Bad Mothers–Season 1 Finale

The job of a season finale is to conclude the story arcs of the season and open up new story arcs for the next season (if there is one). I felt like this finale only achieved half of this.

The episode kicks off with Sarah and the kids visiting Anton in jail, who’s back in there as he breached his bail conditions to punch Kyle in the face. Xavier’s upset that Anton has to go back to jail and after he gets Xavier to leave him and Sarah alone for a minute, he tells her that the prosecution have put a deal on the table—plead guilty to manslaughter and he’ll only have to go to jail for five years. Sarah tells Anton she doesn’t want him to rush into taking the deal.

Afterwards, Sarah goes to see Kyle and he gives her a box of Anton’s stuff that he left behind. Sarah finds a tie that isn’t Anton’s. Sarah takes the box to school and shows Bindy, Danielle and Maddie. Danielle says the tie is Mr Jasic’s and Bindy asks him about it and he confirms it is. Bindy points out the tie is evidence that Mr Jasic was having an affair with Charlotte, however Maddie also points out that Bindy just gave the evidence back to him. Danielle also pointed out that Charlotte accused her of having an affair with Mr Jasic and after Danielle informed Mr Jasic that Tom is her husband and not father like he thought, he left and she believes he left the school grounds.

Later, Anton informs Sarah that the prosecution revoked the manslaughter deal after Kyle gave a Victim Impact Statement, which Kyle gave after he argued with Sarah over the fact that if Anton took the deal, he’d only be getting five years for Charlotte’s murder. Sarah then asks Anton if Charlotte had another phone, just like the phone Anton found in the pilot, Anton thinks she did.

When Sarah tells the other mothers that Anton thinks Charlotte had another phone to contact Mr Jasic, Bindy suggests that they set a honeytrap using Danielle, to get the phone or better yet, get him to confess. The mothers set the honeytrap with Danielle asking Mr Jasic to come to her house, while Sarah is in the pantry recording their interaction and Bindy sneaks into his flat while he’s out. The writers pulled the cliche trick of having the suspect come back to their home and the “will he or won’t he catch her” question going through the viewers’ minds. Danielle ends up calling him to distract him and eventually get him to leave again. Just when you think he returns, it’s Sam that sneaks in as he followed Bindy as he knew something wasn’t right when he went to see her.

Sam and Bindy search the flat for the phone and Sam finds it in a protein powder tin, although it’s not Charlotte’s secret phone but actual personal phone. Meanwhile Mr Jasic has made it to Danielle’s and she fails in spectacular fashion to get Mr Jasic to confess. Sarah ultimately gets him to as she comes out of the pantry and aggressively orders him to. Sarah shows him the pictures that were on Charlotte’s phone as proof, which leads him to confessing. He wished that he never met Charlotte and that they had an argument and her death was an accident. Mr Jasic is arrested, Anton is released and Sarah decides to choose him over Kyle…for now, as it’s best for her family.

Overall I felt that Mr Jasic was a good choice in perpetrator as for the most part he was an unlikely choice, which was also the biggest flaw of the story arc. Most of the series focused on Anton looking like he did it with no other suspects in the background and it was only this episode that Mr Jasic was focused on as a possible suspect. Although the writers did a good job with having Anton be the red herring, I felt the build up and revelation of Mr Jasic as the murderer was rushed and that he should been made a suspect at least one episode earlier.

On smaller notes, Danielle tells Sarah she’s not feeling well and it’s not surprising that the writers went with the cliche of her being pregnant. There is a minor conflict between her and Tom as she feels she can’t tell him due to the fact he previously stated that he didn’t want anymore children and more importantly, he is dealing with heart problems and the operation to fix them. Danielle tells Tom after his second operation to deal with a blood clot and of course he is thrilled.

Also Sam is dealing with the consequences of looking into JJ, which worsen after Bindy emails and talks to Faith in an attempt to fix the problem. Although they break up briefly, they manage to work things out and work together to provide evidence proving Mr Jasic is guilty of Charlotte’s murder. While Bindy came up with a plausible explanation for Sam’s presence in Mr Jasic’s flat, it is undermined by the fact that his fingerprints would be everywhere. Sam’s explanation and Mr Jasic’s arrest ultimately solves his work problems and he asks Bindy to be exclusive, which she agrees. Overall I’m glad the consequences of Sam’s actions were explored, however the outcome was predictable.

The episode ends with the mothers toasting to their friendship.

Overall this was a solid season finale as the story arcs for this season were concluded pretty much seamlessly, however I didn’t feel there was enough new story arcs opened up. The only ones I could think of were Sarah and Kyle’s unresolved feelings for each other, Sam and Bindy’s relationship, and Danielle’s pregnancy. Overall this season was solid, however I’m wondering what they will focus on next season (assuming it’s being renewed) now that the murder mystery has played out.

I’ve enjoyed reviewing this season and I hope there is another one.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “You know what this means?” “Questionable taste in ties?” (Bindy-Maddie on Mr Jasic’s tie being found in a box of Anton’s stuff that Kyle gave to Sarah)
  • “I’m an excellent pacer!” (Maddie to Danielle)
  • “I was just breaking in.” (Bindy to Sam when he discovers her inside Mr Jasic’s flat)
  • “His socks were so creepy, they were all paired up and everything!” “Doesn’t everyone do that?” (Bindy-Sam)
  • “So what’s Mr Jasic like?” “He’s hot!” “I meant his personality.” (Sam-Bindy-Sam)

Bad Mothers–Season 1, Episode 7

The penultimate episode of a murder mystery should be starting to tie up loose ends and make the perpetrator almost clear to the viewer. I feel like this episode only partially achieved this.

Instead of fully focusing on the murder mystery, attention was turned to Anton’s release and Bindy taking London to meet JJ, who it turns out, is London’s father.

The episode kicks off almost identical to the pilot with the mothers on the rooftop of Anton’s restaurant and Anton appearing out of nowhere, which shocks the mothers when Sarah arrives. Anton tries to pretend everything is alright by making Sarah breakfast in bed, being romantic and being a dad again, however Sarah is not receptive. Anton gives Sarah a folder of new evidence his solicitor put together proving Anton’s innocence, however Sarah discovers and points out to Anton that it’s not proof as it neither confirms his guilt or proves his innocence. After seeing Anton with the kids, Sarah does a back flip and tells Anton she believes him.

Anton throws a lunch at his restaurant to somewhat celebrate his release, Sarah thinks it’s in bad taste and due to Danielle’s promotion of it, Julius finds out about it and informs Kyle. Kyle crashes the lunch and tries to start a fight with Anton, but Anton refuses to give in as it would breach his bail conditions. Kyle vents his anger at Sarah for supporting Anton, which leads to Anton fighting with Sarah over her friendship with Kyle. Sarah leaves after calling out Anton on his behaviour and goes to Maddie’s place for comfort, the other mothers come over and Sarah admits her feelings for Kyle.

The next morning Anton goes to Maddie’s to look for Sarah, who isn’t there. I thought Maddie was lying but it turned out Sarah went to Kyle’s. Sarah admits her feelings for him but also points out how complicated their situation is. Anton shows up and punches Kyle, arrogantly telling him to call the cops, however Kyle points out he has by breaching his bail conditions. Sarah and Anton get home and Sarah agrees to be there for Anton until the end of the trial but can’t make any promises after that. The episode then ends with his arrest.

Despite his innocence being ambiguous, Anton’s now looking more guilty. I don’t want to assume he is, I’m sure there will be another twist somewhere. I personally feel like the writers are rushing the final reveal of the murderer and Anton looking more guilty. I feel they should have spread it out further, especially as the previous two to three episodes have focused more on the other characters.

Meanwhile Bindy tells JJ he is London’s father and like the previous episode, he rejects the idea. Sam tells him off, which leads to him reaching out to Bindy. JJ tells Bindy he wants to meet London, and she discusses the idea with Sam and Maddie, even though she’s clearly made up her mind. JJ is clearly being made out to look dodgy the entire time, especially a thief and possibly a rapist when he tries to sleep with Bindy. However when she admits she knows he would have told her to get an abortion if she told him the truth in the past, he proves he is a rich jerk as he wants her to sign papers preventing her from accessing his earnings for the entirety of London’s life. She knees him in the balls and walks away. I’m honestly glad that the writers chose to make JJ a jerk rather than dodgy and that Bindy ended up walking away, which shows growth. Although it ends up causing problems for Sam as he is caught accessing JJ’s police file without authorisation and is facing suspension.

On smaller notes, Sarah tells Tom at his yearly medical that he has an arrhythmia that should be checked out, which he refuses to do so as any heart problems mean that he can’t be a firefighter anymore. Tom goes to talk to Maddie, but ends up talking and bonding with Sam, which was nice to see. From what I could see in the promos for the season finale next week, clearly Tom’s idiotic choice is going to bite him in the arse. Maddie also finally goes on a date with the lesbian cop, Faith, and they end up hooking up. Although there wasn’t much to this minor storyline, it was good to see Maddie happy for a change.

Overall for a penultimate episode, I felt it was lacklustre as the build up to the finale has been rushed, however as a stand alone episode, it was good.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “A small but unstoppable juggernaut” (Maddie describing Bindy to Faith)
  • “Screw men! Except Sam, we love Sam!” (Bindy to the other mothers on men)
  • “Wait, slutty feelings?” (Bindy asking Sarah about her feelings for Kyle)
  • “Bindy’s right” “What?” “I want that on a billboard in lights!” (Maddie-the other mothers-Bindy)
  • “That was truly excellent sex!” “Thanks!” “You’re welcome.” (Bindy-Sam-Bindy)



Bad Mothers–Season 1, Episode 6

This episode steered away from the murder and focused more on Maddie and Bindy’s parental issues.

Maddie and Jesse end up having a fight in the playground, which results in Jesse falling to the ground after Maddie grabs her arm. Even though Jesse admits to Sarah it was an accident, she uses it as leverage to get her way in the custody battle by taking a Family Violence Intervention Order against Maddie, which leads to Maddie getting arrested. On top of it all, Maddie ends up losing her job, which sends her into a depressive state and culminates in Sarah confronting Jesse to deliver a veiled threat and harsh truths. After this Jesse apologises, admits it was Phoebe’s idea and didn’t want any of it to happen. They end up writing up an agreement on custody, Jesse admits her faults in their relationship and tells Maddie she has proposed to Phoebe. Maddie pulls herself together to congratulate Jesse. Overall I found this A story to be compelling and realistic, it didn’t surprise me that it was Phoebe’s idea and I thought Jesse would have dumped her after she saw its affects on Maddie. Nonetheless, I’m glad to see Jesse has redeeming qualities and this issue has been resolved.

Bindy’s subplot revolved around Sam’s curiosity of London’s paternity. Bindy admits that she doesn’t know who London’s father is as she had sex with two blokes within a 24 hour period. This shocks Sam and he keeps pressing the issue to the point where he ends up dumping her as it appears to him that she doesn’t care and that they are “too different.” Bindy ends up revealing to Sam that she was slut shamed at school when her news of her pregnancy broke, she lost friends and had to drop out of school, and that things improved when her mother started to help her. Nonetheless, she contacts both of the possible fathers and they both reject London. Bindy manages to get a DNA sample from a glass JJ left behind at Anton’s, however the outcome of the DNA test wasn’t revealed, which was disappointing. I hope this is addressed at some point in the remaining two episodes. Overall I enjoyed this subplot as it provided much needed character development with Bindy.

While Bindy and Jesse demonstrated redeeming qualities in this episode, I found Sarah to be quite unlikeable. After Anton tells Sarah that he wants to borrow against the house, Sarah asks Anton straight out whether he killed Charlotte, which he denies. Sarah leaves and makes the snap decision to move to Toowoomba with the kids. Her mother rightly points out her decision is insane, she tells Kyle her decision and he tries to gently persuade her to reconsider. Sarah ends up changing her mind when she finds out about Maddie’s depressive state. This decision wasn’t surprising as there wouldn’t be a show without her.

Danielle was more of a background character in this episode but was thrown in the middle of Sarah and Anton’s dramas. Danielle calls Sarah a shit friend when Sarah tells her to look after the restaurant on her own after she moves, and then Anton asks Danielle to lie about the restaurant’s worth so he can get out on bail. Danielle refuses and later puts her issues with Sarah aside to help Maddie.

The episode ends with Sarah and Kyle kissing and Sarah coming home to see Anton has been released on bail as her mother put up her house for security. Sarah is clearly not happy about this and Anton promises things will be different.

Overall I felt this was a good but not great episode. However I’m looking forward to see where the remaining two episodes will go now that a romance seems to have ignited between Sarah and Kyle, and whether Anton’s innocence or guilt is proven now that he has been released.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “I need my sympathy on the rocks please!” (Maddie to Danielle when she tells the girls about Jesse’s Intervention Order)
  • “Look on the bright side at least it wasn’t two guys at the same time.” (Maddie to Sam on London’s conception)
  • “Why are you using my computer?” “Because you gave me your password.” (Maddie-Bindy)
  • “It’s like an accountant but more scary.” (Danielle describing what an auditor does to Bindy)

Bad Mothers–Season 1, Episode 5

Unlike the previous episode, this one gets back on track to focusing on the murder.

The episode kicks off with Bindy being pulled over for speeding by Sam. Whilst she gets away without a ticket, the episode then moves on to Bindy declaring she wants to help Maddie with her love life, before she has sex with Sam in the restaurant bathroom.

The episode then moves on to a drunken Romy and Julius walking around the cemetery and being caught by Sam and his colleague. Julius and Romy are sent back to Kyle’s, and Danielle and Tom pick up Romy. Julius then goes to Sarah’s office where he collapses and it’s revealed he has overdosed on pills. He is admitted to the hospital and he confesses to Sarah that he killed his mother.

Sarah then goes to the detectives with her parents and tells them about Julius’ confession, which leads to Kyle berating Sarah for not giving him warning about it. Meanwhile, Romy reveals that Julius left a backpack at the cemetery, which contains Sarah’s missing shoe, after the detectives question her. Sarah takes the backpack to Kyle and Julius reveals that he likes to dress up in Charlotte’s clothes and shoes. He broke the heel of the shoes that Charlotte was wearing when she died and tried to fix it, and because of her fall, thinks that he caused her death.

Sarah leaves them alone, letting Kyle decide what to do with this revelation. He gave the backpack to the police, and the police don’t think it’s him as Julius didn’t know anything about Charlotte being strangled and he was at school at the time. After Sarah reveals this to Anton, he is angered and Sarah believes Anton must have done it as there is no other suspect. In all honesty, due to the lack of focus of the murder and its details recently, I actually forgot Charlotte was strangled, where the murder mystery goes from here, I have no idea, but I’m looking forward to seeing where it progresses.

On a smaller note, Bindy agrees to a 30-day trial relationship with Sam after she succumbs to jealousy when he goes out with Maddie. I wasn’t a fan of the Maddie-Sam date as I thought that the writers had thrown away her lesbianism or were suddenly making her out to be bisexual, that being said I hope they stay friends. Also, Romy’s drunken behaviour in the cemetery, leads to her and Tom opening up and talking about her mother and Tom’s first wife, Cathy. Tom later gets Cathy’s stuff out of the shed, and the family plays Weir, by Killing Heidi, on Cathy’s record player at her grave. I felt this was a touching moment and cemented them all as a family.

Overall this was a solid episode, however it feels like the murder mystery, for now, has hit a dead end as no new suspects have emerged.


Stray Observations:

-Apparently Bindy views a cop’s baton as “fun stuff”.

-Tom’s first wife’s name was Cathy.

-Sam use to play guitar in a blue grass band.

-Bindy buys the kids pizza for dinner instead of cooking the sausages Maddie left out, because she couldn’t be bothered taking Maddie’s advice and “Googling how to cook them”.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Uh guys, can we please get back to my very important intervention!” (Bindy to the other mothers)
  • “What’s wrong with Sudoku?” “Babe, it’s not a game if it’s got Maths in it!” (Maddie-Bindy)
  • “There’s sausages for the kids’ tea, you just need to Google how to cook them.” (Maddie to Bindy)
  • “You’re still my favourite step monster” (Romy, jokingly, to Danielle)

Bad Mothers–Season 1, Episode 4

This episode shifted from being about the murder to Maddie-centric.

The episode kicks off with Maddie seeing Jesse at the playground as the school called her to pick Max up as Maddie wasn’t there on time. After school, Max runs away to Jesse and Phoebe’s place and tells Maddie he wants to stay, she agrees just for the night, and Jesse and Phoebe inform Maddie that they are applying for full custody of Max.

Later, Maddie attends a meeting with Jesse, Phoebe and their solicitor, where Phoebe states that Max has developmental issues/special needs, which Maddie refuses to believe until she confides in the other mothers and their silence indicates that they agree. After Jesse asks Mr Jasic to have Max assessed by the school psychologist, Maddie asks Sarah to examine him to get Jesse off her back. Sarah wants to refer Max to a specialist as she believes he is on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum. This upsets Maddie and she snaps at Sarah and leaves with Max.

When Maddie later asks Jesse to come over and tells her she’s willing to compromise by allowing her to spend one day a week and every second weekend with Max, Jesse snaps and this leads to an argument between them, which ends with Jesse telling Maddie that she left her, not Max and that she stopped loving her. After Maddie loses a project at work due to her personal life problems and Sarah comes to apologise to her, Maddie finally breaks down in front of her and Bindy, upset over Jesse’s comments. Maddie then hires her own solicitor and tells Jesse she’ll see her in mediation or in court.

Meanwhile, Sarah is dealing with her dad, Harry, visiting. He informs her that he knows Patrick and tells her he’s dodgy, but other than that doesn’t give her any more info. His words lead Sarah to set up a play date with Xavier and Lucy so she can snoop around to find out more about the company. When Kyle inevitably catches her in the act, he informs her that Patrick had Alzheimer’s and it was affecting his judgement so Charlotte wanted him removed as CEO. He also tells her that the day Charlotte died, he was with Patrick at his doctor’s appointment when he was diagnosed, which clears him of the murder. When Sarah asks why he didn’t tell her, he rightfully points out that it had to be kept quiet so deals could be done and more importantly, it was none of her business. I felt that in this moment, Sarah became an unlikeable character and Kyle more like a victim of her snooping.

Sarah later apologises to Kyle and they end up having dinner together. Although thankfully it didn’t turn romantic, I found this sudden turnaround of Kyle from suspect to Sarah’s friend to be too quick and unrealistic, especially as his alibi hasn’t been corroborated in anyway.

On a smaller subplot, Danielle is still working at the restaurant and there is minor conflict between her and Tom as they try to make things work at home. Romy points out that they have been arguing a lot and she lets Tom know she likes her. As Danielle is constantly being tempted into partying, Tom spends time with her in his fire truck and they make amends.

The episode ends with Sarah taking the kids to see Anton after he has been beaten in jail.

Overall, while I enjoyed the character development with Maddie, I felt this was a filler episode as there was little to no focus on the murder mystery. It wasn’t a bad episode, it was good but not great.


Stray Observations:

-Sarah last saw her father three years ago when he married his fourth wife, Angela. Angela has since left him.

-Maddie is Max’s birth mother and Jesse’s brother was the sperm donor.

-Danielle use to be a party animal.


Bad Mothers–Season 1, Episode 3

While the last episode focused on Anton being remanded and more pieces to the murder puzzle being provided, this episode focused on the ramifications of Anton’s arrest and Sarah’s efforts to find evidence against Kyle.

The episode kicks off with Bindy, Danielle and Maddie running in the morning and coming across graffiti on Anton’s restaurant. It then cuts to Sarah visiting Anton in prison discussing their financial situation and her desire to sell the restaurant to get them out of the mess. She tells her that Kyle’s alibi is shaky and that she’ll follow it up.

To follow it up, Sarah organises a play date at Kyle’s construction site so she can try and snoop without being caught. Of course this doesn’t work and Kyle catches her anyway, but at least she manages to find evidence that he had time to kill Charlotte and go to work, which blows his alibi out of the water. She leaves messages with the detective, finally confronting him and he says he’ll follow it up, which he does and Kyle confronts her to let her know that the police contacted him and he told them the truth—well his version of it. After a menacing phone call with Sarah, which Kyle’s father-in-law was in the presence of, he told the police the “truth” and his father-in-law was able to corroborate his story.

Meanwhile, Bindy is living with a gay couple and has managed to land on her feet, much to Maddie’s annoyance. However Bindy is still irresponsible as ever, discovering that she has multiple speeding and parking fines, which she unsuccessfully tries to get Sam to get rid of. In response, she ignores Sam’s calls, even when he tries to call her to let her know that London is locked out on the apartment building’s balcony, after she left her in the apartment alone. He has to resort to using the iPad Bindy left for London to let her know and calling the fire department (which includes Tom) to rescue her. While Bindy tries to excuse her way out of it, the reality of parenthood and how irresponsible she has been finally seems to have hit her, especially when Tom tells her the incident has been officially reported and the other mothers call her out on her behaviour.

Meanwhile Danielle offers to help Sarah out at the restaurant, which results in her accidentally leading Rebecca to quit and running out of food. Even though Danielle struggles and Sarah yells at her, the latter ends up temporarily hiring the former, which may cause problems at home with Tom as he was asking about how they would make it work. I thought Tom might be one of those husbands who still expect their wives to stay at home and look after the kids and nothing else, however he reveals to Maddie he’s worried that Danielle may leave him if they have another child due to their age gap.

On minor notes, Maddie admits to Tom that she is being petty to Jesse when it comes to her offer to take Max to the park, and Sarah’s mother is becoming more likeable as she tries to help Sarah with her financial situation.

Overall I felt this episode wasn’t as solid as the last as it wasn’t as riveting, but at least there was more character development and more pieces were added to the puzzle in the former of Charlotte’s father. His role in the murder is currently unclear and why he would play a role is another question that needs to be answered.


Stray Observations:

-Apparently “rockstar” parking according to Bindy involves having half the car on the nature strip and parking adjacent to but not in the driveway. Sam defines rockstar parking as parking correctly.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “You can keep squirting progeny until you’re 104!” (Maddie to Tom)
  • “If you can’t afford parking fines then stop parking badly!” (Sam to Bindy)
  • “Moral support in case Sarah takes a meat cleaver to me in the kitchen.” (Danielle to Maddie on why she’s asked her to be there when she talks to Sarah)
  • “You ruined Maddie’s musical career” “I did the world a favour!” (Danielle-Tom)


Bad Mothers–Season 1, Episode 2

Now that the pilot has aired and the premise and characters of the show have been established, the real fun begins with developing the story arc and subplots.

The episode kicks off with Sarah trying to take the kids to school, only for detectives to show up at the door to inform her they are taking Anton’s car and have a warrant to search the house. They also tell her he has been charged with Charlotte’s murder as news of Charlotte’s death is being broadcast on the radio.

As the premise has been established and depth is starting to show in other characters and there was a lot of development on that front, I’m going to review this episode character by character.

Bindy—Bindy returns home from another night out just in time to take London to school. Her mother, Jo (Nikki Coghill) is introduced to the audience and tells Bindy she needs to talk to her. Bindy later finds out her parents have been wanting to tell her that they have sold the house, bought an RV and will be travelling around the country. This means to her shock, Bindy has to actually grow up and look after her child.

Also throughout the episode she goes on a date and hooks up with police officer, Sam (Harry Greenwood) in order to get information on the police investigation of Charlotte’s murder. Although Bindy is an unlikeable character, I truly loathed both her and Sam in this subplot. I loathed her for ruthlessly using him without shame or forethought and I loathed him for his clear desperation. I loathed the subplot because it was unrealistic, no cop worth their salt would let themselves be in this situation. In the real world, Sam would have been fired. Sam is a cute guy but a lousy cop.

Danielle—Danielle starts the episode visiting Mr Jasic and coming across Lucy’s school drawings on the wall, which she takes a picture of as they look dark, violent and angry. Mr Jasic also asks her out and she turns him down. Later on in the episode, she reveals to Sarah how her and Tom met—he saved her from falling off a roof after escaping a fight with a bad boyfriend. It is during this conversation that Sarah inadvertently reveals that Tom told her that he doesn’t want another child. This causes conflict between him and Danielle as she wants another child, whether this conflict leads her to find comfort and have an affair with Jasic remains to be seen.

Maddie—A lot of character development revolves around Maddie in this episode as it’s revealed that she is gay and her former partner, Jesse (Michala Banas) is introduced. As Jesse is introduced, so is her new girlfriend, Phoebe (Kate Lister), which upsets Maddie as she thought deep down Jesse would come back. Whether Jesse and Phoebe are seen again in future episodes remains to be seen.

Sarah and Anton—Throughout the episode Sarah has to deal with the cops, the other mothers trying to find things out for her, Kyle and Anton. Sarah is dealing with Kyle as the other mothers feed her information about him simultaneously constantly keeps her on edge. She tries to keep it together whilst taking care of the kids and seeing Julius at her office when he makes an appointment, although he doesn’t say much.

Throughout the episode, Sarah find outs that Anton has lost all of their money and that he saw Charlotte multiple times the day before she died. While Anton tells her that the cops knew about the affair, that Charlotte was strangled before she fell/was pushed down the stairs, and that he thinks the cops should look into Kyle and that someone is setting him up. Sarah struggles to believe him as he’s lied to her so many times.

Both Anton and the other mothers report that Kyle was violent and moody. The mothers also report that Charlotte was wealthy not Kyle, and that she was planning to leave him. Kyle also admitted to Sarah that he knew about the affair.

Sarah doesn’t really know whether to believe what the other mothers are feeding her until she goes to see Kyle at the end of the episode and Julius is able to tell he’s home by the fact he left his wallet and keys in a bowl by the front door. Sarah asks Maddie about it but she doesn’t remember.


Overall this was a solid episode as there was further character development with all of the mothers, more pieces of the puzzle of Charlotte’s murder were provided, and another suspect was added in the form of Kyle.


Stray Observations:

-Sarah’s boss is also her mother.

-Xavier kept demanding to see Lucy and was so desperate that he left school in the middle of the day. I thought maybe Lucy knew something, but nothing ever really came of both his and Lucy’s desperation to see each other, other than the fact that they clearly have a close and slightly clingy friendship.

-The police questioned why Charlotte was missing a shoe.


Best one liners:

  • “Here she is, dropping off her kid at school again, mother of the year!” (Maddie to Bindy)
  • “My knight in a shining fire truck!” (Danielle describing Tom when she met him to Sarah)
  • “Some 30 year old kindy fairy!” (Maddie describing Phoebe to the other mothers)
  • “They’re going to travel around like old backpackers!” (Bindy on her parents to the other mothers)
  • “It’s not Romeo & Juliet is it? She’s eight!” (Kyle to Sarah on the friendship between Xavier and Lucy)

Bad Mothers–Pilot

When I published my blog post on the TV Week 2019 Previews issue, I said that one of many shows I am looking forward to seeing and reviewing is Bad Mothers—and the pilot certainly didn’t disappoint.

The purpose of a pilot is to establish a show’s premise and characters. In the Previews Issue, the premise of Bad Mothers was described as a “group of ordinary mothers who are rocked by a murder. Suddenly their seemingly normal lives are turned upside down.” I felt that the pilot established this premise almost perfectly.

The pilot kicks off by showing a dead woman by her stairwell next to a pile of her own blood and then quickly switches to Dr Sarah Pooley (Tess Haubrich) telling her story to police about how she was worried about the state of her marriage. From there the pilot goes back to the past (although how long ago it was isn’t established, but it clearly wasn’t too long) and stays there before time and the story catch up with themselves at the end of the episode.

As Sarah is the one telling her story, it is mostly her that the pilot revolves around. Yes, the other Bad Mothers: Bindy Burridge (Shalom Brune-Franklin), Charlotte Evans (Melissa George), Maddie Hicks (Mandy McElhinney) and Danielle Hicks (Jessica Tovey) are introduced to the viewers, we don’t really find out all that much about them.

Sarah’s story goes back to the night of a school fundraiser being held at her husband, Anton’s (Daniel McPherson) restaurant where Bindy, Maddie and Danielle are loud, crazy and slightly drunk, whilst Charlotte and Sarah look down on them as the “loser mums”. I was surprised to see that the group was in fact divided and they weren’t all friends to begin with, but it was a pleasant surprise, as it provided more opportunities for character development. At the restaurant, Sarah gets into a fight with Bindy, and then Anton when she believes he has been cheating on her with Bindy, an accusation which he adamantly refutes.

We are then taken to the school yards, where again the group is split up and the kids are shown. Sarah and Anton have two children: Eve and Xavier. Bindy is single and gave birth to her daughter, London, at 17. Charlotte has a high school aged son, Julius, and a primary school aged daughter, Lucy. Maddie has a son, Max, and her sister-in-law, Danielle is a stepmum to two children. The “hot teacher”, Mr Jasic, comes by and checks out the chicks Danielle brought for the class’ caring project, and Bindy reveals that she has in fact not slept with Anton, despite a history of sleeping with some of her clients.

Sarah then tries to make up with Anton by suggesting they have lunch together, but she has trouble getting him on the phone, with one of his staff members telling her he’s gone to the gym. She finds Bindy there first (she’s a personal trainer) who gets a few jabs in Sarah, before they both see Anton getting into a car with a woman. Bindy is the first to see who the woman is, however she’s not revealed until Sarah follows them and catches up with them at a Hotel, and of course the woman is Charlotte. This reveal didn’t surprise me and I was disappointed with the “best friend and husband having an affair” cliche.

Sarah confronts Anton, which in all honesty was too much of a cliche to be worth reviewing, what was more interesting was when she confronted Charlotte on the school grounds. While the confrontation was more interesting, it was still cliche, however what adds to it is the fact it leads to Sarah bonding with the other mothers as they offer to comfort her, especially Bindy, who she falsely accused of having an affair with Anton in the first place. I enjoyed their bonding scenes, especially when they went to Danielle’s house and were talking about Sarah right in front of her, as well as the scene of Bindy filming Sarah putting Vegemite on Charlotte’s windscreen wipers. I found the latter to be the oddest but most Aussie kind of revenge ever.

Afterwards, Mr Jasic calls Maddie in to speak about an unfortunate incident involving her son, Max—his chick has died, although Max insists that it’s Lucy chick. This leads to Maddie crossing paths with Charlotte in her extravagant home and taking her dog, after Charlotte doesn’t care about the situation.

Danielle ends up crossing Charlotte’s path after the latter tries to pull the plug on the caring project after making it political, and again doesn’t care, and also points out Danielle’s obvious crush on Mr Jasic. Although her problem with her is resolved when the principal ends up siding with her about the caring project. When Mr Jasic assumes her slightly older husband Tom (Steve Bastoni) is her father, it’s clear that he has a crush on her too.

After Charlotte gets into a minor car crash due to the Vegemite on the windscreen wipers, Sarah goes to apologise to her and although Sarah is still hurt, her and Charlotte come to some sort of understanding in regards to their role as mothers and Charlotte reveals that things between her and her own husband, Kyle (Don Hany) haven’t been great. I found this scene to be well played and somewhat realistic as Sarah hasn’t forgiven Charlotte, but also doesn’t portray a cliche wronged woman.

The episode ends with the discovery of Charlotte’s dead body by Maddie when she returns her dog and picks up Max’s chick in exchange. Which brings us back to the present, Sarah’s interview is concluded and she is met outside by the girls.

Just as things are starting to look on the mend for Anton and Sarah, the police come to their door to arrest Anton. Sarah then goes back to the kids to take care of them, I thought that the look on her face was revealing she was the murderer, however it’s possibly just a look of shock.

Overall I found this to be a well done pilot—the acting was decent and the writing was tight with every connection between the mothers explained, although the exploration of all of the mothers wasn’t very deep. Even though her character has been killed off, I hope it’s not the last we see of Melissa George, but I’m sure she will be shown in flashbacks. I was left wondering whether the writers have written the show with the intention of everyone telling their story to the police, especially as Kyle, Anton and the mothers would all have a motive (even if they all haven’t been revealed yet).

I’m looking forward to reviewing the rest of the season.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Incredible! You brought your own kid to school!” “Ugh, mum made me!” (Maddie-Bindy)
  • “They do it once, they’ll do it again! No amount of sexy underwear and interesting toys will change that.” (Maddie to Sarah on Anton cheating)
  • “Whatever you do, do not leave the house or you’ll find yourself a single mother in rented accommodation who hasn’t had sex in so long she’s forgotten how.” (Maddie to Sarah)