Amelia’s desire to have Xavier checked out again as her wanting to see Hugh again, however it’s later revealed that Xavier had Giardia and needed antibiotics. Penny chastises her for the error and Tara is seen getting drunk at the pub at the end of the episode. I enjoyed this subplot as it showed Tara as a doctor without any Hugh or drug dramas attached.


Overall this episode was an improvement as it brought the Matt-April story arc to a close, opened up story arc possibilities with Matt and Hugh living together and Meryl possibly becoming Mayor, and showed a minor medical drama. It was also refreshing not to see Hugh and Tara on a drug bender, or Hugh be the main focus of the episode.



Stray Observations:

Dora sighting: At the front of Matt’s house at the beginning of the episode.

-Matt was on a tractor by six months.

-Hayley, Ajax and Jimmy are still living in the caravan but they are clearly getting use to it and have made it more of a home now.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “There are bubbles, Tim-Tams within easy reach…” (Matt to April on preparing for their romantic night)
  • “Is it yours?” “It’s definitely not yours.” (Matt-April on the positive pregnancy test)
  • “Can someone please remove that disgusting brown brick from the fridge?” “Also known as my banana bread, and it’s gone.” (Tara-Betty)
  • “If intervention was easy I’d do it more often.” (Meryl to Hayley)
  • “It would be an honour.” “Against the FIFOs” “A terrifying and unsafe honour.” (Ken-Penny-Ken on the netball game)
  • “I’m not wearing a skirt or pivoting.” (Hugh to Penny on the netball game)
  • “That woman has had as many farewell tours as John Farnham.” (April to Matt on Charlie)
  • “It’s alright who needs a spleen anyway.” (Hugh on Jarrod tackling him)
  • “You’re an arsehole with too many flannelette shirts, you needed to hear that!” (April to Matt)


2 thoughts on “Doctor Doctor—Season 4, Episode 6 (Oh Baby)

    • Hi there,

      Thank you for your comment. I actually read my reviews of season 3 to answer your question. Yes, Charlie did do the right thing by looking after Ivy and helping her find her mother after her own father essentially abandoned Ivy. However I felt that her choice to stay in Bali even after finding Ivy’s mother was a little selfish. I also felt she had become unlikeable due to the way she was portrayed, especially with the children issue between her and Matt.


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