House Husbands–Season 2, Episode 13

This season finale was good but I wouldn’t say it was as good as the first.

I think it was partly because it didn’t feel like a finale, sure it did its job of wrapping up the season’s plots and providing opportunities for the third, however it didn’t stand out like a finale should.

I felt it was a bit of a cliche that Lucy was arrested after admitting to her crime, only to discover that the police pulled her over for a different issue. Considering that Lucy is such a smart woman, I was surprised that she was stupid enough to admit to her boss that she committed a crime, it seemed out of character.

Again Abi’s selfishness showed itself when she did Poppy’s assignment for her and criticised her own efforts. Although she did redeem herself by explaining why she was being selfish—this is the first time she has done this.

I found Mark swallowing the magnet and cheque Justin made out to Simon ridiculous, clearly that was only inserted for cliche childbirth humour.

I enjoyed the mother’s group scene for three reasons–Lewis has found himself as a grandfather there and made new friends, in reality a guy like Lewis would be the last guy in the world to take part in a mother’s group, Justin taking Ryan to help him connect with Jem so he can be with Phoebe and the mothers being so welcoming. Although I didn’t enjoy the discussion the main men had with Justin there, it wasn’t the time or place for it.

I liked the prep graduation, it was fitting to be in a season finale and it also helped Justin changed his mind about moving in a natural way.

I found Ryan moving in with the family to be a stretch, I doubt many fathers would let her daughter’s teenage boyfriend move in under his roof. It also didn’t surprise me that Lucy didn’t end up marrying Mr Tuck, their relationship was too rushed and there were hints throughout the second half of the season that Justin and Lucy still had feelings for each other. I liked that the finale ended and Justin & Lucy got together, with subtlety.

Overall, for a finale it was a bit of a hit-and-miss but not bad.

Overall the season was a huge improvement from the first and knowing what the third and fourth seasons are like, I think this season was the show’s best.



House Husbands–Season 2, Episode 12

This episode was filled with tension and in a good way.

It was only a matter of time before Dimity’s husband, Simon, found out about her affair with Justin. Of course it would only happen when it was over, it’s better writing. The tension between Simon and the main men was played out very well and of course it was going to be the kids that spilt the beans.

Justin’s inability to cope was written very well, it started relatively small with forgetting exams and escalating to falling sleep and waking up to the boys playing with power tools. I felt his phone call with his mother-in-law was flat, however I would have liked to seen them interact more, it’s interesting that he seems to have a friendly relationship with them, considering he and Nicola were on-and-off, however it may have improved as he matured.

The book club and parent-teacher meeting subplots were amusing. I loved Mr Tuck and Lucy trying to decide shirts to wear to their respective interviews, I always love subtle but hilarious jokes in TV shows.

I loved seeing Mr Tuck drunk, especially when he inadvertently reveals to the group that Tilda is gifted, which upsets Abi, as her child isn’t superior to everyone else. Gemma handled her reaction and look with grace and I’m so glad she called her out on it, if a friend did that to me, I would have ripped them a new one.

The ending was absolutely explosive with Lucy stealing Simon’s car. If this doesn’t prove that she clearly loves Justin more than her fiance I don’t know what does (not that I’m condoning the behaviour).

House Husbands–Season 2, Episode 11

I’m glad to see the writing of the previous episode didn’t affect the writing of this one.

I liked the exploration of the effect of high school bullying well into adulthood in Kane and Derek. It’s shitty that Derek became a success, however if he didn’t, there would be no story. It was a great choice of the writers to explore the interaction between the bully and victim as adults. I loved how Derek got his just desserts when Lewis stood up for Phoebe after he bullied her out of breastfeeding.

The Dimity & Justin subplot of trying to introduce their kids to each other to make their affair easier on themselves, was well done. I’m surprised it took a season-and-a-half to explore the fact that kids are more aware than adults give them credit for. The interaction between Justin and Kayla was very sweet and Justin handled Kayla’s first period very well (why Dimity thought it was good parenting to bring her child, who she suspected had gastro to another family’s home unannounced is beyond me). I personally loved the scene of Justin showing Zac, Jacob and Angie, the family photo album, comforting his kids and helping them with their grief is what he should be doing, not wallowing in his own.

Mark’s dance routine, starwipes and all were hilarious, it was nice to see him and Abi settling into their relationship since switching back roles. Since all was right in the Albert-Oliver world, of course Abi was going to find out she was pregnant.

I personally felt Finn was being very sweet with Phoebe, it’s nice to see his character opening up. He, as well as Justin’s kids and Dimity’s kids were definitely this episode’s MVPs.

Overall a solid episode, a good redemption from the previous one.

House Husbands–Season 2, Episode 10

This episode was the worst episode ever.

The camping trip was lame and the majority of the characters were just plain unlikeable.

Mark and Justin in particular were portrayed in an unfavourable light as a corporate try-hard and a man in denial of his grief, respectively. Justin & Kane getting high off mushrooms was cringeworthy, although Kane’s advice was solid. I actually had to google Mt Disappointment to check if it was a real place and it is!

Meanwhile, Abi going to the hospital for a minor cut was obviously a ruse, she clearly misses working. I felt she was portrayed in an unfavourable light to when she was treating people in the ER and acting like a hero, when really she didn’t like being on the other side of the fence and having to act like a patient. I personally felt that both her and Mark gave up on switching roles too easily, how are they not aware that an upheaval like that would have an adjustment period?

Lucy and Mr Tuck babysitting the boys and going to Funkyroos was amusing, although with the exception of Mr Tuck standing up for Lucy, it fell flat. The burger ring proposal was amusing and very Australian.

The episode’s MVP was definitely Lewis, while I don’t condone his methods, I do understand his intentions.

This episode, as I said in the beginning was the worst ever, I don’t know what the writers were thinking.

House Husbands–Season 2, Episode 9

I think this episode was one of the best in the season.

The reason for this was due to the teamwork between the guys, between the girls, the humour and the exploration of Dimity, who up until this episode, was quite an irritating character. She was obviously going to serve a purpose of some sort and now that purpose has come to light.

This is the second episode to start in media res and go back three days earlier. This episode focuses on dysfunction–Lewis’ erectile dysfunction, the dysfunction in Zac & Jacob’s behaviour due to the loss of their mother and the dysfunction of Dimity’s relationship with her husband. The choice of the writers to have all of these dysfunctions blend in together was a good one.

I personally loved the contrast between Abi and Dimity as “housewifes.” Abi’s naive assumptions that being a stay-at-home parent was easy and everyone, including Mark, loving Dimity’s housewife tendencies bounced off each other really well. However this interaction was also a good lesson about the grass not necessarily being greener on the other side of the fence, especially for Abi, when she discovers how Dimity’s husband treats her. I loved it when Mark, despite his earlier behaviour, actually admitted to Abi he didn’t expect her to be a housewife, although considering he was willing to be a stay-at-home dad for years on end, this isn’t really a surprise.

Lewis trying to assert his masculinity is getting old and I’m not a fan of the Justin & Dimity pairing, but clearly it is going to serve a purpose. The art auction scene was fantastic, especially the tension present.

Overall one of the best episodes of the season.

House Husbands–Season 2, Episode 8

Just passed the halfway point and this episode is the first in the second season to start in media res. I’m happy about this because I felt they were too dependent on it as a writing technique throughout the first season. The episode started with Gemma waking up in bed with Damo and then going back three days earlier.

Having the episode revolve around Gemma was a good choice and made the in media res writing technique work better, in contrast to previous in media res episodes where they would focus on a school event or multiple plots. I felt that Gemma’s inability to cope or to try to cope with her guilt over Nicola’s death was done remarkably well and was realistic.

I personally felt the interaction between Gemma and Damo fell flat and there was no real resolution. This is the last episode for the season that we see Damo in.

I did like Lucy and Mr Tuck’s interaction when he had food poisoning and I felt Mr Tuck saying I love you to Lucy on a roll of toilet paper was sweet and funny. However the look of shock when she realised that he was saying it was in stark contrast to her smile when Justin thanked her for her help in restoring power to his home, hints at trouble to come.

I think the episode’s MVP was Abi, especially as she was the first to see that Gemma wasn’t coping and tried to look after her. I also liked when Mark brought her back to reality of what being a stay-at-home parent really entails, I think she’s going to have a rough time.

Overall a good and understated episode, especially with the great choice by the writers to focus on a witness’ grief as opposed to the last episode which focused on Justin’s grief.



House Husbands–Season 2, Episode 7

This episode was all about everyone dealing with the grief of losing Nicola.

Nicola’s funeral was understated which I thought was a good choice, right up until Justin condemned it. I think his reaction was unrealistic but that could be easily written off as grief.

I personally felt the way that her death was explained to all of the kids was really well done, I can’t imagine how hard it would be for parents to have that inevitable and painful conversation with their children.

I felt the confrontation between Justin and the driver, Tamara, was also really well done, the tension was built up but not overdone. The tackle between Justin and Tamara’s colleague was the right amount of humour needed to diffuse the seriousness of the confrontation. I also liked Mark and Tamara’s interaction, it was kind of Mark to offer his help.

Again Mark has another confrontation which isn’t satisfying. Mark calling out Dave on his bad behaviour is undermined when he has to go back to work as Abi has quit.

I loved the school disco, a fun event full of nostalgia and the kids looked like they were having fun. I really felt for Finn when Kayla rejected him, but he’s better off without her if she’s like that. I also loved the love letter subplot, it was the right amount of humour needed for this heavy episode. Mr Tuck’s presence when Nicola’s ashes are sent off as well as the fact that he gave Justin’s kids lunch when Justin would forget to make them, shows that he is slowly becoming part of the gang.

Overall it was a strong episode which balanced out the obvious grief (Justin’s confrontation with Tamara) and the subtle grief (Zac worrying Nicola’s death was his fault for not eating his sandwich crusts, which broke my heart a little) extremely well. The ending of Justin getting back into a routine was the perfect ending to this episode.