Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1 Finale (The Source Awakens)

Now that the three main big bads—Fiona, Alastair and Hunter have been vanquished, the finale focuses on saving Macy from herself as she has surprisingly but fittingly become the Source.

The purpose of a season finale is to wrap up the season’s story arcs and establish new ones for the next season (if there is one). This finale did its job perfectly.

The episode ominously opens with Macy turning up to the manor, knocking on the door with a surprisingly alive Marisol answering the door as Macy says “it worked” and hugs a shocked Marisol.

The episode then cuts to the “present day” where a groggy and confused Galvin wakes up in Macy’s bed, surprised at having survived the ritual. Meanwhile Mel and Maggie are bombarding Harry with one question after another about Macy’s newfound powers, however Harry doesn’t have any answers as it’s an unprecedented situation. The three of them share their concerns about Macy as she is, unknown to them, eavesdropping in the other room. Macy almost gets away with eavesdropping until Galvin comes downstairs and asks her if she’s alright, which alerts Harry, Mel and Maggie to her presence. They didn’t know Galvin was alive and Macy stops them stops them from telling him about his resurrection, Maggie also notices Macy’s ying-yang necklace is gone.

After Galvin leaves, Harry, Mel and Maggie confront Macy about her necklace and Galvin’s resurrection. Mel tells her it’s against the laws of nature while Harry warns her that there will be repercussions in the form of a cosmic reckoning, but Macy refuses to listen.

After this confrontation, Maggie goes to find Parker, who is cleaning out Alastair’s office. Maggie asks him if he was told anything about taking on the Source and what effects it would have. He tells her the Source preys on the host’s deepest insecurities. Maggie realises that Macy’s deepest insecurity is abandonment and that the page Lucy stole from the Book of Shadows is the key to saving Macy.

Meanwhile, the cosmic reckoning has begun as Galvin tells Harry, Mel and Maggie that two of the patients he saved have died suddenly from heart attacks. When Mel goes to speak with Galvin alone, he tells her he remembers sacrificing himself and doesn’t understand how he survived. He asks Mel if Macy brought him back to life and she tells him the truth. He tells her that he was at peace with dying and now that he’s back from the dead, he doesn’t feel right. He tells Mel that she needs to save Macy.

Speaking of Macy, Harry finds her in her bedroom and that she can actually sense his presence now and read his thoughts. Harry warns her not to use her new powers so freely and tells her about Galvin’s dead patients, however she just tells him she’ll bring them back like she did with Galvin.

Maggie recovers the missing Book of Shadows page, only to find it is written in an untranslatable language. Macy appears and Mel confronts her over what Galvin told her. Macy tells them she’ll be able to fix it, however Harry and Mel point out to her that, that’s not how destiny works. Realising she is losing control, she tells them that she knows they are scared of her and that she is going to bring Marisol back so Mel and Maggie can feel safe, which brings us back to the opening scene of the episode and the beginning of Macy’s use of alternate realities.

As Macy hugs Marisol and walks into the manor, Marisol immediately starts choking and collapses. As Marisol dies, Mel and Maggie enter the room and Macy tries to tell them that she is their sister but they don’t believe her and she attacks them with her new powers, throwing Maggie through a glass door. She again says she’s going to fix it, this time going to Knansie at the grocery store where she works. As she starts talking to Knansie, she sees Harry in the store who almost recognises her and she orbs away with her. Knansie tells her that in order for the course between Macy and Marisol to be lifted, there needs to be a different sacrifice and Macy offers up Mel as the sacrifice.

In the next alternate reality, Mel is living in Seattle not Hilltowne and is a driver for a rideshare company and she picks up Harry. When Harry tells her that he’s a women’s studies professor, Mel tells him about being raised by a single dad and at that precise moment, they both feel a major sense of deja vu. Mel’s and Harry’s noses begin to bleed, signalling that their brains are being overwhelmed by memories, just like Niko’s were. Mel freezes Harry, however as Harry doesn’t freeze, he reveals to her that he is Macy’s and Maggie’s Whitelighter. Harry orbs them to the Whitelighter power source and when they drink from it, they regain their memories and bottle some more of it up to take with them.

Harry concludes that while the sisters are not the Charmed ones, they are still witches, which means that Macy’s newfound powers definitely can’t control destiny. Harry then takes Mel to Maggie, who has more of a Kappa personality due to her loneliness without having had Mel in her life. Harry gives Maggie the Whitelighter power source to drink and she regains her memories as well. She tells them that Macy is overly possessive of Marisol in this reality to the point that Maggie is estranged from both of them. Just as Harry, Mel and Maggie get back to work on their plan that they started to formulate in the original timeline with Marisol’s prism, Macy shows up and melts it. She starts to attack Mel, however Harry manages to orb her, himself and Maggie to safety.

Macy orbs into the room and due to the overwhelming power of the Source, she unintentionally throws Marisol through the window and she dies in the same way as she originally did, only this time Macy not Charity is her killer. Harry, Mel and Maggie orb in moments later and Harry reminds her that Marisol’s death was always destined to happen. Macy admits she initially brought Marisol back for her sisters but when she realised what she missed out on, she kept creating alternate realities to have Marisol all to herself. Now that she sees herself as the problem, Macy creates another alternate reality where she doesn’t exist and Mel and Maggie find themselves in a war-torn Hilltowne and Marisol alive.

The Whitelighter’s power source allow Mel and Maggie to retain their memories this time around and they fill Marisol in on what’s been happening. Harry orbs into help and they find the page in the Book of Shadows that Lucy stole in the original timeline. Marisol reveals to them that Elders wrote the page and taught other Elders how to translate it, which she immediately does for them. She encourages Mel and Maggie to return to the moment their sisterly bond with Macy was broken.

The moment they end up returning to is the one where Macy declared that Niko would be fine that and she would fix everything. Harry, Mel and Maggie once again try to talk to Macy about her newfound powers but again she refuses to listen. However this time Mel is more forceful with Macy and as a result, Macy throws Mel across the room and into the banister, and then sends them away from her. However she re-locates them rather than creates another alternate reality. Harry orbs them back to the attic as Macy would be going back to where everything started.

When they arrive they find that the Source has taken over Macy completely with a storm brewing around her and the manor starting to disintegrate. Macy begs them to leave her but they refuse, vowing to stick with her to the end. With this, Macy finally regains control of the Source and the storm ends.

Macy says she needs to move on with her life without the power of the Source. The sisters use the Power of Three to trap the power of the Source into Macy’s ying-yang pendant which breaks into three pieces. Macy tells them to hide the pendant in separate pieces around the world and have Harry wipe them of their memories of it afterwards.

Later, the sisters visit Marisol’s grave and reflect on what she would have thought about them coming together. Afterwards, Maggie decides to go and see Parker and declares that she can handle his demon side, while conversely, Mel decides to let Niko go. While Harry accompanies Macy home where they reveal that Macy found out something about Harry when she could read his thoughts, and they agree not to mention it again. I’m wondering if it was Harry’s feelings towards Macy? The idea of Harry and Macy together isn’t so ridiculous as it has been hinted at in other episodes, albeit with subtlety. I’d personally like to see them together and another version of the Piper-Leo love story, especially as Harry’s romance with Charity ended in disaster.

Meanwhile, Parker tells Maggie he’s leaving town. He asks her to come with him but she obviously can’t, so he promises to come back once he’s found a way to balance his demon side and his humanity. They say goodbye and Parker disappears into smoke.

Later, the girls are returning from Galvin’s funeral when they are greeted by a group of magical creatures, which include Chloe the pixie and Leon the satyr. They’ve come to thank them for defeating Alastair and saving magic. They also point out that with the Elders gone, they are in search for new leaders of the magical community and they believe the Charmed ones are the next choice.

The sisters are overwhelmed but seem to accept this new responsibility without hesitation. The episode ends with everyone entering in the manor and Macy closing the door to the manor and the season like Prue did in the original series.

Overall, I felt this was a strong finish to a first season that got off to a rocky start but eventually went from strength to strength. I have to admit, I was sceptical and dismissive of this reboot, especially as I am a huge fan of the original series and the pilot certainly didn’t do the show any favours in convincing me. However I gave the show a chance and it proved itself to be both a perfect balance of a spin off and an original in its own right. I also appreciated the many throwbacks to the previous episodes, I’d say the writers most likely managed to squeeze references to all the previous 21 episodes in this finale.

I’m looking forward to reviewing the next season of Charmed.


Stray Observations:

-According to Parker, Alastair had a heap of torture tools and specifically a thing for ball gags.

-This finale did remind of the Season 1 Finale of the original series. It revolved around time, revolved around the oldest sister’s love interest sacrificing himself, and each sister figuring out about how time was affected a little bit faster than the last. It also ended with the respective oldest sisters telekinetically closing the front door of their respective manors.


Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 21 (Red Rain)

Now we’re at the penultimate episode and at the beginning of the end of the first season.

The episode begins with Harry and the sisters planning their next move to defeat Alastair, and Maggie hearing Parker call for help. Maggie wants to go and find him, however Harry tells her they can’t do anything without a plan.

Macy then gets a call from Galvin, asking her to come to the hospital. The hospital is flat out with people bleeding out of their nose, eyes, ears and mouth. Galvin called her as he thinks the mystery virus is demonic. Galvin gives Macy a blood sample for her to analyse. Mel then sees Niko being wheeled in, however when they visit her, they notice her symptoms are slightly different as she is not bleeding out of her eyes and ears like the others. Maggie uses her empathy powers to get answers and discovers that Niko’s memories are flooding her brain, most likely due to Mel telling her the truth about her rewritten history in the previous episode. Before they can figure out how to help her, Greta arrives and kicks them out of the room.

Galvin and Macy confirm in the lab that the sample does contain the Harbinger virus, so Harry changes the game plan and decides that they have to stop Parker becoming the host of the Source. Maggie, Mel and Harry go to the address Niko gave them where the calls to Lucy came from, and find Alastair has abandoned it. Maggie tries to find Parker’s soul, much like she found Mama Roz’s and Galvin’s a few episodes earlier, and hears him again, this time sounding increasingly desperate.

Meanwhile, Galvin tells Macy that he wants to quarantine the patients, however Macy tells him it’s no use as the virus can manipulate itself, which would tip the scales to evil. It then cuts to infected patients attacking hospital personnel. Macy tells Harry and her sisters that the virus has spread and that it’s their fault as Hunter was infected with the Harbinger virus when they battled and when they killed him (which is finally made clear), they unwittingly released the virus as an airborne pathogen.

Later, Mel goes back to the hospital to perform a restorative spell on Niko, only to find that she is now infected with the Harbinger virus as she is no longer wearing the protection ring.

Meanwhile, Maggie takes Harry’s suggestion to connect with Parker on an empathic plane. She manages to succeed by using her staff, and he tells her that he’s making Alastair believe he is on his side, when in reality, he’s trying to defeat Alastair on the inside. He also tells her to find Charity and keep her safe as she’s the last remaining Elder/Sage and is keeping the prophecy from coming true. Parker tells Maggie he loves her before the connection fades, and Maggie relays Parker’s info to Harry. Harry tells Maggie that the only place he knows Charity would go to would be the Gardens of Latebra, a safe haven only a few people know about.

Back at the hospital, Galvin and Macy discover that the Harbinger virus is infecting people’s brains and has spread outside of the hospital. Galvin thinks he may be able to save the patients using the spell he was going to use to remove the Ibi from Macy. They head up to the roof to prepare as the infected patients won’t be able to reach them up there.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Harry find Charity picking a plant bud in the Gardens of Latebra, she attempts to flee when she’s caught, however she is stopped by Maggie. She tells Charity they’re come to protect her and Charity tells her the plant bud is crucial to performing the Akkadian Smokescreen, a spell that will keep her permanently hidden but the plant takes years to grow. Maggie and Harry simultaneously come up with the idea to get Mel to use her powers to speed up the process. At first she refuses to help, however Mel relents when she’s reminded of what’s at stake and as she’s about to finish, a demonic Parker shows up and Maggie realises he set her up.

Harry orbs Charity to safety while Maggie and Mel fight Parker. Maggie uses her staff to both defend herself and to appeal to his humanity. His human side briefly surfaces throughout the fight, especially when Maggie reveals Hunter killed his mother not him and that she loves him. Parker begs Maggie to vanquish him, and Mel encourages her to do so, but she hesitates and his demon side takes over and makes him disappear. It’s later revealed Harry orbed Charity to the Vortex Viribus to finish the plant bud’s growth cycle. Charity is hysterical and begs Harry to orb her elsewhere as Fiona has a connection to the Vortex Viribus and will easily find her. Charity’s fears are realised when Fiona portals in and kills her, and before she dies, she tells Harry she always loved him.

Meanwhile on the roof, Galvin and Macy make up as they prepare for the ritual. Macy apologises for getting him involved in magic, while Galvin says he has no regrets. He tells her their experience made him grateful to be human and the burden the Charmed ones carry and he wants to help them. Back at the manor, Harry, Mel and Maggie see the sky turn red and Harry tells them that Charity has died and it is now all up to Galvin and Macy performing the ritual correctly. While Harry and Mel try to find a way to get to Galvin and Macy, Maggie calls out to Parker’s human side again only to find Alastair is waiting for her and kidnaps her.

As Galvin performs the ritual, he reveals to Macy that there must be the sacrifice and that he is the sacrifice. Macy tries to intervene but can’t as there is a magical barrier between them, she calls for Harry to help but he can’t help either. The two of them are forced to watch him perform the ritual, which heals the patients but kills him. Harry takes Mel about to the manor to formulate a plan to rescue Maggie, as the patients have healed but the storm hasn’t cleared, the scales still haven’t tipped back, so Harry orbs them to the eye of the storm. When they get there they find Fiona and Alastair performing a spell and Maggie tied to a tree, Maggie calls them for help but Alastair threatens to kill her if they intervene.

Fiona performs a spell to call the Sacred Flame, however it backfires as she has been stripped of her immortality, she begs Harry to heal her but he refuses and apologies for failing her as a Whitelighter and she dies. Moments later the Sacred Flame ignites as Parker arrives. Alastair gives Parker two options: let the Flame kill Maggie or step into the ring and take in the Source. Macy gives them an alternate options—she uses her demon side to summon the Origin Dagger and stabs herself with it and steps into the Flame, taking on the source and allowing Maggie to reunite with Harry and Mel and preventing Parker from taking on the Source. Alastair bows before Macy, but she kills him. Maggie goes to Parker but he tells her to stay away as he is losing control over his demon side and leaves.

With the powers of the Source, Macy orbs her sisters and Harry back to the manor and simultaneously wipes the memories of everyone in town and cures Niko. Harry, Mel and Maggie want to discuss Macy’s newfound powers, however she refuses, says there is one more thing she needs to do and leaves without explaining what that is.

The episode ends with the one more thing Macy needs to do starting off with her reviving Galvin.

Overall this was a fantastic episode as the prophecy finally played out, the villains of the season finally vanquished and with a great twist of Macy becoming the Source instead of Parker. I’m happy to see that the finale will clearly be saving Macy from herself rather than finally facing the villains, which is what usually happens. Again, Madeline Mantock gave a stellar performance.




Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 20 (Ambush)

With this episode, we are getting closer to the finale and an impending battle.

This episode focuses on Elder assassinations. The episode kicks off with an Elder, who works as a lawyer by day, assassinated in broad daylight via her coffee by obviously Fiona. Afterwards, Elder Silver turns up to the manor asking for help. Harry is reluctant to help, due to the Elders sentencing him to death only a few episodes earlier, however Elder Silver wants to put their differences aside to prevent the apocalypse from happening.

Using a magical storybook of sorts, Elder Silver discusses the prophecy with the sisters, revealing that before the Source can bring the apocalypse, a series of events must occur, one of which occurs the death of every Elder. While Alastair is the obvious suspect, Maggie also suggests Fiona as one too.

Meanwhile Macy’s dark side seems to be slowly taking over her in the form of a bad mood, Mel and Maggie express concerns over her continued use of her demon side. Harry gives Macy a watch that once belonged to Fiona so they can track her and also tells her he knows about a process that can strip a person of their immortality, however the process has to be self inflicted. While they are going through Galvin’s grandmother’s things, Macy stumbles upon a book written in the Devil’s Tongue, which shocks Harry, as the Devil’s Tongue is a language only demons can understand. Macy tells him that the book contains instructions for a voodoo ritual that could work on stripping Fiona’s immortality, however she doesn’t tell him until they’re already in the Vortex Viribus that the ritual essentially makes her a voodoo doll. Harry doesn’t like the idea of it, so when Macy uses Elder Bari’s needle as part of the ritual, this scares him enough to try and intervene, however Macy puts a force field around herself, preventing him from doing so.

Macy manages to successfully perform the ritual, however her demon side has almost fully taken over and keeps her Evil Sight awake to see the aftermath. She ends up watching Alastair and Fiona team up after he walks into the crypt, brags about finding the Origin Dagger, and she informs him she’s the Steward from the prophecy to activate the Source. Macy removes the needle and tells Harry this before passing out.

Whilst Macy’s resting, Harry tells Mel and Maggie what happened and his concerns. He tells them that she has to stop using her Evil Sight immediately, however Macy overhears this and angrily defends herself by pointing out how useful her Evil Sight has been.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Mel go to Kappa to investigate how Lucy is being controlled and realise she is being mesmerised by her phone via mysterious international calls. Maggie asks Niko for help tracing the number. This is after Mel and Niko kiss (which Maggie witnesses), when Niko confides in Mel about her fiancee, Greta, confronting her about her feelings for Mel. Maggie sees them kiss, however until Niko leaves she pretends she didn’t. Maggie confronts Mel about it and she admits she’s still in love with Niko, Maggie encourages Mel to tell Niko the truth about her re-written history.

Elder Silver tells the sisters that there are only six Elders left. Macy suggests they stop hiding and fight, setting a trap for Alastair and Hunter by giving Lucy false information to feed them. They succeed in luring Hunter, however he ambushes them by being the final unaccounted for Elder in disguise. He kills five of the Elders and tries to kill Elder Silver but only injures her, as Harry manages to orb her and the sisters to safety.

At the Manor, Macy tells Maggie and Mel that she wants to use Elder Bari’s needle to see how Hunter became so powerful, however Maggie and Mel caution her against it. Which leads to a tense exchange and Macy’s demonic side surfaces and she attacks Mel. She apologises and breaks the needle so she can’t use her Evil Sight again. As they make up in Marisol’s old “book nook”, which where she’d send Mel and Maggie to make up from their fights as kids, Maggie discovers three books with the symbols that she had been doodling. Although Maggie jokes about finding a secret passageway, when all three of them move all three books, they actually do.

The secret passageway leads them down to a hidden room with cabinets adorned with their names, weapons specifically for them and their powers, and Marisol appearing as a hologram with advice for each of them. Maggie receives a staff to focus her emotional energy, Mel is given a bracelet which can help her manipulate time, and Macy’s cabinet is empty as Marisol explains that the ying and yang pendant she wears, which was a gift from her father, will help her stay connected to her sisters and in control of her powers.

After they return from the hidden room, Hunter uses Lucy’s phone to contact the sisters. He threatens to kill Lucy if they don’t bring Elder Silver to him. They meet with him and battle with him, this time with their weapons, however it’s not clear if they’ve killed him as he fades away, but not before he throws a knife at Elder Silver, killing her.

Back at the manor, Maggie voices her fears that Alastair is close to putting the source in Parker, however Mel tells her that they’ll save him before that will happen. Harry tells them that if it’s too late, they’ll have to vanquish him. Meanwhile at Alastair’s lair, Fiona goes to see Charity, and reveals her plan to kill Parker after he’s taken in the power of the Source. She also tells her that Alastair forgot the fact that Charity is still an Elder, and before Fiona can kill her, Charity escapes.

Meanwhile, Mel finally tells Niko the truth and she reacts badly as she feels Mel used magic to alter her life against her will.

The episode ends with bartenders at the Cinco de Mayo party and Niko bleeding from their nose and eyes and then collapsing, losing consciousness—another sign of the impending apocalypse.

Overall I felt this was a solid episode as it was finally revealed that Lucy was being controlled by Alastair, the sisters’ powers advanced/grew, the fight scenes were well performed and Madeline Mantock gave her best performance as Macy’s demon side is starting to take over.

Only one more episode left before the finale, if this episode is anything to go by, I think we’re in for a thrilling battle.


Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 19 (Source Material)

This episode kicks off pretty much where the previous episode left off.

Macy uses the needle left by Elder Bari so the sisters can see what happened prior to Mel and Niko’s arrival at the tattoo shop. Fiona, accompanied by a captive Harry, murders her former coven as she believes they are using her. Harry tries to stop her, but she doesn’t listen and reveals that she is keeping Harry captive via a magical collar that she uses to control and torture him. Now that they know Harry is alive and exactly what’s happening with him, they tell Tessa and put a tracker on her.

Meanwhile Charity is now a reluctant participant in Alastair’s plans, as he is forcing her to help him raise the Source and sends her on a rescue mission to Tartarus under the ruse of turning herself in.

Meanwhile at the lab things are tense between Galvin and Macy since their break-up and Macy tells Dr Julia that they split up as he’s scared of her demon side. Dr Julia suggests taking a serum similar to Parker’s, which has almost rid him of his demon side, but Macy says she can control it.

While Mel is tracking Tessa, Niko surprises her and bombards her with questions about the S’Arcana and the tattoo parlour, which has been magically cleaned out. Mel is reluctant to give Niko any information, until she discovers that Tessa has found out about and disposed of the tracker, and accepts Niko’s offer of help.

Meanwhile, Dr Julia gives Parker the last dose of serum to make him fully human. However it goes wrong when his body rejects, having a seizure with his demon form attempting to surface. When Dr Julia tries to intervene, Parker throws her through a glass wall, seriously injuring her and appearing to have killed her. Shortly after, Macy comes into the lab but doesn’t find Dr Julia there, instead she finds the broken syringe on the floor. As she’s searching for answers, Galvin comes in and she tells him that something’s wrong but he dismisses her. Macy eventually finds Dr Julia’s badge and Galvin tells her that Dr Julia’s car is still in the parking lot, they go to her car and find her bound, gagged and dead in the trunk. Galvin wants to call the police but as her death would be demonic, she tells him she needs to handle it.

As Galvin and Macy find Dr Julia, Mel and Niko are on their way to the college campus as it’s revealed Tessa’s cover is an RA. They run into Maggie who is surprising Parker. When Maggie arrives at Parker’s dorm, she finds it completely empty. Maggie goes back to the manor to tell Macy and she informs her of Dr Julia’s death, and that the syringe contained demon plasma not the serum. Macy tells Maggie to find Parker and that she’ll use Elder Bari’s needle to figure out what happened.

Meanwhile, Niko and Mel are going through Tessa’s room when Tessa is about to walk in the door, which forces them to hide in her closet. Tessa finally gets a location on Harry and Mel casts a stronger tracking on Tessa where she can orb after her, which leaves Niko alone in the closet. Mel and Niko arrive at a crypt where they find Fiona and a captive Harry going through coffins in search for the Origin Dagger, which controls the Sacred Flame. Fiona reveals to Harry that she plans to use the Dagger to destroy magic as it ruined her life.

Meanwhile Macy uses the needle to see what happened at lab where it’s revealed that Hunter posed as Dr Julia and kept the real Dr Julia hostage in the closet while injecting him with the demon plasma, and later killing Dr Julia after Parker runs away. A devastated Parker meets with Maggie to tell her that he accidentally killed his mother and she is scared of him and doesn’t support him. Parker leaves, thinking he has nobody left due to the way Maggie reacted, however it’s revealed Hunter is posing as Maggie.

Meanwhile, Tessa is about to leave the crypt to go to the Elders when Mel lets her know that she’s been following her and tells her that her and her sisters need to fight. Tessa agrees and they all confront Fiona, only for Fiona to instantly kill Tessa. Fiona tries to force Harry to kill the sisters, however Maggie uses her powers to get through time and Mel breaks the spell that’s keeping him captive. Fiona tries to kill the sisters herself but fails when they use the Power of Three to fend her off and she flees. As this is happening, Alastair discovers that both he and Fiona are after the Dagger.

Back at the manor, the sisters and Harry perform a magical funeral of sorts for Tessa. With the Vortex Viribus restoring his powers and being set free from Fiona, Harry is now an independent Whitelighter, but Harry tells the sisters he will be staying as their Whitelighter. When Harry talks about Fiona’s plan to destroy magic, the sisters point out that Fiona’s search for the Sacred Flame brought out the blossoming of death, which part of the prophecy connected to the Source, which makes them realise the Sacred Flame and the Source are the same thing.

The next day, Harry reveals he’s covered up Dr Julia’s murder when Macy gets an email from work saying she died of a heart attack. Macy also mentions that she’ll be using her Evil Sight more often, which concerns the sisters and Harry. Harry tries to warn her about the dangers of using it too often, however she tells him she has it under control.

When Macy goes to work, she talks to Galvin about the cover up and he tells her he took a job with Doctors Without Borders and that he can’t compartmentalise what happened. Meanwhile Niko tells Mel that she had a nervous breakdown two years ago and that’s how her life changed and now that she knows about magic, she think that may be behind it. Due to the danger of the Source/Origin Dagger, Mel gives Niko a ring to protect her from all magic and proves to her it works by using her freezing power and that it doesn’t work on Niko anymore.

Meanwhile, Maggie gets a letter from Parker saying goodbye and talks about their last conversation, and Maggie says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The sisters realise Hunter shapeshifted into her, however the revelation comes too late, Parker has gone to Alastair, and Alastair stabs him with the Origin Dagger, having finally found it, making him the host for the Source.

Overall this was a captivating episode, especially with the twist reveal that Hunter has been freed from Tartarus by Charity, and is shapeshifting into whomever he needs to, to get to Parker. I also liked the reveal that the Sacred Flame and the Source are the same thing and all magic gets its powers from the same source.

The pieces are finally starting to come together for what I’m sure will be explosive finale.


Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 18 (The Replacement)

This episode’s title, The Replacement, pretty much says it all.

The episode kicks off with the until-now absent Galvin walking on a deserted island in an effort to help find Macy a cure for her dark side.  He finds a mysterious glowing artefact and takes it with him, however on his way back, a dark shadow attacks him.

Meanwhile, the sisters are awakened in the middle of the night by what looks like a demon attack, only to discover it’s a test by their replacement whitelighter, Tessa. Tessa is quick to let them know what she’s think and it’s not good. She expected them to be more prepared and developed as witches.

The episode then switches to Galvin returning home. Galvin is beginning to tell Macy and the sisters about his journey, when a dead body falls through the ceiling and Galvin tells them it’s the customs agent that checked him in at the airport. Galvin tells him that the customs agent detained him over the artefact he brought home and he tells Macy that it could help “cure” her demon side.

Tessa inspects the body of the customs agent and the sisters tell her it could be a vampire. Tessa then asks Macy and Mel with help finding the vampire, leaving Maggie behind to see if the body will rise from the dead, par for the course for a victim of a vampire attack.

Macy visits Mama Roz to get some answers on the artefact Galvin brought home. Mama Roz warns her of an impending darkness. Afterwards Macy discusses the artefact with Galvin and she tells him that she doesn’t want to get rid of her demon side as it has helped her and her sisters, and he seems understanding. However we then see him go to Mama Roz’s, who is hysterical from the moment she sees him and he stabs her with demonic claws.

While it is a shock to see, there has been no evidence of Galvin being a demon throughout the series, so there has to be some explanation.

Meanwhile Maggie keeps hearing scratching noises and screams of agony, which grow louder and more desperate as the episode progresses. When Maggie asks for Tessa’s help in identifying the noises, she tells Maggie her empathy powers could be growing and she is hearing the soul of the dead customs agent. When Maggie tells Mel about the noises, they decide to go to Mama Roz for answers, only to find her dead body with the same puncture marks as the customs agent. Tessa arrives moments later and encourages Maggie to try and hear Mama Roz’s soul. She succeeds as Mama Roz tells her to find the lost soul through a threshold. Maggie then tries to hear the lost soul and realises it’s Galvin calling for help.

The sisters find a dagger in Mama Roz’s store to specifically kill the demon and they realise the demon feasts on dead babies. As Macy technically died as a baby, the sisters realise she is the demon’s real target. Macy eventually realises the truth when on a date with Galvin. When she uses her powers to fight the demon off and fails, she flees into the woods and hides in an abandoned car. The demon finds her, just as Mel and Maggie do. Tessa encourages the sisters to stab Galvin, however Macy wants tap into her demon side to telekinetically stop Galvin’s heart as he is the host of the parasite demon. Tessa is against this but Macy is adamant and traps Tessa in a vortex to keep her from interfering. Macy manages to stop his heart and the demon leaves, however when she tries to revive him, nothing seems to work, until Galvin’s soul re-enters his body. However the sisters’ troubles aren’t over as the demon kidnaps Macy.

The demon takes Macy to the attic and the sisters eventually rescue her by making the demon visible via the fire extinguisher and being able to stab the demon with the dagger.

Overall I found the battle of the week to be interesting, especially with the hint that Macy’s dark side may be starting to take over her. However the outcome was predictable, especially as Galvin is not a demon.

After the battle, Galvin tells her that despite trying to be understanding, he can’t accept the evil inside her and wants nothing to do with magic. Macy tells him that she can’t give up her demon side or magic as it’s all a part of who she is and they go their separate ways. The break-up was a little sad but not all that surprising.

Meanwhile, Maggie considers applying for college scholarships exclusively for African-American students after receiving her latest tuition bill. Although Maggie is tempted, she confides in Macy that she feels bad about it as she didn’t grow up in the African-American culture. However Macy struggles to give Maggie an answer on whether she should apply for the scholarships regardless and leaves the decision up to her. Maggie decides not to as it doesn’t feel right, however she will try to find out more about her new culture. Overall, I felt this subplot didn’t really add much to the episode.

While Maggie is trying to figure out her place in her newfound culture, Mel is trying to deal with having to work at The Haunt whilst Niko is having her engagement party there, and Niko constantly chasing her around and asking questions. Although Mel’s S’Arcana tattoo is gone and she adamantly tells Niko she’s no longer a part of the group, Niko continues to try and get more intel from her. This all leads to Mel telling Niko she’s a witch after Niko takes Mel to the S’Arcana headquarters only to find the majority of them dead. Mel tells Niko to leave the area. Jada walks in, injured but alive, and tells her that Fiona killed them and is holding Harry hostage.

Mel finds a key on the ground and recognises it as Harry’s, when she tells Macy and Maggie, they decide to use Tessa’s whitelighter powers to find Harry and beat the Elders and Fiona, once and for all.

Overall this episode was good and I enjoyed the introduction of another character, however due to the absence of Parker and Harry, who are in the middle of major story arcs, I felt this episode was a filler.


Stray Observations:

-Tessa reminded me of Natalie from the original series.

-Whitelighters’ powers come through/from the same source.

Best one liners and interactions:

  • “This is a nightmare version of Harry’s first monologue.” (Maggie on Tessa’s lecture to them)
  • “Anne Hathaway from hell!” (Maggie on Tessa)
  • “It’s bad enough we have to assume the Elders are watching our every move, but now Regina George is our whitelighter?” (Mel to Maggie on Tessa)

Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 17 (Surrender)

This episode deals with the ramifications of Charity’s actions and one of the sisters being kidnapped and under the control of a demon for the first time.

The episode kicks off with Harry facing a tribunal of Elders over his forbidden relationship with Charity. With this and the fact that he inadvertently put the sisters in danger, the Elders decide to revoke his whitelighter status.

Meanwhile, Mel receives a text from Niko asking her to come over. Mel introduces her to Scarlett, a woman who has fled a cult but has no memories of her time there, she was also the woman seen running at the beginning of the episode. Niko explains that she saw Scarlett and a group of glassy-eyed women at the grocery store a week earlier and gave Scarlett her card in case they needed help. Niko tells Mel she think the cult is related to the S’Arcana, but Mel reassures her it isn’t.

Niko’s theory is debunked in the next scene when the cult leader is shown yelling about Scarlett’s disappearance to the group of women, as it threatens the success of an unexplained impending ritual. After killing another woman in the group, which was an idiotic move as the ritual’s success is already threatened, he sends the others out to find Scarlett. The women eventually track Scarlett down at Niko’s place, Niko catches them, however one of the women use telekinesis to knock her unconscious. After Niko calls Mel to tell her what happened and ask again if the S’Arcana are involved, the sisters discover that the demon behind it all is Viralis, a soul sucking demon who forms a cult every ten years preying on vulnerable women to kill to extend his life for another ten years.

Maggie decides to offer herself as bait to the demon by posing as a student at a poetry slam reading a poem aloud about a recent break-up. Although the sisters initially believe witches are immune to Viralis’ hypnosis-like powers, they find out the hard way that they’re wrong when Viralis senses her desire to find a love that never leaves her and uses it to put her under his spell and take her away.

As Harry followed them and they used Charity’s compass and tracker as part of their plan, the sisters are able to track Maggie down to a barn. Inside the barn, Viralis starts his ritual whilst the girls have to freeze Niko to do what they need to do. Viralis gives Maggie some of his demon blood to further implement his control over her and orders her to kill anyone who walks through the door. Under this influence, Maggie attacks Mel and leads to them fighting it out, whilst Macy battles with Viralis. Macy nearly succeeds until he disappears, however due to his eyes being visible even when the rest of him isn’t, Macy successfully stabs him with his own athame, ending his affects on Maggie and the other women. At the end of the battle, Mel and Maggie return to Niko, who says that Mel is always in the middle of weird situations that she’s investigating, a fact that was constantly pointed out in the original series to the original sisters by cops suspicious of them. Macy also gives Maggie some of Viralis’ blood for Parker, which I’ll get to.

Overall I found this battle of the week to be compelling and well played out.

Meanwhile, Harry eventually returns to the sisters after his whitelighter status is revoked where it’s revealed he is being forced to age rapidly to what would have been his mortal age if he had lived—98. Knowing he doesn’t have much time left, he tells the sisters to accept his fate and he requests to see Fiona one last time. The sisters refuse to give up, with Mel asking for Jada and the S’Arcana’s help, but she refuses which leads to them breaking up. Jada also informs her that Fiona is getting ready for a ceremony that will allow her to come into her new powers, which would mean the S’Arcana, not the Elders, have control over magic.

After Jada refuses to help, Mel tries to expose magic in order to get the Elders’ attention, which she succeeds to do however she doesn’t succeed in convincing the Elders to reverse their decision. Whilst they are battling Viralis, Fiona has been following the sisters. She follows them to the barn and tries to get inside Harry’s mind but fails to do so as her powers aren’t at their full capacity and he is frozen due to his mortal state. When the sisters recount the battle with Viralis to Harry once it’s over, it’s revealed he is even older. Fiona then appears to them and tells them she’s willing to save Harry as she wants the Charmed ones to be in her debt. Her statement right there reveals she clearly has ulterior motives, Jada suddenly appears and orders her not to help Harry with powerful magic, but Fiona dismisses and threatens her and Jada disappears. They agree to let her help and Fiona takes them down to the Vortex Viribus where she tries to use it to amplify her powers so she can get inside Harry’s mind again, after she has reverted him back to his younger age. She fails to do so and decides to kidnap him to get what she needs.

I found the Harry subplot to be more compelling than the battle of the week, I think this is due to the fact that the viewers would be more emotionally invested in Harry and his battle, rather than the expected demonic one. I’m looking forward to seeing how this will be played out and finding out whether Fiona is really the villain rather than Charity, as well as finding out whether the S’Arcana are evil or not.

On a smaller note, Parker is in quarantine as the demonic infection has worsened. Dr Julia tells Maggie that she needs more demonic blood to save him. Maggie offers some of Macy’s blood, however Dr Julia shuts this down as Macy is only half-demon and the blood needs to be pure. Dr Julia reveals that Alastair’s blood transfusion to cure Parker’s previous infection activated his demonic side, and that she didn’t know about Alastair’s demonic side until it was too late. I liked the scenes between the two of them as it was almost like a mother bonding with her future daughter-in-law, especially when it’s revealed Dr Julia is keeping Maggie away as Parker is now in a barely controllable, angry, demonic form and she is clearly protecting her from him.

Overall this was a solid and compelling episode.


Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 16 (Memento Mori)

After the twist of Charity being revealed as Marisol’s killer, the episode focused on this revelation being played out, and due to this, there was no battle of the week.

The episode kicks off with Charity waking up a confused Macy from an apparent deep sleep, encouraging her to join the sisters and Harry for breakfast. It’s revealed that Macy has no memory of seeing Elder Bari, finding out that Charity killed Marisol and then Charity subsequently killing Elder Bari. The sisters and Harry notice her forgetfulness, confusion and what appear to be three bruises on her arm.

Mel and Maggie then reveal to Macy that Fiona is alive. Macy wants to tell Harry and Charity, but Mel and Maggie urge her not to and she agrees not to tell them. Later on, the memories start to come back to Macy and when walking around the attic, discovers that she inflicted the burns on herself and realises something is wrong but doesn’t quite figure out what in time as Charity catches her and wipes her memory again.

This time, Macy comes to again in her bedroom surrounded by Harry, Charity and the sisters. Macy starts to think her demonic nature is having an affect on her and comes up with the idea to talk to Dr Julia. Charity also asks Harry to track down Elder Bari, in the process putting the idea in his head that Macy was obsessed with her. Harry goes to Elder Bari’s office and finds in her diary that she wanted to follow up with Macy about the test results, meanwhile as Macy sleeps, more memories come through to her, specifically about Bari throwing the needle into her head.

Macy again explores the attic and finds Elder Bari’s dead body in the trunk and calls for Harry, telling him she thinks she killed her. Macy asks if there’s a way to contain her, Charity suggests binding her powers, which Harry is completely against as it would mean there would be no Power of Three. When Macy tells Mel and Maggie about this idea, they are also against it. Mel and Maggie then seek advice from Dr Julia.

Dr Julia scoffs at Charity’s idea that Macy’s bruises, which Harry has now healed, are a form of self-harm as demons are generally too selfish to consider doing so. When Dr Julia says they look like burns from candles, it hits Mel that Charity is up to something. Meanwhile, Macy is back in the attic as the memories are again coming back to her stronger than ever, this time finding the needle under a couch and performing the memory booster on herself, which causes her to remember everything. Again Charity catches her in the act but this time, forces her down to the Vortex Viribus.

Charity is using the Vortex Viribus to recharge her powers and Macy calls for help, only for Charity to tell her she’s disconnected Harry from her and the sisters, so he won’t come to help them. Charity admits to her that killing Marisol was a mistake and that her plans to wipe Macy’s memories and bind her powers were to prevent her from having to kill Macy, but since those didn’t work, she’s going to have to. In a desperate attempt to stop her, Macy tells her Fiona is still alive, although Charity doesn’t believe her.

Meanwhile Mel and Maggie are searching the house for Macy and call for Harry with no success. Harry then appears to them, revealing he hasn’t heard their calls and they tell him Charity’s compass isn’t working, but he reveals it’s not her compass, it’s a surveillance device. It is this moment that makes them realise what’s going on and where Macy is.

They come to Macy’s rescue, with Mel and Maggie battling Charity in hand-to-hand combat after she hits Harry with her magical binding whip. The sisters eventually use the runes in the vortex against Charity and end up binding her powers. Afterwards, Harry asks Charity why she killed Marisol and the other Elders. She says she thought she was acting in the best interests of the greater good, which is a similar justification Gideon gave Leo when he tried to turn Wyatt evil in the original series. Fiona emerges, fully recovered, and while Charity is happy to see her, Fiona is not, remarking that Charity is not destined for greatness, she is, tells her to enjoy Tartarus, and leaves.

The episode ends with Charity being escorted in magical cuffs to Tartarus, with her escorts being killed in front of her by Alastair. Alastair then encourages her to leave with him and she does. I’m looking forward to seeing where this new partnership goes, especially as no-one is aware of it and Charity is powerless.

Meanwhile, Parker is infected with a demonic virus by Lucy, who is still under Alastair’s control. Where this will lead remains to be seen, as Parker and the sisters are unaware that Lucy is being controlled and Maggie promises Parker to find another way to free him from Alastair’s control.

The episode also ends with Marisol boosting her Evil Sight to show Mel and Maggie exactly how their mother died. Marisol was casting an unbinding spell, which alerts Charity and she tells Marisol that she has been spying on her due to her ties with the S’Arcana. It is then Marisol reveals that Macy had died and was resurrected by a necromancer. Charity then panics over the thought of the Charmed ones being tainted by black magic, but Marisol persists in her unbinding spell and Charity throws her out of the window. Charity disappeared just as Mel and Maggie came home. This reveal naturally upsets the sisters, however they take comfort in her bravery in her final moments.

Overall this was a solid episode as it provided closure on Marisol’s death and new subplots were introduced with Alastair rescuing Charity and Parker being infected with a demonic virus. I’m looking forward to seeing what direction the show goes in now with the closure on Marisol’s death and these potential new subplots.