Doctor Doctor–Season 3 Finale

The job of a season finale is to conclude the story arcs of the season and open up new story arcs for the next season (if there is one). I feel like this finale didn’t really wrap things up, but it did open up potential new story arcs for the fourth season, if Doctor Doctor is renewed.

I always say that you can usually tell when a show’s future is uncertain by the way a finale is written and with this finale, it was obvious that the writers were uncertain of the show’s future when they wrote the finale but they didn’t really go to much effort to wrap the season’s story arcs up—a lot was left unresolved, which didn’t really make it feel like a finale.

I’m going to review this episode character by character:

Hugh and Harriet—In this episode Hugh and Harriet’s baby girl, Eliza is born. Throughout the episode Harriet is shown to be staying with Hugh and eager for the baby to be born, which could be seen as a hint of what Harriet would end up doing. Shortly after Eliza born, presumably the next day, Harriet does a runner and leaves Whyhope and Eliza with Hugh. In all honesty, her decision didn’t surprise me as it’s true to character, so much so that Hugh actually hinted at this possibility in an earlier episode when Charlie was trying to find Ivy’s mother in Bali.

While it was true to her character to leave Eliza with Hugh, whether Hugh and Eliza stay in Whyhope wasn’t made clear, which was one of many loose ends in this finale.

Matt and April—Another loose end was the choice Matt has to make between Charlie and April. A Twitter user by the name of “Nicole da Silva Fans” summed the situation Matt is in perfectly: “First love/wants a baby vs Current wife/most adult years spent with/doesn’t want a baby…who does Matt choose?”

This choice wasn’t made in this finale, instead it focused on Matt going back and forth between the two. He and April are spending nights together and April was present at the family dinner, yet he considered going to Bali to see Charlie, yet he admits to Hugh he doesn’t want to lose both of them.

Because Charlie this season has mostly been an unsympathetic character, even more so with the way she has been acting since going to Bali and not coming back straight away after she found Ivy’s mother, I’m not overly sure who to go for, whether to be Team Charlie or Team April, and clearly this is a deliberate choice made by the writers. It’s a good way to go as it keeps the viewers engaged, but at a certain point, it has to come to an end as it’s way too easy to cross the line from captivating the viewer to frustrating them.

Meryl, Ajax and Hayley—In this episode, Meryl becomes a slightly unlikeable character as she is being selfish, at least on the surface. Meryl tells the guys at the beginning of the episode that she doesn’t want Arcadia to be a cemetery anymore, despite dead bodies being en route, to the point where she sabotages a funeral procession. It’s later revealed that her grief is affecting her due to it being her first wedding anniversary without Jim, which in turn leads her to reveal to Betty that she’s lost interest in matchmaking, and for Betty to set Meryl up on a date.

While Meryl and Ajax battle, gently, throughout the episode, it’s ultimately Hayley that gets through to her. Hayley forces Meryl to reveal that she doesn’t like the changes that are happening and for Hayley to tell her she can’t live her life stuck and needs to move forward. After this reveal, Ajax proposes to build a separate driveway for the cemetery, which makes Meryl happy.

At the end of the episode, it’s revealed that Betty set Meryl up with Glen, which is surprising considering how much he was hitting on her shortly after Jim’s death. That being said, this time he acted more like a gentleman, which is possibly why Meryl enjoyed the date more, even if, by her own words, it was a little strange.

Penny and Hugh—In this finale, the fate of their love story of sorts is revealed when they admit their love for each other but Hugh choose his job over her. I felt that this would have been disappointing for the fans, but writing wise, it provides another obstacle to keep them apart and bring them back together, hopefully if the fourth season is renewed. If not, at least their love story has been told and ended.

Despite their love story, they actually work well together when dealing with the truck accident and for the first and only time this season, they are shown in a plane and working at a farm together again.

Penny and Raph—Raph only appeared briefly, first at the hospital with Tilly and arguing with her mother and ex-wife outside of the hospital and then when Penny came home after dealing with Hugh, providing her with much-needed comfort. In all honesty, I’m disappointed but not surprised that Penny is choosing to settle for him, but if there is a fourth season, it will be interesting to see where it goes.

Betty and Darren—In this episode, Betty and Darren get back together in the midst of the Hugh-Harriet and Meryl drama. It would have been good if there was more of a focus on it, but I wasn’t completely disappointed with what we were given. On another note, Betty made both a hilarious and fantastic doula.



Stray Observations:

-There was no Dora sighting this week.

-The Knight men got a piece of the farm each: Matt keeps the brewery, Ajax the cemetery, and Hugh gets to grow his medicinal poppies.

-There was a nice, subtle full circle moment when Hayley confronts Meryl, as Meryl was playing Call of Duty to avoid dealing with her feelings and Hayley was confronting her whilst wearing overalls.


Best one liners and interactions:

This season finale had some of the best one liners and interactions in Doctor Doctor‘s history:

  • “I hate this baby get it out of me!” “That’s the spirit.” (Harriet-Hugh)
  • “Of course the baby will co-operate.” (Hugh on the phone with the hiring professor)
  • “Don’t call them dead dudes, it seems unprofessional” (Hugh to Ajax)
  • “What do you think dad would say about us doing this?” (Ajax) “You’re a bunch of idiots” (Matt and Hugh in unison).
  • “It’s like a midwife but with more candles” (Harriet explaining doulas to Hugh)
  • “If I’m in pain people need to know about it!” (Harriet to Betty on being silent during childbirth)
  • “I’m awake I’m just too frightened to open my eyes.” (April to Meryl)
  • “You need to knock before you come into my house!” “That will never happen.” (Matt-Meryl)
  • “I want you to close all roads leading to my property.” “Why?” “To protect me from death.” (Meryl-Darren-Meryl)
  • “I do love him you know…don’t tell him that I’m playing hard to get!” (April to Hugh on her feelings for Matt)
  • “It’s like something broke in me when I saw her.” “That was your heart.” (Hugh-Meryl on Eliza)




Doctor Doctor–Season 3, Episode 9 (Suspicious Minds)

I’ll be reviewing this episode character by character.

Hugh, Meryl, Ajax and Hayley—The episode kicks off with Hayley running on the farm and tripping over a hole, Meryl looking at houses for herself, and Rod revealing that his enterprises bought the farm and offering Meryl the chance to stay at the homestead for cheap rent and sexual favours. Meryl refuses and tries to find another way to prevent the move, especially as it’s revealed Rod is turning the farm into a mine. Hugh gives her the idea when he tells her that Rod still has 24 hours left in his cooling off period.

Ultimately the way that they managed to get the farm back didn’t surprise me—blackmailing Rod and Whyhope’s mayor. It was true to Meryl’s character and was the most realistic solution given the circumstances.

Hugh and Ken—Whilst Hugh was in the middle of dealing with the farm sale, he also had hospital drama to contend with when a mysterious man asks for help, only to tell him and Ken to get into an empty van where he’ll take him to the medical emergency.

It’s revealed that this mystery man’s son is barely conscious due to a snake bite. His arguments with Hugh on not taking his son to the hospital were frustrating and not to mention completely selfish, the empathy for this character can go either way once he reveals he accidentally killed someone in a hit-and-run. For me personally, I actually found his character more infuriating once he revealed this as to me it proved how selfish he was—-he’d rather deny his son medical help then face the consequences of his own actions.

I found the mystery man and Ken’s interactions when they were trying to stay away from the snake in the barn hilarious, and the mystery man’s son’s allergic reaction to the anti-venom another frustrating but realistic element to this subplot.

I felt this subplot reached a natural conclusion when the mystery man showed up at the hospital to be with his son and ended up surrendering peacefully.

Raph and Penny—I found their subplot provided much needed comic relief from the farm story arc and the Hugh-Ken subplot. It started out in an adorable way when Penny asked Raph out whilst he was in the middle of being the school “lollipop lady”, became hilarious when Penny and Raph misunderstood the fish element to their date, and led to some great character development with Raph when he gave Tilly money for her birthday for a bike she had been saving for.

I believe this relationship will inevitably come to an end in next week’s season finale, nevertheless it’s been great to watch.

Matt and April—This subplot focuses on Matt suddenly getting an itch on his wedding ring finger, which ends up swelling up due to a nasty infection. It’s obvious that the infection and the subsequent consequences are a metaphor for where Matt is in his romantic life right now—-conflicted about his feelings for both Charlie and April.

I’m hoping the finale will lead to the fate of Matt’s relationships with Charlie and April being revealed.

Harriet—Although Harriet didn’t have much screen time, she pretty much stole every scene she was in. While Ajax found out about her pregnancy in an earlier episode, in this one the whole family finds out when Harriet casually strolls up to the house. Their reactions were obviously one of shock, but their true feelings on the matter really haven’t been dealt with yet, it will be interesting to see them played out in next week’s finale, which is clearly when the baby is going to born.


Overall this was a solid episode, but not the most memorable. It didn’t feel like a penultimate episode, it honestly just felt like any other episode.


Stray Observations:

Dora sighting—At the farm when Meryl talks to Hugh about finding another way to prevent losing the farm.

-Meryl’s grandmother was born on the farm land, and Meryl specifically states she was born in the house.

-Ken and Mia have officially been together for a year.

-Hugh is yet to perform one surgery in the cardiac clinic without being interrupted.


Best one liners:

  • “You look unusually thoughtful” (Penny to Hugh)
  • “I always thought she was so straight…you know corrupt wise.” (Hayley to Meryl on the Whyhope mayor)
  • “Get in the van!” “Aren’t you supposed to offer us a bag of lollies first?” (Mystery man–Hugh)



Doctor Doctor–Season 3, Episode 8 (Wet Weekends)

I’m going to continue reviewing the show character by character:

Ajax and Hugh—Ajax and Hugh spent the whole time fighting over the sale of Arcadia. The episode kicked off with Ajax shooting the For Sale sign with every other the member of the family overhearing the shots. Throughout the episode Ajax keeps talking about his dream involving Jim and the letters “CTW”. The “CTW” became a great running gag for the episode as Ajax came up with multiple interpretations as a justification for his actions, while Meryl had her own interpretation as a way to get Hugh to hurry up and sell Arcadia.

Their war comes to a head when Ajax realises that Hugh had fake buyers come by to distract him so Hugh can reach out to real viewers, which results in Ajax driving up to reprimand Hugh, forgetting to put the car’s park brake on and having to chase the car, with Jimmy inside, down the hill.

The CTW ultimately ends up meaning two things: “contest the will”, which Ajax does by the end of the episode, especially after the cemetery tender has been approved, and his solicitor’s name—Catherine Thomasina Walker. I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out in the final two episodes of the season.

Matt and April—In this episode April is leaving for some unspecified reason, Matt is still grieving over Charlie leaving, and they eventually catch up with Kimberley and Hugh in the pub and end up drinking the night away. After hours of drinking, Matt and April come up with the not-so-bright idea of shooting at bottles, which leads to April dropping the gun and it going off, shooting her in the leg.

While the drinking was relatively boring and the shooting was alluded to in the promos, the interesting part of this subplot came afterwards when Matt visited April the day after and offered to help her pack up. They ended up reading through April’s childhood diary, which was hilarious and inevitably ended up kissing. Matt and April have great chemistry which provides a contrast to the state of Matt and Charlie’s relationship, especially when they talk over Skype and Charlie is choosing to remain in Bali despite having found Ivy’s mother.

As April’s reason for leaving is unspecified and whether she has left is yet to be made clear, the fate of Matt and April’s love story is still up in the air. I’m looking forward to finding out what it will be over the remaining two episodes of the season.

Penny, Raph and Floyd—Penny’s dating subplot was the highlight of the episode as it provided much needed comic relief from the Arcadia story arc. It started off with Penny going on a Country Connections date with Raph (Don Hany), which ends within a couple of minutes due to Raph being presumptuous and judging Penny’s parenting choices. While you’d think it would end there, their subplot expands when it’s revealed that a bully destroyed Floyd’s school project, and Penny takes Floyd to confront his bully, Tilly, only to find her father is Raph.

The tension evaporates between Penny and Raph after it’s revealed Tilly destroyed Floyd’s school project because he “gobbed” (apparently a form of spitting) on her shirt because he likes her. Penny forces Floyd to apologise, which he does through his adaptation of the “roses are red, violets are blue” poem. Not too long after the apology, Raph comes to the clinic to see her, after getting a fishing hook caught in his eyebrow while on a fishing trip with Tilly, to discuss her behaviour towards Floyd. It is then he asks her out again.

While Raph is clearly being inserted as a last ditch obstacle to keep the Hugh-Penny story arc interesting, he is a much more compelling character and realistic obstacle than Harriet and her pregnancy is.

Betty and Darren—Their blossoming romance was present throughout the episode but only in a few scenes. Towards the end of the episode, Betty sees Darren collecting money from someone in an alley, which he later counts in the clinic, and she thinks he’s taking a bribe. He tells her that he won it on a horse race, however she believes he’s corrupt and dumps him. While it has been hinted that Darren may or may not be corrupt, it is yet to be confirmed.

I’m hoping the romance between them isn’t over because I would like to see more of it before the season ends.


Overall this was a good but not great episode, to me it was a hit-and-miss filler. Hopefully the final two episodes of the season will be an improvement.



Stray Observations:

Dora sighting: Matt’s front yard.

-CTW was a great running gag and was interpreted in the following ways:

  • “Commence the War” (Ajax)
  • “Cease the War” (Meryl)
  • “Cease the Whining” (Ajax)
  • “Close the Way” (Ajax to Matt)

-Hayley had baby earmuffs for Jimmy as she was pulling clay pigeons for Ajax.

-Ajax sneaking up behind Hugh as he was Skyping with Harriet proves that he is secretly a ninja.

Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Daddy really hates that sign doesn’t he?” (Hayley to Jimmy)
  • “She’s definitely five star.” (Hugh to Meryl on Penny)
  • “If you see my mum tell her I’ve changed my mind on Penny’s five star rating!” (Hugh to Betty)
  • “Don’t overthink it Penny, just trust the algorithm.” (Meryl to Penny)
  • “The man bun left what a shock!” (Hugh to Harriet)
  • “Why are you always at the centre of trouble?” (Penny to Hugh)
  • “What’s the difference between being in love and being hate?” (Floyd to Hugh)
  • “I think your mum needs to check her algorithms.” (Penny to Hugh)
  • “I’m going to leave with happy memories and a really cool scar!” (April to Matt)
  • “No-one’s perfect, why you would want to be?” (Meryl to Betty)
  • “That’s 90 percent of what love is, living with their flaws.” (Meryl to Betty)
  • “Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m really sorry I gobbed on you” (Floyd to Tilly)

Doctor Doctor–Season 3, Episode 7 (Don’t Wanna Let You Go)

I’ve decided to keep writing these reviews character by character.

Matt and Charlie—I’m starting the review with them due to Nicole da Silva’s departure. The episode and their subplot kicks off with Ivy trying to hitchhike out of Whyhope only for Darren to stop and arrest her for stealing a marijuana plant and return her to Matt and Charlie. As Matt and Charlie aren’t related to her, Child Services were notified of Ivy’s arrest which leads to Darren proposing that they become her foster parents.

This leads to the episode-long debate/argument between Matt and Charlie, which inevitably leads to their overdue break-up—Charlie wants to foster Ivy and Matt doesn’t, and Charlie makes the decision to go to Bali with Ivy to find her mother. While this outcome was a long time coming, especially with da Silva’s need to go on maternity leave, it wasn’t any less sad. That being said, I haven’t come across any news confirming that da Silva has permanently departed, so she may return next season, if there is another one.

Hugh, Meryl, Matt and Ajax—Hugh’s decision at the end of the previous episode plays out in this one. Hugh’s real estate agent, Sam, puts the farm on the market valuing it at $11 million and an offer comes in for $14 million. While this will solve all of the family’s problems, mostly Hugh’s, he does this without telling the rest of the family. He at first tells Matt who gets them thrown out of a pub due to drowning his sorrows over Charlie, and then he tells Meryl and Ajax when he discovers that they put in a tender to build a cemetery to solve the problem.

The idea to turn Arcadia into a cemetery comes from Ajax as he is initially protesting the move of the original cemetery as his mother is buried there. At the protest he finds out from another protestor exactly how much it costs for a body to be moved and then he has the light bulb moment to use that as a way to keep Arcadia. I found Meryl and Ajax collaborating on this odd idea hilarious and I hope they actually pull it off. At the end of the episode when Matt informs Hugh that Charlie is leaving, he ultimately encourages Hugh to sell Arcadia, admitting that they’ve been fighting for things to stay the same since Jim died. The episode closed on the For Sale sign on Arcadia, it will be interesting to see whether it is actually sold or if Meryl and Ajax pull the cemetery idea off.

Hugh, Penny and Pari—Turns out Ginger the Whinger was serious about reporting Hugh. Although this was touched on in the previous episode when Penny tells Hugh he received a complaint from AHPRA, the consequences are played out in this episode. Dr Pari Thompson (Andrea Demetriades) is the rep from AHPRA following up the complaint by shadowing Hugh. Apparently she knows him but he doesn’t remember her.

Although Pari shadowing Hugh and his attempts to avoid her were hilarious, this subplot really became exciting when it interweaved with everyone else. Hayley and Ivy are riding horses in the middle of town, where Betty and Darren are walking nearby, Hugh and Matt have just been kicked out of the pub, and Hugh narrowly manages to avoid Pari. Hayley goes to take a selfie, drops her phone and falls off her horse to get it, which spooks Ivy’s horse, which takes off, Mia has to come to her rescue, while Hugh and Matt are tending to Hayley, Mia and Ivy just miss getting hit by a car, which swerves and ends up hitting Pari.

While Pari is being treated by Hugh, Penny and the hospital crew, it’s revealed that Pari knew Hugh not from a sexual dalliance, which viewers would most likely think, but from when he put a mechanical valve in her heart. He couldn’t remember her because he put the valve in seven years earlier. Whilst Pari is recovering, she completes her investigation of Hugh by getting Penny’s opinion of him as his supervisor, and true to her character and despite their personal life issues, she gives him a positive review. Interestingly, Penny’s drinking and her outburst to Hugh in the previous episode were never mentioned or touched upon in this episode.

Betty and Darren—Their subplot was the highlight of the episode by far. In the previous episode, Darren admits to Ken that he likes Betty, however he didn’t start pursuing her until this episode. The most interesting aspect of this episode was that Betty was flustered rather than her usual confident, all-knowing self, which was refreshing to see. Betty agrees to go on a first date with Darren, only to bring Mia along, due to her fears, which upsets Darren a little. I liked the motif of irises throughout their subplot, especially when Darren gives them to her as an apology and allows her to set the pace. The conclusion of their subplot with Betty kissing Darren whilst he’s arresting someone, was hilarious as it’s cute and true to her character. I’m looking forward to seeing their relationship develop in the remaining episodes of the season.


Overall this was a solid episode with a realistic reason for da Silva’s departure, a new couple in the form of Betty and Darren, and solid writing with the AHPRA-Pari subplot.



Stray Observations:

Dora sighting: At Arcadia, standing next to Hayley whilst she’s reading and talking to Ivy.

-Despite his anger, Ajax still manages to make the most polite picket sign ever.

-Matt gives sleeping on the couch a whole new meaning when he chooses to sleep on the one outside the house.

-According to Meryl, making the burial arrangements on Arcadia is more stressful and harder than seating charts for a wedding.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Why do you have a letter from AHPRA?” “We’re penpals.” (Penny-Hugh)
  • “You’re not exactly what I had in mind when I asked for a farm hand!” (Matt to Jimmy)
  • “First dates are awful, it’s one hour of awkward small talk and six days of post-date analysis” (Betty to Ken about first dates)
  • “A hole to get us out of a hole…I like the poetry of that.” (Meryl to Ajax on the idea to turn Arcadia into a cemetery)
  • “Who wants to be buried next to a sleazy old uncle for eternity!” (Meryl to Ajax when they’re using Monopoly hotels and houses to figure out the burial arrangements on Arcadia plans)

Doctor Doctor–Season 3, Episode 6 (Call Me Irresponsible)

Like with the previous reviews, I’ll be going character by character.

Ken, Darren and Betty—The most standout aspect of this episode was finally having a somewhat major focus on the supporting characters. Ken’s jealously of Darren as he was appearing to be flirting with Mia was hilarious and showed some great character development. While I wasn’t surprised that Darren was attracted to Betty and not Mia, it wasn’t until my second viewing of the episode that it was more obvious as Betty was always with Darren and Mia in every scene, which was a fantastic, subtle way of providing the viewer with hints. While Ken’s jealousy was hilarious and showed great development, the writers still managed to keep him in character, especially when he confronts Darren and admits he has no ownership over Mia.

Hugh, Penny and Ron—Their subplot started off on a few hilarious notes with Penny having to deal with a hangover and a perceptive Floyd, and her and Hugh walking in the office in their respective pains. Hugh going about his daily routine with Ron wheeling him around on a gurney was hilarious. The contrast between Hugh having to deal with “Ginger the whinger” and her constant complaining and Ron keeping his silence on his own health issue was remarkable. Ginger’s complaint to APRA was mentioned once and Ron’s amputation stole the show towards the end of the episode and illustrated a low point for Penny as she vomited during the surgery.

Meanwhile Penny’s drinking to get over her heartache has reached such a low point that not only is she vomiting during Ron’s surgery, it is affecting her parenting skills and professionalism. Penny herself points this out to Hugh and says she can’t do it anymore, however she never explicitly stated that she was quitting. I feel Penny trying to drink away her heartache is completely out of character, especially when it affects her work.

While all of this is going on, Hugh and Harriet are dealing with a crisis when Harriet is diagnosed with Listeria. Luckily, the baby wasn’t affected and after Hugh finds this out, he reveals to her that he is leaving Whyhope and putting the farm on the market. Putting the farm on the market will inevitably be the major focus in the remaining episodes of the season, and I would like to know whether he made this decision for Penny, Harriet and the baby, or himself, as this wasn’t made clear.

Charlie and Matt—Charlie and Matt were more in the background in this episode, but now that they have finally admitted that they’re in trouble and Charlie has finally admitted that she doesn’t want kids, knowing that Matt does, they will certainly be in the foreground in the next episode at least. In all honesty, nothing about their subplot really surprised me, but it will be interesting to see where it goes, especially as Matt’s attraction to April for wanting children as much as he does, is becoming more obvious.

Meryl, Hayley and Ajax—Meryl’s dating service well and truly took off with the success of the Country Connections speed dating night. It was nice to see Meryl keep herself busy, trying to help others find the same love that she found with Jim, without forgetting or suppressing her grief. While Chloe and Ajax only appeared briefly, their appearance didn’t go to waste as they were shown as a couple becoming more comfortable with their parental responsibilities, especially Ajax as he figured out how to comfort Jimmy on his own and enjoyed bonding with him.


Overall this was an enjoyable episode, but I’m a little worried about what’s going to happen next now that Hugh has decided to put the farm on the market, and Matt and Charlie have admitted that they’re unhappy and want different things.



Stray Observations:

-Dora didn’t appear in this episode although she was mentioned.

-The driver that Hugh hired after Ron needed testing on his knee never said a word throughout the episode.

-Meryl was very inclusive with Country Connections as she thought of a “rainbow table” for the speed dating event.

-Betty almost drinking after Darren expresses interest in her and Hayley taking the drink for her was adorable and hilarious.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Oh shit!”, “Language!” (Penny-Floyd)
  • “You know what they say about drinking alone!” (Floyd to Penny)
  • “Ginger the whinger look out!” (Ron to Hugh)
  • “He looks like a sex pest!” (Ginger on Ken)
  • “Beware of jealously Ken, it can make you look like an insecure douchebag.” (Hugh to Ken)
  • “Three words: A.V.O.” (Meryl to Rod)
  • “Anywhere I can wheel you? Off a cliff perhaps?” (Penny to Hugh)


Doctor Doctor–Season 3, Episode 5 (When We Collide)

Per last week, I’ll be reviewing this episode character by character.

Charlie, Matt and Ivy—The majority of the episode focused on them so I’ll start the review on them. Despite Charlie giving Carlito two more weeks to stay, he ups and leaves early in the morning but not before being caught in the act by Matt. After this the majority of the episode focuses on Charlie and Matt (but mostly Charlie) dealing with Ivy’s acting out—first by stealing a ute and driving off after Charlie takes Ivy with her to school, when she tries to leave town on a bus, and later when she makes a cake filled with pot for Matt and Charlie. This subplot provided more of an insight into Charlie and Carlito’s obviously strained and one-sided relationship as Charlie admits to Matt that she’s helping Ivy as she sees a lot of herself in her. Charlie’s choice to finally stand up to him at the end of the episode over the phone was satisfying.

Ajax, Hayley and Meryl—Ajax and Hayley are finally back at home with little Jimmy. Their subplot kicks off with them arriving home, along with Meryl. Meryl immediately provides unsolicited parenting advice and Ajax and Hayley obviously want time to themselves, which insults Meryl. While you think at first it’s going to be a subplot that involves Meryl constantly providing unsolicited and borderline insulting parenting advice to Ajax and Hayley, the writers turned this cliche on its head by reversing it with Ajax and Hayley clearly struggling but unwilling to admit defeat, and Meryl struggling to hold herself back. This subplot ends on a high note with Ajax and Hayley finally admitting defeat but without Meryl giving in, providing them with a solid parenting secret, and moving forward with her life.

Hugh, Penny, Lucas, and the hospital crew—In all honesty I really didn’t enjoy this subplot. This subplot basically revolved around Penny acting like a high school girl by hitting on Lucas in an attempt to make Hugh jealous. I felt that it was contrived and immature. At the end of the episode Hugh “breaks up” with Penny as he can’t juggle Harriet and the baby, and her. Again this is another obstacle to keep them apart and they will obviously get back together at some point, as this is crucial to the love story, but I feel the obstacles are becoming more and more contrived as the show continues.


Overall this was a good but not great episode.


Stray Observations:

-Dora sighting: Alongside Ivy again.

Best one liners and interactions:

  • “As in Harriet who spiked my drink with dental sedatives and spent my money on novelty hats?” (Lucas describing Harriet to Hugh)
  • “Look at me accosting an anaesthetised man!” (Penny to Hugh about hitting on Lucas in an attempt to make him jealous)
  • “Was the house always this bright? Why do we live here?” (a pot-hungover Matt to Charlie)
  • “All children are ungrateful judgemental beasts.” (Meryl to a struggling Ajax and Hayley)


Doctor Doctor–Season 3, Episode 4 (Runaway Baby)

I was very critical of last week’s episode as I felt the writers dropped the ball, with this week’s episode I felt the writers got back on track with the original plan for this season. For this episode, I’ll be doing a character by character review.

Meryl—This week the promo revolved around Meryl and Carlito apparently dating. Of course they weren’t, but I found Meryl’s choice to not deny Matt’s and Ajax’s conclusions hilarious, especially as they were obviously overreacting. Ultimately, Carlito did hit on Meryl and she rejected him. Although Meryl featured briefly, I did enjoy the final moments of the episode where Matt, Hugh and Ajax, as well as the audience, are led to believe that Meryl is dating three men at once, only for her to reveal she’s set up a matchmaking service so the locals can find their match like she found hers. I found this reveal very poignant as it shows that although she is grieving, she’s starting to move forward, perhaps at a slightly faster pace than her sons.

Hugh, Penny and the hospital crew—Instead of the hospital drama focusing on a medical emergency it focused on the cardiac clinic. Hugh is trying to live stream a procedure for the clinic’s investors to see only for Matt and Penny to interrupt with Meryl drama and the wombat respectively. While Matt’s interruption doesn’t really cause a problem, Penny’s one does as it leads to the live stream going viral. While it has negative effects at first, it does help the clinic in the long run as the investors enjoyed the publicity. I enjoyed the scenes with Bunker as it was nice to see Penny’s softer side and it provided some great gags throughout the episode.

Matt, Ajax and Carlito—Matt and Ajax are still dealing with their grief and are taking it out on Carlito as they believe he is taking advantage of Meryl. Although Ajax doesn’t handle it as well as Matt as he gets into a scrape with Carlito, like Meryl, they both start to move on slowly as Matt finally admits he misses Jim. Hopefully the season will move forward now and not focus on everyone’s grief as much.

Charlie and Ivy–The Charlie and Matt baby issues were put on hold as Charlie’s focus was re-directed to Ivy. Charlie sees Ivy crying and wandering on her own around the farm, which culminates in Charlie finding Ivy unconscious due to alcohol poisoning. After this Ivy reveals to Charlie that her mother was in Bali and not on the Gold Coast like she initially thought. After this Charlie allows Carlito and Ivy to stay for two more weeks and then to go off and find Ivy’s mother. Although this subplot provided a bit of more of an insight into Ivy, she’s still an underwhelming character as she hasn’t been fully developed.

April—This episode introduced April (Miranda Tapsell) who is an old school mate of Hugh’s and Matt’s and was an old high school crush of the latter. April appears briefly and her desire to have children is touched upon but is not fully addressed. I watched an official Doctor Doctor video on YouTube where Miranda Tapsell described her character and by the looks of it, she’s going to present as a future source of conflict between Matt and Charlie, especially as her and Matt want children. I’m looking forward to seeing this conflict eventually present itself and be played out.

Hayley—Hayley only appeared briefly, breastfeeding Jimmy and discovering Ajax’s wrist injury. She seems to be recovering well and her bond with Jimmy is growing.


Overall this episode was a major improvement to last week and I hope the writers stay on track.


Stray Observations:

-Dora sighting: On the farm near an unconscious Ivy, maybe this was Dora’s way of protecting her until she was found by the family.

-There were a lot of full body shots of a very pregnant Nicole da Silva, it seemed like the crew didn’t care about hiding it during production of this episode.


-Ken calls Mia “Mi-Moo”.

-Mia worked in Austria and is fluent in German as a result.

-We never found out who came up with Bunker for the wombat’s name.

Best one liners and interactions:

Like last week’s episode, this one also had some great interactions as well as one liners.

  • “Only dad”, “rookie dad” (Ajax-Hugh)
  • “Sexy press wheel” (April)
  • “Google got me through the first six months of being a GP here” (Hugh on the phone to Matt)
  • “You’re under arrest for being sexy!” (a drunk Matt to Charlie when Darren drops him home)
  • “Did you drive here? You’re drunk too!” “Yeah but I know where all the RBTs are.” (Charlie-Darren)
  • “They loved me, really loved me!” “OK Sally Field.” (Hugh-Penny on the Skype meeting with the clinic’s investors)
  • “They only want the sexy ginger and the incontinent wombat” (Ken to Hugh on why The Breakfast Show wants to interview Penny).
  • “She’s covered every generation!” (Matt to Hugh and Ajax on the three men Meryl was apparently dating)