Harrow–Season 2, Episode 10 (Pater Familias)

The job of a season finale is to wrap up the season’s story arcs and establish new ones for the next season (if there is one). I felt this episode did this perfectly.

With Harrow there has only been one major story arc for the entire season—Chester coming after Harrow.

The episode uniquely starts off in the past, going back one year to Louise’s house with her serving tea to her husband, Maurice, who is also Chester’s father. Maurice tells Louise that Chester lost his last appeal and it’s obvious that Louise has poisoned Maurice. From then on, the question is put in the reader’s minds on whether Louise is just as much as a psycho as Chester and whether this is where and who he learnt his behaviour off, a fact that Harrow mentioned when buried in the coffin.

The episode then goes back to the present day where Nichols is questioning Harrow’s behaviour after saving Callan, with the circumstances making it look like Harrow tried to hurt him. This frustrated me as it isn’t true to Harrow’s character and the other characters should know better. Throughout Nichol’s questioning, Harrow has noticed Fern has left and leaves the hospital to find her. He instead finds Stephanie outside, who tells him that she hasn’t seen her. He sets off to find her and asks Stephanie to stay and talk to Nichols.

Meanwhile, Grace shows the succinic acid reports on Chester’s victims to Maxine, however she is dismissive of them and tells Grace that a psychiatrist and a judge have ruled Harrow a threat to himself and others and that he be committed to a hospital on site.

Harrow impersonates Fairley to get access the name of Chester’s family dentist from when he was a child, who reveals that one of Chester’s adult pre-molars are gone, knocked out by his father when he was a child. The dentist also noticed that Louise had bruising around her neck and Chester begged him not to send him home. This reveal added to my initial theory that Louise was abusive towards Chester. Meanwhile Stephanie talks to Nichols, calling him out on his behaviour and tells him to speak to Louise again. Nichols goes to speak to Louise but she doesn’t answer the door—she’s hiding from Nichols and the camera pans to reveal that Chester is there and keeping Fern hostage.

Meanwhile the Deputy Coroner’s tribunal is underway, Fairley adamantly defends Harrow, while he is hiding out in Grace’s office. Their co-worker, Louise, sees him, however when she reports him to the guard, Glen, he tells Grace that Harrow resuscitated his cat and therefore doesn’t end up reporting Harrow’s presence. This gives Harrow the chance to meet with Chester outside when he calls demanding to see him, as he leaves, he gives Grace the copy of the films from Chester’s family dentist.

Harrow gets in a car with Chester, who asks him how he found the propofol in the female victims as he never used it. They then arrive at Louise’s house, where Chester brings Harrow to a bound and gagged Fern and he injects him with propofol. Meanwhile Grace waits for Maxine in her office, where she reveals to Maxine and the audience that she knows that Maxine destroyed the brain tissue histology slides of Chester’s victims, as it would prove that Maxine manufactured the evidence needed for Chester’s conviction. Maxine admits that she only did this as Chester was a monster and would have killed again. Grace tells her that she needs to own up to what she did.

Meanwhile after Harrow comes too, he finds himself tied to a chair, when Chester injects him with succinylcholine. He begs Louise and Chester to let Fern go. When this fails, he tries to get into his head by talking about Maurice’s abuse towards Louise and Maurice’s death when he realises Louise killed him. Chester confronts Louise, asking why she didn’t kill him when he was a child and protect him, whilst choking her. Harrow jumps out of his chair to tackle Chester away from Louise and she grabs Chester’s gun after she’s free. When Chester asks her why again, she admits that he wouldn’t do it and that he’s still scared of Maurice, even though he’s dead. Harrow warns Louise not to let Chester get too close but she doesn’t listen and he manages to shoot her dead. Chester also realises that Harrow took something to counteract the succinylcholine, Harrow admits he took butyrlcholinesterase.

While Harrow and Fern are being held hostage, Nichols discovers footage of Chester on the firefighters’ webcam at the hospital, and Edwina and Grace confirm that the DNA samples from Chester and the burnt body don’t match. After knocking out Harrow, Chester tries to strangle Fern, only for her to get inside his head by telling her story of being abused by her stepfather. Fern distracts Chester long enough to defend herself, get out of the chair and get the gun. Fern wants to kill Chester but Harrow convinces her otherwise, instead deciding to call the police while Harrow aims the gun at Chester in the meantime to keep him at bay.

When the police arrives, Nichols apologises to Harrow for not believing him and Harrow speaks to Chester in the police van, who has no remorse. Harrow picked one of the roses from Louise’s garden to give to Chester, stabbing him with the thorns, saying it’s for Simon. In the van, en route to jail, Chester dies in the van, when it’s reveal that the sting he felt wasn’t the rose thorns but Harrow’s injection of a lethal amount of succinylcholine.

The next morning, Harrow shows up at Maxine’s office as she is packing it up. Maxine apologises for her actions and not believing him, and he forgives her. While Callan wakes up in hospital, happy and relatively healthy. Harrow has to take leave, however he is called to a crime scene by Nichols where a young man has been found dead. When Harrow asks what the young man has to do with him, Nichols reveals the man’s passport was found in his pocked listing Harrow as an emergency contact with a note he wrote claiming to be Harrow’s son, which is where the finale and season ends.

Overall this was a solid finale as the season’s story arc was wrapped up perfectly with stellar performances by Gruffudd, Newton and Bowler, with a great balance of tension and high stakes. The twist of Harrow killing Chester with his own medicinal weapon was utter perfection.

Overall this was a stellar season with the writers making a completely different story arc to the previous season play out slowly but perfectly. I’m looking forward to reviewing the next season (assuming there is one).



Stray Observations:

-Maxine’s middle name is Alexandra.

-Fairley’s full name is Lyle Ridgewell Livingston Fairley.

-Harrow resuscitated QIFM’s guard, Glen’s, cat Fuzznuts.

-Maxine graduated from the University of Hobart.

-The translation of the episode’s title, “Pater Familias” is “a man who is the head of a household, family or tribe.” Due to the focus on fathers, specifically Maurice and Chester, this title definitely applies.



Harrow–Season 2, Episode 9 (Facilis Descensus)

This episode is the penultimate episode of the second season and as such, its job is to provide a springboard for the finale. I felt this episode did this perfectly.

The episode picks up right where we were left off with Harrow telling Nichols what happened between he and Chester when he was inside the coffin. Nichols is struggling to believe him, which leads to Harrow prying open the coffin to find the burnt body back in there. This doesn’t help Harrow and getting Nichols to believe him, especially when Harrow admits that Chester injected him and he passed out before he could see if there was a body in the coffin to begin with. Harrow also realises that the only reason Chester would have dug him back up is because he didn’t kill Fern. Harrow asks him to call Fern, only for Nichols to tell him that Fern is already at CIB, meanwhile Callan is being taken to hospital.

When Harrow and Nichols get to CIB, Fern tells Nichols that Chester tried to kill her. When Fern tells her side of the story, Nichols also struggles to believe her, however unlike Harrow, Fern is more aggressive with Nichols, telling him to go the Bettie so she can show him what happened. As Fern is describing what happened, Nichols finds syringes and drugs on the Bettie, which makes both Fern and Harrow look even more delusional. After Fern leaves the boat when Nichols makes it clear he doesn’t believe her and she insists that she didn’t make it up, she gets a phone call from St Catherine’s Hospital informing her about Callan’s accident.

Meanwhile Grace takes Harrow’s blood for testing and Maxine tells Harrow about Callan’s accident. When Harrow gets there, Fern tells him that Callan is in surgery as he is bleeding on the brain, and as they hug, she whispers in his ear that Nichol found drugs on the Bettie. While Fern and Harrow are at the hospital, Nichols makes the decision to have the burnt body examined again for once-and-for-all confirmation if the body is in fact Chester’s.

As Grace, Fairley and Edwina are re-examining the burnt body, Fairley informs Grace and Edwina that Harrow and Maxine were on the Chester case and a key piece of evidence in the case was traces of succinic acid found in the male victims. Fairley says Harrow claimed that it proved Chester injected them with succinylcholine but the defence argued that succinic acid naturally occurs in the body, so the evidence was dismissed. However Harrow found traces of propofyl in the female victims, a substance that doesn’t naturally occur in the body, at the eleventh hour and it ultimately led to Chester being convicted.

Meanwhile, Harrow asks Badcoe to come to town and he does. Badcoe tells Harrow that six months ago, a homeless man came into the morgue and he thought that the body had been sent to the crematorium, but he later found paperwork that cancelled the transfer, which he doesn’t recall doing, and the prison fire happened the same day. Badcoe tells Harrow that Rhonda transferred the bodies. Harrow asks Badcoe to tell the police this, however he refuses as it will mean convictions will be overturned and his career will be ruined. Harrow then kicks him off the Bettie.

Meanwhile Fern goes to the restaurant where Callan works and tries to find out more about what happened, however his boss refuses to help, on her way out, she finds Frank’s/Francis’ address only to discover that it is a vacant lot. While this is going on, Grace, Fairley and Edwina match the burnt body to Francis Chester, and Grace finds propofyl in Harrow’s blood. Maxine goes to the hospital to tell him this and asks if he’s self medicating, which he denies, she also tells him that the Deputy Coroner is holding an emergency meeting to determine his fate the next day and demands that he attends.

While Harrow is using the hospital’s bathroom, Chester sneaks into the hospital and sets off an evacuation alarm. As he is leaving he sees Chester in Callan’s room injecting him with something. Harrow tackles Chester away from him and Chester tells him he injected Callan with succinylcholine. Chester gives Harrow the choice of stopping him or saving Callan. Harrow ultimately chooses to save Callan, which he manages to do, however Chester leaves the hospital, sneaks up on Fern as she gets to the hospital, injects her with something (most likely succinylcholine) and kidnaps her.

Overall this was a solid penultimate episode as Chester successfully managed to make Fern and Harrow out to be crazy so they wouldn’t be believed, which provided Chester with more opportunities to hurt Harrow, which ultimately lead to kidnapping Fern, which the finale will ultimately focus on. I’m looking forward to seeing how this all plays out in the finale.


Stray Observations:

-The partial translation of the episode’s title, “Facilis Descensus” is “descent to hell”. This would definitely apply to this episode due to Chester setting Fern and Harrow up to look delusional so no-one will believe their stories.

-Francis Chester’s alias is Frank Webb.


Best interaction:

  • “That’s not his usual look right?” “I’ve seen worse.” (Edwina-Fairley on how Harrow looks after being buried alive)




Harrow–Season 2, Episode 8 (Sub Silentio)

This episode picks up right from where we left off with Harrow digging up Chester’s grave.

Just as he hits the coffin, Chester sneaks up behind him and injects him with the paralytic agent he’s known for. Next time we see Harrow, as he comes to, both him and the audience discover that he is in the coffin. Harrow spends most of the episode in there, both trying to get out and being mentally tortured by Chester.

Chester leaves Harrow with a locked phone, where he can call Harrow but Harrow can’t call for help. Chester’s calls consist of sarcastic interactions and video calls of Chester informing Harrow that he is following Fern, which culminates in him filming his attempt to kill her, only for Fern to get away via the top hatch of the Bettie. The subplot ends with Harrow believing the coffin has given way and he is going to be suffocated by the soil, only to find that Chester has dug him out and left him beside the grave, just as Nichols finds him at the grave.

Meanwhile, while Harrow is stuck in the coffin, life goes on with the others albeit they are curious as to Harrow’s whereabouts. At Brisbane airport, an Egyptian sarcophagus is scanned at Customs where a mummy is expected to show on the x-ray, however it’s revealed a modern mummified body is inside as a titanium hip joint was shown on the x-ray.

The mummy is revealed to be Howard Hobson, a mining magnate who was donating the sarcophagus and the mummy that was supposed to be inside it, which is now missing. As no-one knows Hobson is dead, Maxine and Nichols want the case to be solved as quickly and quietly as possible.

As Harrow has been suspended, Edwina arrives to help out and work with Fairley and Grace. They find that Hobson was overdosed with Viagara so his heart would give out, however he was only unconscious when he was mummified and placed in the sarcophagus and he eventually suffocated once he was placed in there. Although Hobson’s current and former wives are naturally suspected due to his wealth, it turns out one of the Eygptian Government’s employees, Nenet, who was constantly asking about Hobson’s will being released, was the person who dosed him up. She promised him sex, in exchange for his will being changed so the artefacts would be donated to the opposing political party in Egypt, in an effort to humiliate the current Government as revenge for its lack of women’s rights. Although Nenet dosed him up, it was actually Hobson’s lawyer, Clayton Pike, who placed him in the sarcophagus.

Overall I felt this was an interesting case of the week and I appreciated that the perpetrator wasn’t an obvious one.

When Hobson’s grandson asks Grace how Hobson died as no-one will tell him, she tells him in a cold medicinal manner, only for Edwina to jump in and tell him that Hobson was old, his heart gave out and that he loved him. When Edwina asks Hobson’s grandson his name, he reveals it’s Will, the same word that Hobson licked into the sarcophagus. As Edwina points out whether Hobson wrote that referencing his legal will or his grandson will never be known. After their encounter with Will, Edwina calls Grace out on her lack of bedside manner, a quality that has been present in previous episodes and Grace finally reveals why she stopped working as a neurosurgeon. She bonded with a young patient, Christopher, who had an apparently inoperable tumour, which she removed, however she also had to remove healthy brain tissue in the process. Christopher lived but lost vital brain function and his personality, and Grace ended up losing all confidence, so she left the profession. Overall I enjoyed this character development and was happy that this revelation finally came out.

The episode ends with Fern and Steph running away and Fern texting Chester’s photos to Callan, who realises his workmate is a killer. Unfortunately for Callan, Chester sees the message and chases him out of the kitchen with a knife into the street where Callan is hit by a scooter. Callan is badly injured on the pavement and Chester walks away.

Overall this was a compelling episode with raised stakes in the Chester subplot, character development with Grace, and an interesting case of the week. This episode was also unique as, due to Harrow being in the coffin; Grace, Fairley and Edwina were given the opportunity to be centre stage for once and their investigative skills and competency in their respective jobs were put in the spotlight.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the next episode and how the consequences of Chester’s actions in both leading Callan to his accident and digging Harrow out of the coffin play out, in the penultimate episode of the season.


Stray Observations:

-The episode’s title, translated from Latin, means “under silence” or “in silence”. This would definitely apply to Harrow being stuck in the coffin, Hobson being mummified and Nichols being pressured by Fern to tell her who Harrow thinks is after him.

-Nichols once forged Maxine’s signature when signing for a parcel that contained lingerie.

-Edwina refers to Fairley as “Dr Fez”.

-One of the reasons why Nichols loves Maxine is because she doesn’t do anything without good reason.

-Callan would like to have a dog one day.

-Harrow asked Callan to take Fern to his uncle’s house for protection.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “You’ve seen Howard’s body, it’s like an over baked radish that’s rolled under the fridge for a month.” (Alice, Hobson’s former wife, to Grace)
  • “I haven’t heard that many lies since my ex-wife’s wedding vows.” (Nichols to Grace on Alice and Isabella [Hobson’s current wife])




Harrow–Season 2, Episode 7 (Parce Sepulto)

The episode and the case of the week kicks off with a man being seen over the body of a woman at the bottom of a staircase.

Meanwhile, Fern runs from Markides’ house to tell Harrow that everything that has been happening over the season is connected, before she is arrested for arson and murder of Markides, this forces Harrow to tell Steph everything. Markides’ body is then sent to QIFM and Maxine assigns it to Fairley and assigns Harrow and Grace to the case of the week.

The woman at the bottom of the stairs is revealed to be Taylor Ford, a popular health and wellness vlogger who is famous for her claim that natural supplements that she takes and sells cured her of a brain tumour. They also discover that the man seen with her was Connor Harris, a man who was active on her site and making death threats as his girlfriend, Rebecca, was a fan of Taylor’s and stopped using conventional medicine to treat her terminal illness after watching Taylor’s vlog posts.

As Harrow and Grace are autopsying Taylor, they not only discover her organs are impaired but there is no evidence that she had a brain tumour. Grace’s oncologist, Dr Sally Peterson, fills Harrow in on Taylor’s medical past, that Taylor came to see her about symptoms she was experiencing, however there was no tumour present on her MRIs. It’s later revealed that Dr Peterson sent her a letter to confirm this, however Taylor didn’t see the letter because her manager, Danica, hid it from her. Although Danica admits to this, she says that she didn’t kill her.

After Connor confesses to killing her, Harrow eventually figures out that Rebecca came to see Taylor and overheard her making her vlog confessing that she had no brain tumour. Rebecca than confronted Taylor about this and the fact that the supplements don’t work and that Taylor fell down the stairs, however she did suffocate her out of anger.

Overall I felt that this was an interesting but partly predictable case of the week.

Meanwhile, Fern is stuck at the Women’s Remand Centre on the arson and murder charge, where it’s revealed that she has been assaulted. Callan calls Steph out for not believing her, and Harrow asks Badcoe about his autopsy on “Francis Chester”. When he wasn’t investigating the case of the week, Harrow spent his time arguing for “Chester’s” body to be exhumed. When the Deputy Coroner finally returns Harrow’s call, he encourages him to get the permission of Chester’s mother, Louise.

It’s revealed that Louise became a criminology professor in an effort to understand why Francis became the murderer that he is. When Louise refuses to give Harrow permission to exhume his remains, Harrow resorts to forging Maxine’s signature on the exhumation request form. Shortly after this, Fairley tells Harrow that he ruled Markides’ cause of death as smoke inhalation from a lit cigarette, so the arson and subsequent murder charge against Fern is dropped and she will be released.

The episode ends with Maxine storming into Harrow’s office to tell him that the Coroner won’t be proceeding in exhuming “Chester’s” remains as she has discovered that Harrow forged her signature on the exhumation request form, and she fires him. Later that evening, Harrow goes to the cemetery armed with a shovel to dig up “Chester’s” remains.

Overall I found the progress of the Fern-Chester subplot to be slow, steady and necessary. My only bugbear about it was how Harrow didn’t see Maxine finding out and firing him coming. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.



Stray Observations:

-The title of the episode, Parce Sepulto, is Latin for “forgive the interred” or “it is ungenerous to hold resentment toward the dead”. You could argue this title could apply to Louise’s guilt about how Chester turned out and Taylor being unaware that she didn’t have a brain tumour as she wasn’t told by her manager.

Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Harrow, the cleaners are complaining about you again!” (Fairley to Harrow)
  • “I think I’m the one she wants babysat.” “Makes sense.” (Harrow-Nichols on Maxine)
  • “My interests are broader than what you give me credit for.” (Nichols to Harrow)
  • “Mercury, even I know that’s crook, that’s why I gave up eating fish and chips!” “Not because Maxine wanted less of you to love?” (Nichols-Harrow)
  • “Personal congratulations for letting the cleaners in?” (Harrow to Maxine when she storms into his office)


Harrow–Season 2, Episode 6 (Locus Poenitentiae)

This episode diverted slightly from the Francis Chester-Simon’s murder subplot and had Harrow once again on the road, this time going west to Euralla Creek with Fairley.

When they arrive in Euralla Creek, Harrow realises that the locals love Fairley and is curious as to why. They then make their way to the case of the week.

The case of the week was a double road fatality in Euralla Creek where $3,000 in cash and a severed fingertip was found on the road, as well as a bottle of rum in one of the cars. The investigating Sargeant is none other than Fairley’s brother, Colin.

Fairley knew two of the victims, Bob and Diane. While Bob survives, although the severed fingertip is not his, Diane didn’t make it and Harrow spends a good chunk of his time autopsying her with local doctor, Edwina.

Harrow eventually discovers that another person survived the crash, a pregnant woman, and discovers that Diane was sent contraceptive pills in the mail even though she had a hysterectomy. Harrow eventually deduces that Bob and Diane were keeping a woman hostage and Bob had gotten her pregnant, and that she managed to escape from a freezer, which eventually lead to her fingertip being severed.

As Harrow goes to leave the freezer, Bob ambushes him, attacks him and locks him in. Bob seems to leave when Fairley rescues him, as Harrow had called him earlier to tell him about Bob and Diane. Just as they go to leave, Bob surprises them again with a shotgun. Fairley manages to calm him down enough so he can subdue him with his jujitsu skills. Harrow and Fairley are then called away to assist in the delivery of the pregnant woman, Kira’s, baby girl. When she is taken to hospital, she tells Harrow that Bob and Diane picked her up while she was trying to hitchhike and kept her prisoner for three years.

Overall I found the case of the week to be compelling, with many twists and turns, with a somewhat happy ending.

There wasn’t much of a focus on Grace and Harrow. Grace asks Maxine why she sent Harrow and Fairley together to Euralla Creek, and Maxine tells her that she thought they could help each other out through their difficult time. Maxine also tells Grace that she should have spoken with Karina, not Harrow, when Karina came to identify Simon. Grace later calls Harrow while he is travelling with Fairley, putting her on loud speaker where she inadvertently tells Fairley that her and Harrow had sex when they first met. This angers Fairley, telling Harrow that he doesn’t want to see Grace get hurt by him as he ruins people. Harrow gets out of the car and Fairley drives off. When Harrow returns from Euralla Creek and goes to see her, they almost kiss, only to be interrupted by Maxine calling Harrow to inform him about Fern’s visit and having access to the Moran files.

Throughout the episode, the Euralla Creek locals show their love for Fairley, which intrigues and mildly outrages Harrow. He eventually finds out from a local bartender that Fairley saved the lives of three people—a mother and two of her children from a house fire, however he was unable to save the life of the third child. Fairley tells Harrow that he used to be in the local fire brigade and was only nearby as curiosity over another case got the better of him. He tells him that Simon was the same in investigating Skene and Chester for Harrow, and that’s why he was mad at Harrow over Simon’s death. Fairley manages to find peace with what happened in his past when he delivers Kira’s baby.

Overall I enjoyed the exploration of Fairley’s past and backstory, however I felt that this exploration could have been done sooner.

Meanwhile, Fern is continuing her own investigation, which starts by her going into Harrow’s office to find files on Ross Moran on his computer. She then follows Tim to the races again and is just about to confront him when Steph stops her (after having followed her to Harrow’s boat). Steph tells her that she is only going to get herself arrested and making things worse at her trial, however Fern counter argues that her lawyer and the police won’t help her. Both of them make valid points and would basically say what the audience, no matter what side they are on, are thinking. Fern eventually confronts Tim in his home, informing him that Ross is dead, which scares him into kicking her out, telling her the less she knows, the better. The episode ends with Chester killing Tim in his own home by using his signature paralytic agent and burning him alive.

Overall this was a solid episode with a compelling case of the week, the exploration of Fairley’s past and overall character, and minor development of the Francis Chester story arc. Judging by the promos for next week’s episode, things are only going to get worse for Fern before they get better.


Stray Observations:

-Lyle’s brother, Colin, is not Grace’s father.

-Simon’s autopsy was done on 19 May 2019.

-The episode title, translated into English is “an opportunity to withdraw from a contract or obligation before it is completed or to decide not to commit an intended crime.” 

Best one liners and interactions:

  • “I suggest you choose your clever remarks more carefully around here.” “Or what I’ll get lynched by the locals?” “Fingers crossed.” (Fairley-Harrow-Fairley when they drive through Euralla Creek)
  • “They love you, what’s wrong with them?” (Harrow to Fairley on the locals mysteriously loving him)
  • “So you live here and you haven’t heard of the famous Lyle Fairley?” “Should I have?” “I like you already.” (Harrow-Edwina-Harrow)
  • “Helpful is not a word I would associate with Harrow.” (Fairley)


Harrow–Season 2, Episode 5 (Ab Initio)

This episode confirmed what I thought the promos were telling me–Simon was murdered.

The episode kicks off with Simon’s dead body floating in the river to inform the viewers what they most likely would have suspected, it then cuts to Fairley doing Tai Chi in the park where it’s also revealed Harrow is gleefully watching Fairley. Harrow gets a call from Pavich, which he doesn’t answer, however its moments later when Pavich proceeds to call Fairley that they realise something is wrong. They go to the river and see Simon’s body for themselves to their horror. Harrow immediately calls Fern to tell her about it, who then tells Steph.

During the course of their investigation, Harrow realises how little he knew about Simon. He learns Simon had a sister, Karina, when she comes up to identify him, and he finds out from Maxine that he split from his partner, David, three months earlier. He also finds out from Karina that Simon had epilepsy.

Due to Harrow’s closeness with Simon, Maxine assigns Grace the autopsy and Fairley supervising. When Maxine talks to Pavich, he tells her Harrow needs a distraction and assigns him the case of the week.

The case of the week is the electrocution of Ross Moran, who has been found dead in his bathtub. This moment shocked me but also excited me as it added another layer to both Simon’s death and the overall Harrow-Francis Chester subplot. Harrow watches surveillance footage which placed him at Duralong Point and wants to know why he was there. When he gets there, he finds an ad for The Gunner’s Daughter pub, which matches the stubby holder in Moran’s house. When he gets there, the bartender is annoyingly uncooperative until he informs her Moran is dead. It is then she reveals to him Moran punched Simon.

When he returns, Harrow tells Pavich he thinks Chester shot him, which surprises Pavich but he believes him. When Harrow sees Simon in his dreams, he tells Harrow his death is not about what but why. This leads him to go back to work and question Grace’s autopsy and whether the paralytic agent that Chester used on his other victims was tested for, which angers her and she reveals she can’t care about how Simon or anyone dies as it leads to making bad choices. Nonetheless, Grace tests for the agent anyway.

Harrow continues to investigates Simon’s death, which leads him to go to Karen Chanson’s house as she didn’t claim Brendan Skene’s body and Fairley tells him Simon was looking for Skene’s next of kin. Karen tells him she showed Simon the letters Skene would send her and that his cellmate, Moran, wrote them as Skene couldn’t write, and the last few letters were written by a different person. Harrow recognises the handwriting as Chester’s. When Harrow returns, Grace and Maxine reveal that smart drugs were found in Simon’s system, which he most likely took due to his long work and study hours.

The episode than cuts to Simon’s funeral where Harrow admits to Karina he feels guilt over his death, however she tells him there’s no need as Simon made his own choices. She also gives him Simon’s journal as it had a lot of entries about him. Fern comes up to talk to him and like Simon, she doesn’t believe Harrow is right about Chester.

When Fern goes to Ross Moran’s house (after having previously been there before), she finds Tim looking for Ross, unaware that she is clearly being followed by Chester. The episode unexpectedly ends with Maxine pulling out fingerprints from a file and throwing them into an incinerator.

I was looking forward to this episode all week due to the previous episode ending on the cliffhanger of Chester finding Simon. The episode didn’t disappoint, however I felt Simon was developed more as a character with his death, which was a shame as there had been plenty of episodes to develop him beforehand.

Now that we’re roughly halfway through the season, Simon’s death adds stakes that will only propel Harrow and the team into investigating Chester and his shooting further. The episode filled the gaps of the Simon subplot, specifically what he was up to and trying to accomplish, in the previous episode. The ending was unexpected but not a cliffhanger and will now have the viewers questioning Maxine and whether she is involved, not in the shooting, but with Chester somehow. Hopefully she is not an unexpected villain as I feel it would destroy her as a character.

Overall a solid episode, I’m looking forward to seeing where the second half of the season will go.


Stray Observations:

-The title of the episode, Ab Initio, translated from Latin is “from the beginning”. A fitting title as the story goes back to the beginning of the Simon subplot from the previous episode.

-Unknown facts we find out about Simon:

  • He was 27 years old
  • He had a sister
  • He had epilepsy
  • He hated boats


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Dr Harrow doesn’t understand the point of the wardrobe.” (Simon in his journal about Harrow)


Harrow–Season 2, Episode 4 (Aegri Somnia)

This episode is similar to the first season’s Hic Sunt Dracones with Harrow and this time, Grace instead of Saroya, heading to North Queensland for the case of the week.

The case of the week revolves around the discovery of Benjamin Raza with his legs missing at a beach in Port Astor. While Benjamin is initially believed to be a victim of a shark attack, it is quickly and typically discovered he was murdered after Caruka Barnesi jellyfish are found in his stomach.

While suspicion is at first put on Vicki as she was having an affair with Ben. It is then on Chaudhari, the owner of the aquarium, after the discovery that the jellyfish came from a tank due to Methylene Blue in Ben’s stomach. When Harrow and Grace to go a function at the aquarium, and Harrow takes a look in the lab, he discovers the Qadirs’ suitcases, which he first spotted at Port Astor airport, filled with marine wildlife. It’s then revealed, after they sneak up on him, that Janelle from Parks & Conservation and Ash, an aquarium employee, were stealing species of fish to sell to foreign collectors, like the Qadirs.

Janelle and Ash hold Harrow hostage and they take him to a shark tank, where Ash falls into the tank with him and they fight each other as Janelle is trying to shoot Harrow. Grace is completely unaware of this, until she sees Ash and Harrow fighting inside the tank, as it can be seen inside the aquarium where the function is being held. Grace rushes to the tank and tackles Janelle, coming to Harrow’s rescue once again.

Overall I felt the case of the week was compelling and unusual, not to mention it was great to see another North Queensland location being highlighted and explored, as well as the reappearance of Capello.

Meanwhile Fern is investigating the pharmacist she followed in the previous episode. She bumps into him to steal his car keys, and it’s revealed his name is Tim Markides. She goes to his house and finds shredded documents. She tapes the documents back together and she discovers that Markides claimed $30,000 for the $20,000 of Fentanyl that the police took, and that he has a gambling problem, which gives him motive to commit insurance fraud. However it’s not made clear whether he planted the drugs in hers and Callan’s flat.

Meanwhile, Simon decides to conduct his own investigation on Francis Chester, after Harrow tells him not to. Simon’s investigation leads him to speak with Karen Chanson, Brendan Skene’s ex-wife, and then checking out pubs. He eventually ends up at The Gunner’s Daughter pub where he tries to get info from Francis’ old cellmate, Ross Moran. Ross punches Simon in the face and threatens him. While Simon is taking the ferry to go home, he calls Harrow, who doesn’t answer as his phone battery is dead, and tells him he is getting close to finding proof that Francis Chester is alive. After he hangs up, Francis sneaks up on him and attacks him, ending the episode.

Overall I felt this was a solid episode with a compelling and unusual case of the week, an interesting development in the Fern subplot, and a shocking twist and cliffhanger in the Francis Chester subplot. It will be interesting to see how the Francis Chester subplot will progress in the next episode, judging by the promos, it appears Francis has killed Simon.


Stray Observations:

-Harrow stole Capello’s tux to wear to the aquarium function.

-Harrow’s done 23,000 post mortems/autopsies.

-One of Harrow’s mentors, Laurie Badcoe, did the autopsy on the man who is supposedly Francis Chester.

-Francis Chester was an anaesthetist.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “That should come with a defibrillator!” (Harrow to Grace on the dress she is wearing to the aquarium function)
  • “I do love champagne and having my curiosity satisfied.” (Grace to Harrow)