House Husbands–Season 4, Episode 10

This episode was solid, I’ll give my verdict on this episode as a finale at the end of my review.

It was obvious that Kane and Eve were going to survive the car accident, when the writers killed Nicola off, they promoted it heavily. No promotion equals no death. It was also obvious that Abi would be the one to rescue them. I liked Abi being forced into performing surgery on Eve, with her behaviour over the last few episodes, it was nice for the focus on her to shift on her skills as a doctor.

I appreciated the Rodney being spiked by anti-histamines subplot connected to the Kane and Eve subplot. Having Mark and Kane rescue him was a good choice as out of the four of them, as much as they are doormats, they are the nicest ones, not to mention Kane is forced to take responsibility for his spiking actions. They almost got away with it until Justin decided to tell him the truth, I’m all for having a conscience, but I just felt the choice was unnecessary and plain stupid.

I personally hated the choice of Rodney being awarded custody of Angie, Family Law specifically in relation to children, is all about putting their best interests first. How is awarding full custody to a man that Angie doesn’t know, purely because of his biological connection instead of to the man who raised her and is the only father she has ever known, in her best interests? It was obvious this choice was to create more drama to the inevitable outcome. The boys’ reaction to Angie leaving, specifically Zac’s, was heartbreaking. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Riley Webb has a bright future ahead of him. The revelation of Zac trying to fulfill a promise to his mother to look after Angie was heartbreaking, even Lewis teared up! Rodney’s change of heart was inevitable, but the change coming from his reaction to Zac’s reaction was realistic and well done. Hopefully this will be permanently be the last we see of Rodney.

Meanwhile, Abi and Gemma making up was also inevitable, however I did appreciate it that they managed to do it themselves rather than through the coaxing by the main men. With situations like this, it’s better for the friends to work it out for themselves. While it was quick, to fit into the finale, it was subtle and well done. I also liked Gemma revealing her doubts about the pregnancy to Abi and Abi trying to help resolve it, as well as Abi encouraging Gemma to finish her medical degree studies. This is clearly opening the door to a plot in the next season, or at least I hope so.

I thoroughly enjoyed Lewis gatecrashing the uni class, I’m glad the writers decided to have him not attend uni, it wouldn’t suit him. I loved their decision to have his skills from his years in construction and raising children be used to help him get a job as a woodwork teacher, which is perfect for him.

Kane and Alex’s wedding was beautiful, it’s a shame that this wouldn’t be available for them in the real world, but since House Husbands is fiction and most Australians are in favour of same-sex marriage, I’ll give that fact a pass. Unlike Ryan and Phoebe’s wedding in the last season finale, this wedding was thought out and well done.

Overall this finale was solid but predictable and not many plots were set up for the next season, which makes me think that at the time, the writers’ weren’t sure of the show’s future. Overall the season was again too melodramatic and I hope that Rodney and Rachel are gone for good, however it was an improvement from the last season. One major criticism I’ve had throughout the season is Lucy’s absence and lack of explanation for it. The absence of Ryan, Phoebe and Ned were explained and they were only minor characters, I think it’s outrageous and disrespectful to not explain the absence of a crucial character who has been with the show since the beginning. Hopefully the writers will make the effort to explain her absence if she doesn’t return.

I’m looking forward to the next season, I’m hoping they go back to their roots rather than remaining melodramatic.


House Husbands–Season 4, Episode 9

This episode was solid.

I liked Abi going out to look for Mark, it’s about time that she started taking responsibility for her own horrible actions, like leaving her husband on the side of the road. I know Abi’s not a bad person, but I just wish that there could be at least more than one episode where she isn’t completely selfish (the one episode where that is the exception was last season where she unsuccessfully tried to save a baby with whooping cough). Of course Mark would get a lift from a dodgy farmer and Shane Conner portrays the character beautifully. I did enjoy seeing Mark angry with Abi, Abi needed to be called out and a doormat like Mark needs to be angry every now and then, in this situation it’s totally understandable. However Abi does redeem herself by offering to go home, of course Mark was going to say no as the plot needs to continue into the season finale.

I liked the disaster that was Kane’s buck’s night and how it was connected to both the Abi and Mark plot, as well as the Justin/custody plot. I wasn’t sure how I felt about Kane spiking Justin’s punch, other than the fact that it was idiotic.

The custody trial being organised for the next day is a great way to build up the tension to the finale. I also liked Rodney showing some humanity by offering a settlement and by explaining his motives to Frankie.

Meanwhile I did like Kane, Eve and Heather trying to coax Lewis into going to uni to get a teacher’s degree. As they are becoming family, it’s nice to see them working as a team.

The cliffhanger of Eve and Kane’s car accident was a good outcome and set up for the finale.

House Husbands–Season 4, Episode 8

Well this episode was a bombshell. I’m yet to decide whether I’m being positive or negative.

I liked the Lewis and Heather subplot. With the sell of the pub and the mysterious end of his & Justin’s handyman business, Lewis does need some sort of career focus. Being a teacher’s aide suits him, despite his lack of patience sometimes and hard exterior, he is a softie at heart and good with kids, he was especially good with encouraging Stella and putting Kane in his place.

I loved Justin and the Judge’s interaction. It was sweet and realistic, however it was unrealistic for Justin to expect the Judge to favour him due to their bonding. I liked how this bond was part of the Abi and Gemma subplot.

I knew that Abi wouldn’t get the promotion and that Gemma would vote against her from the start. To me it was an obvious outcome, especially due to Abi’s behaviour. I’ve said in several reviews that Abi is selfish, but her behaviour both before and after the promotion panel meeting and taking a job without telling Mark in another town, purely because she doesn’t want to face the consequences of her action, really takes the cake.

I liked Mark finally standing up for himself to Rachel and quitting, as well as standing up to Abi, however he did ruin it for himself and ¬†went too far by revealing he didn’t really want to propose to her. He also ruined it for himself with Rachel by taking her fake offer. The writers must really love him being a doormat if, on the rare occasions that he stands up for himself, he always has to ruin it. Why can’t Mark stand up for himself and not have to grovel or come crawling back?

As I said this episode was a bombshell and I’ve decided that this is mostly positive, however Abi’s choice and its consequences are playing out too quickly.

House Husbands–Season 4, Episode 7

This episode wasn’t the best.

This is the only episode in the season to start in media res, I appreciated the writers shifting away from this technique as I felt that they were relying on it too much to tell their stories, especially in the first two seasons.

I liked the choice to have the episode revolve around Angie’s birthday as she is at the heart of the drama this season. Gemma collapse as she was helping with the decorations, leading to her diagnosis of gestational diabetes was nicely done. Saxon discovering Abi was pregnant with her own baby was inevitable, it will be interesting to see whether he tells the bosses or not.

I liked the interaction between Justin and Fiona, it portrayed the realistic and uncomfortable situation of being evaluated realistically and the tension was built up beautifully. While I appreciated the mention of his and Lucy’s breakup, what I would have appreciated even more would have been a mention as to Lucy’s current whereabouts–episode 7 and still no mention or appearance. I liked the reveal of Zac stealing a page from Fiona’s notes, however it was obvious that it was going to happen. The reveal of Rodney telling Angie the truth wasn’t much of a surprise, that’s the kind of person that he is. The Justin and Kane interaction was well done, especially the fight between, Justin was bound to blow at some point and Kane with a baby on the way and his below the belt comments, was the right candidate.

Meanwhile I liked the reveal of Eve and Heather in a relationship. While Heather displayed some stereotypes, I didn’t pick her as a lesbian. I like the writers expanding their diversity by having a lesbian couple. I’m hoping the writers expand on their relationship and keep them together, they seem well suited.

I liked the ending of the episode of Justin playing with his kids–simple, understated, sweet and needed due to his aggressive and tense behaviour throughout the episode.


House Husbands–Season 4, Episode 6

In contrast to the previous episode, this episode was solid.

The episode’s MVPs were definitely Kane and Alex. Kane for projecting his own bullying past and issues on to Finn to the point where he lost his mind and organised a fight between Finn and Mason was played brilliantly. Although I definitely don’t condone his behaviour, it was nice to see Kane have a dark side as he is usually known for being annoying, happy and a pushover. While Alex was an equal-MVP for his dedication to his job by knowing all the school kids’ names, his decision to propose, his heart-to-hearts with Abi and calling Kane out on his behaviour was brilliant. The revelation of how the whole Finn-Mason situation came to be was subtly but brilliantly revealed.

Highlights of the Kane-Alex plot would be: Alex calling Kane out on his behaviour and subsequently revealing his intention to propose, Heather (Ms Looby) getting involved both as a principal and a family member, the revelation of Heather giving Alex her father’s ring for the proposal, the heart-to-heart between Finn and the main men, and the performances between Ben Crudwell and Ben Palma.

Meanwhile Mark and Rachel’s scenes were incredibly annoying, the sooner the writers get rid of Rachel again the better. The karaoke scene was absolutely cringeworthy and Mark still shouldn’t be shocked at Rachel’s actions, like taking credit for his work, as he has worked for her before. However there was some redemption towards the end when he stood up to her.

Kane’s proposal to Alex was kind of cheesy, but mostly sweet and obviously deliberately G-rated to suit the House Husbands audience. I’m looking forward to see where they take their engagement.

House Husbands–Season 4, Episode 5

This episode was a bit of a hit-and-miss for me.

Kane has always been an obsessive and worry-filled character, so obsessing about the pregnancy and crossing personal boundaries with Gemma and Lewis wasn’t that surprising. It was only a matter of time before he would be called out for it and especially by Lewis.

I did enjoy Julia Morris’ performance throughout the Justin and Rodney subplot. I can’t imagine how incredibly hard it would be if one was in that situation, however I couldn’t help but internally scream when Gemma was so easily influenced by Kane to “look for walnuts” and ended up going through Rodney’s stuff and inevitably getting caught. Why is this cliche always used? I did like the revelation of Rodney going to drug support meetings to remind people of the danger of drugs, due to his brother’s death. It gave the viewer a rare glimpse of humanity in Rodney. It’s also nice to see Angie being developed as a character as she grows up and Allegra Volange’s performance was solid, she has a bright future ahead of her.

House Husbands–Season 4, Episode 4

This episode was all about the kids.

Typical luck that when Abi decides that she has finished having children and that she’s going to be a surrogate, that she discovers that she’s pregnant. I felt, like Kane, that Abi’s pregnancy takes away from the plot of Kane, Alex and Eve’s surrogacy plans and I don’t understand why another child for them is necessary, considering it was a big story arc in season 2.

I liked the subplot of Kane having to tell Stella about the complex situation of IVF and later the disappointment of the plans being called off. I found their scenes together incredibly touching. It’s a shame that Stella has been recast as I was used to Edwina Royce, however Jade Knight has transitioned into the role beautifully and her performances have been solid. She would be the second child actor in the series to be recast, with Fletcher Grant replacing Matteo Annetta as Jacob last season, who has also transitioned beautifully.

I enjoyed the subplot between Rachel, Lewis, Atticus and Sam (Zac Mineo). Rachel is showing a bit more humanity, which is good to see, however she is clearly still obnoxious, especially with the gifted and talented program. I liked the contrast between Rachel and Atticus on the gifted end and Sam and Lewis with their struggles. The resolution of Lewis’ idea of helping the kids, Kane helping Sam with his sight words and Rachel ultimately having a change of heart was perfect. Zac Mineo’s performance was amazing and he definitely has a bright future ahead of him.

It wasn’t much of a surprise that Gemma would decide to be the surrogate. I personally found the discussion between her and Lewis sweet, especially that they can read each other so well.

Meanwhile Rodney and Angie’s scenes felt contrived, the sooner this plot ends the better.

Overall the focus on the kids, especially in this episode was realistic and well done, that being said it’s best that these episodes are used sparingly–less is more and works better.