House Husbands–Season 3, Episode 13

This finale was all about the sweet sound of wedding bells.

I quite enjoyed Ned’s heartfelt speech towards the Licensing Commission, clearly he knows the pub very well due to his hard work and is the first sign of his evolution throughout the season. Ned went from a questionable and untrustworthy larrikin to a happy, enthusiastic, professional and dedicated man. Watching the interaction between him and Justin later at the pub, I couldn’t help but feel that Ned is Justin in Season 1. I felt that making Ned the licensee was a great choice and showed his growth even more as a character.

I also equally enjoyed Phoebe & Ryan’s wedding, which is what the episode mainly revolved around. It amazed me how quickly everything was able to be put together (then again it is a TV show!). The highlight of the wedding plot for me was the main men giving Ryan a prep talk. I felt it was very sweet and had just the right amount of humour. The setting of the wedding and the bride and groom looked great, however I was disappointed that the ceremony itself was basically glazed over, especially since the whole episode revolved around it.

Luci’s return and revelation that she doesn’t want to settle down didn’t surprise me, especially seeing the way she felt in the episodes leading up to her departure to South America. I felt this was a smart choice by the writers’ as Luci is a great role model on and off screen and is also the representation of young women today.

It was obvious that Lewis and Gemma were going to reconcile. I like Gemma pointing out that Lewis’ jealousy towards Damo was pathetic, I actually think it’s the closest that the show comes to breaking the fourth wall as I’m sure some of the devoted audience feels the same way, I know I do. I like how it was ultimately his accepting the situation of the separation and his pep talk with Ryan that made the reconciliation happen. It was understated and subtle, which is the perfect ending to such a melodramatic plot.

Again Abi is being selfish by getting Mark to take Sophie to work with her when she could have easily said no to supervising the exam. She was also being selfish by guilting Kane to go on a date with Alex, to get Poppy back into the school. Like with Lewis’ caveman jealousy, I’m over Abi’s selfishness, which is why I enjoyed Looby calling her out on it. I also enjoyed Looby officiating the wedding as it again showed development in her character.

Frankie and Justin’s tryst are bound to cause problems and provide the opportunity for great plots next season. I’m looking forward to seeing where this could go.

The previous seasons had ended at the school, so it was fitting that this season would end with the school photo.

Overall this finale the best episode of the season. Overall this season was not good, mainly due to its transition from a drama to a soap opera. It came completely out of left field and was overpowering. They need to go back to the drawing board. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next season holds, hopefully they go back to the way they were in season 2.

House Husbands–Season 3, Episode 12

This penultimate episode was solid but not spectacular.

The Gemma and Damo subplot, especially going to the yoga retreat was okay but not great. I did enjoy the discovery of the yoga teacher being a fraud and Gemma and Damo reverting slightly, however it was a bit cheesy. I don’t remember Damo being so new-agey, I think the writers have constructed this part of his character purely to make him out like a threat by making him different to Lewis. I think Lewis gatecrashing the retreat is another element to his caveman jealousy and I didn’t enjoy it.

I did enjoy the pub subplot. I like the continuation from what Justin witnessed, however I found it weird that Justin would tell Lewis and Lewis would be the one to confront Will. It was almost-child like, you know taddling. The revelation of Will’s true colours through Ned’s investigating and confronting the girl in the pub, was incredibly well done. It was subtle, well performed and well-written with every little hint spread throughout the season finally falling into place. I was frustrated by the fact that Kane didn’t have a tape recorder to record Will’s confession as their interaction didn’t have a pay off when Will took off. First Justin with Rodney’s scam and now Kane with Will’s, how have these blokes not heard of a tape recorder?

Meanwhile the scenes with Ryan and Abi dealing with a presumably drug-filled and violent patient were spectacular. I liked how this violent, but short interaction, inspired Ryan to propose to Phoebe. The proposal was very sweet and clearly he has also thought it through. Their decision to elope wasn’t much of a surprise.

I did like the writers’ choice to have the penultimate episode end on a cliffhanger of sorts when Ned enters the Licensing Commission meeting acting as Mark. It provides the right launching pad for the finale.

House Husbands–Season 3, Episode 11

I think this episode was the worst.

I didn’t particularly enjoy the return of Gemma’s mum, Wendy. I think this mostly because I didn’t enjoy her character, however it is also because of the way she treats Gemma. I didn’t care for her comments of taking the bins out being a man’s job or asking Gemma what she did to drive Lewis away, due to them being old-fashioned and insensitive. I was surprised that she would have such views considered she’s divorced, however this could be explained by the fact that she would be the product of a different era. I felt that the memorial service, the Wendy plot in general was only to facilitate Damo’s return to complicate Gemma and Lewis’ relationship. Not that it isn’t a significant purpose, however I felt Damo’s return could have been done without it. However the highlight of the whole plot for me was Ned and Wendy’s interaction, I felt it was very sweet and despite her old fashioned views, Wendy is surprisingly welcome to Ned. Again, Lewis’ caveman-like jealousy is getting old.

I did enjoy Mark’s subplot. Trying to kick off a business isn’t easy, especially in Mark’s field. I felt the plot was played out realistically, especially with the need to face reality and his finances. Abi trying to coax him back into his old job is selfish, but understandably selfish, which is a first for Abi. However she does redeems herself by encouraging Mark to pay for the production run of the new and improved Sargeant Schnapps cards, which ultimately and literally pays off. I also liked how his child came up with the winning idea.

Meanwhile, Will’s true colours are starting to be shown with subtlety by “accidentally” serving alcohol to a minor. I did like the subtle reveal of Will playing the part and paying the girl off. Of course Justin was going to be stopped from confronting him at the end of the episode as it adds to the drama, but I didn’t mind as the whole Will sabotage has been slowly built up overtime, what difference is one more episode going to make, especially since we are nearing the end of the season.

I felt that this episode was the worst of the season mainly due to the Wendy subplot and the ridiculousness of the memorial service of a character no-one knew, only to facilitate the return of a conflict character. However I also felt it was the worst as it was mainly a filler to buy time for the plots in the upcoming final episodes.

House Husbands–Season 3, Episode 10

This episode was a little too flat for my liking.

I like the start and the end being connected to the same plot. I like Ms Looby including Lewis in the school play so he can spend more time with Tilda, as it shows character development. The writers are slowly integrating her more and more into the main men’s lives with subtlety, especially this season, which I’m enjoying as she is one of the few recurring characters not serving as a love interest. I quite enjoyed the interaction between the two of them at the end of the episode, especially Ms Looby liking the emotion Lewis brought to the role and asking him to take part in the next play. It seems that every school play is filled with political correctness, I’d like to know whether this is the way it truly is in primary schools these days.

I found Lewis highly unlikeable in this episode, first with buying the bike and his toast to Luci and Justin. I guess you could make the excuse that he is not coping with the separation, which is plausible and understandable, however I am worried about how long this is going to go on for, as it is starting to get a little old. I felt that the drug trial tidbit wasn’t adding anything to the plot and should have been thrown out. However I will say he did redeem himself during the school play, by finally taking responsibility for his actions. I do take issue with the continuity error, at least what I think is a continuity error in his toast to Luci and Justin. He says it has been two years since Justin came into their lives, however twelve months have passed since the season 2 finale. However it could be possible that it’s not an error as season 1 was set in one school term, season 2 started in the next term and then season 3 started 12 months later—therefore it has been two years. However this is not made explicitly clear.

I loved Ned and Luci bonding further and I also liked that he was the one to point out to Luci that she needs to live more before settling down. Justin clearly loves Luci to facilitate letting her go and her farewell clearly showed how loved and important she is as a character. I hope the House Husbands writers haven’t written off completely and I wonder what will be down the road for Justin.

Overall a little flat but not terrible.

House Husbands–Season 3, Episode 9

This episode for me wasn’t bad, although I’m not sure if I really liked it.

Lewis was portrayed in an unlikeable light–drinking all of the pub’s beer and subsequently draining the supply, stealing the ugly vase he bought for Gemma over-and-over and teaming up with Ned to get beer illegitimately (and clearly illegally). I personally didn’t like the vase subplot or the symbolism it was trying to achieve, granted I have never been in that situation myself, but I think Gemma and Lewis were becoming uncivilised and immature too quickly.

I personally liked Phoebe’s return in this episode for two reasons. One, her ability to sum up the entire situation by stating that Lewis ‘had gone full circle’ and also proving how insane and unrealistic it is, and two, her character development. The fact that she didn’t want Lewis and Gemma to split up shows she has also gone full circle, as in her first appearance she was against Lewis and Gemma’s marriage. I did like Ryan being able to see why Phoebe wanted to move out, it proves his loyalty as a boyfriend and sweetness overall. Although I take issue with the continuity error of Ryan stating that Phoebe tried to dump him before he dumped her, just like she is apparently trying to do with Gemma. I recall in season 2 that he dumped her, twice.

I loved the Luci subplot. As a high achiever who has worked so hard to become a solicitor, who is acting as a stepmum to three children, I can see why she wants to work so much. Her boredom with being temporarily a stay-at-home mum, not to mention Phoebe pointing out she had only been jobless for a week and the irony of their current situation. The kitchen fire scenes were intense and well done, however the outcome was obvious, not that this is a bad thing.

I liked the episode ending with Justin propose to Luci with her answer not being revealed. It’s the perfect start to the next episode and genuinely leaves you wondering, considering that she is torn between loving Justin and feeling the need to be young and free.

The only real issues I had with this episode where little errors that were obvious and should have been explained–the continuity error with Ryan and Phoebe pointed out earlier, Lewis failing to see the vase on the floor and Luci not having the common sense to turn off her phone during a job interview. However you could argue that without the latter two errors, there would be no dramatic effect.

Overall this episode was filled with plenty of tension and drama, it wasn’t flat, however I think it was a filler and perhaps that’s why I didn’t like it. It filled a few gaps and sets up drama for proceeding episodes. Other than the kitchen fire scenes, nothing really stood out.



House Husbands–Season 3, Episode 8

This episode was a tense one, but not in the melodramatic sense.

The previous episode’s tension was when Gemma would eventually be told about Lewis and Belle’s tryst. This episode’s tension was whether Gemma and Lewis’ separation would be permanent.

I did like the elderly patient subplot. However while it was done well, I didn’t care for the convenience of a lonely elderly woman needed coming into the hospital and Gemma’s life, at the same time that Lewis and Gemma separate. This wouldn’t happen in real life. I felt Gemma and Abi’s interaction was strong and kind of made Abi realise how selfish she was being, however she did redeem herself by genuinely trying to make up for it. Gemma’s reaction to Abi not telling her mirrored the Miss Nadir incident in season 2 perfect (RE being the last one to know).

I liked the reappearance of Ned. Of course he would reappear just as Belle as left. Despite his questionable morals, intentions and life choices, he is clearly not malicious and is surprisingly, a very perceptive man. This is shown by his awareness of Gemma’s breakdown and Luci’s lack of reaction to him punching Lewis. Although Ned is basically using Luci, it is nice to see the two of them bond and to see Luci’s skills as a solicitor at work. Although she was in the wrong, I think firing her was a bit harsh, however it’s nice to see her boss gone.

The scenes of Poppy at the interview at the private school weren’t really necessary. I did enjoy Kane and Alex’s interaction, especially Alex trying to use the Dewey decimal system as a romantic gesture (I recommend book lovers try this with their partners, or in this case wanna-be-partners).

Gemma deciding she wants a divorce didn’t surprise me, however the scene between her, Lewis and Tilda was realistically heartbreaking and the performances were spectacular.

Overall this episode was a little flat, but the tension was played out well.

House Husbands–Season 3, Episode 7

After the melodrama at the end of the last episode, it was nice to have this episode be so subtle when it came to the characters discovering Lewis and Belle’s tryst.

I liked the writers’ choice to have Justin to be the first to make the discovery, it was a smarter choice to have the character who has been on the receiving end of the most amount of tension, from both Lewis and Belle, find out first. Justin shows a lot of grace and his loyalty to Lewis by choosing to cover for them as long as he can. It was also a smart choice to have Abi be the next person to find out (I don’t count the main men finding out as they had to be told for dramatic effect) as it puts her between a rock and a hard place and provides her with the opportunity to stand up for her friend. As usual, her selfishness won again, in fact I think this right up there as one of the most selfish things she has ever done. With the amount of tension in the episode due to everyone knowing about it, it was obvious that Gemma was going to find out at the end of the episode, rather than having it dragged out. If looks could kill, Belle would have been taken down at the ironic Respect Day celebrations.

I enjoyed the continuation of the Poppy story from the previous episode. I felt that Mark and Abi were being those annoying parents who expect the teacher to raise their child and that their child is above punishment, I can’t stand those parents. I expected it from Abi but I was surprised to see it in Mark. Abi’s choice and execution in telling Looby that she was pulling Poppy out of the school was cheesy and could have been done better. I loved Looby exploiting Kane by getting her to go out with her nephew, Alex, the school librarian. McMullen plays the sweet librarian very well and doesn’t seem to be as crazy as the other men, which provides a nice balance. I loved their date scene and Abi is right, they are very similar.

I felt that Belle’s choice to go back to London and therefore, Rachel Griffiths’ departure a little forced and didn’t do both the character and the actor justice. Belle didn’t face the consequences of her actions, especially from Gemma, however I guess you could say it’s realistic as not all wronged wives get to confront their husband’s mistresses or in this case, ex-wives.