Seachange (Reboot)—Season 1 Finale

The job of a season finale is to wrap up the season’s story arcs and establish new ones for the next season (if there is one). I felt this finale did most of the job but not all of it.

The episode kicks off with Miranda waking up after hooking up with Findlay and sneaking out. As she is wandering down the street, she runs into Jules and Jules tells her that she has got the construction rezoned and she is going to destroy Pearl Bay. Jules expands on this by revealing that she has plans for a massive sand mining plant on the caravan site, abandoning Bob’s plans for luxury apartments. Her plans disgust everyone, including her parents. Shortly after this, Kevin and Phrani return from their honeymoon and find out what’s happened.

Kevin insists he didn’t sign his land over to Bob, so he is charged of obtaining property by deception, and everyone’s back in court again, this time with Laura back as magistrate.

While this is happening, Miranda calls Findlay a traitor for working with Jules, he calls her out on her accusation and tells her he quit his job. Later, Miranda admits to Anna she’s scared of pursuing Findlay as she knows he’ll eventually leave.

Miranda runs into Findlay again after the first court session and they figure out that someone should have footage of Bob trying to deceive Kevin on their phones as everyone had them out on Kevin and Phrani’s wedding day. After viewing nearly everyone’s footage, they realise Heather was filming the signing of the marriage certificate. Miranda asks Heather to see the footage, which does prove Bob deceived Kevin.

As a trial would take time, Miranda (on Laura’s advice) shows the footage to Jules and demands that she excuses herself from the case, get Bob to plead guilty, and leave town. Jules agrees and as Kevin has given Bob a good recommendation, despite the fact that he screwed him over, Laura voids the contract and sentences Bob to a community service order.

While all of this is going on, Laura receives divorce papers from Max and doesn’t know how to tell Stella. Much like her efforts to hide Miranda’s pregnancy from her earlier in the season, her efforts fail as Stella finds them and confronts Laura. Stella thinks the divorce is Laura’s fault and Laura immediately dismisses this idea. Later, Laura finds Stella upset on the couch, Stella tells her that she called Max and he told her the truth. Stella says she knows Max is sorry, however Laura tells her signing the divorce papers is the kindest thing he’s done for her in a long time, and Stella reluctantly accepts her parents’ marriage is over.

On a minor subplot, Lillian believes Zac is psychic and gets him to help her with her investigations. While it’s clear throughout the episode Zac isn’t psychic, he reveals to Kevin at the end of the episode during their chat that he appears psychic due to knowing Lillian very well and information others provide him. Overall I felt that this subplot was a little silly, however it redeemed itself by providing a valid explanation to his psychic abilities.

The episode and season end with the community deciding to spend the plastic bag money on building Miranda’s marine centre.  Miranda finally tells Findlay how she feels and that she wants him to stay, however he tells her he accepted the research position in Antarctica. He asks her to come but due to the baby she says no, however she agrees to wait for him.

The episode ends with Kevin and Zac chatting about Zac’s psychic abilities.

Overall I felt this finale did it’s job—Bob’s construction plans are thwarted, Miranda and Findlay finally figure out their relationship, Ben and Laura (kind of) get together, Heather and Bob look like they’re getting back together, and Miranda is getting the marine centre she wanted. However I felt Miranda’s efforts to avoid Findlay, only to admit how she feels when it’s too late, to be a cliche, and no solid future story arcs were set up.

Overall I felt the reboot got off to a shaky start, especially with its huge continuity errors between the original series and this one, and the assassination of Max’s character, however I do feel the series has improved over time. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s renewed.


Stray Observations:

-Total number of original cast members returning: 5

-Total number of original characters returning: 7


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Between the woman who destroyed your year 12 formal gown and the woman who destroyed your family, what choice did you have?” (Laura to Miranda on Miranda’s choice to listen to Jules over her)
  • “We should have said no to jazz ballet, I wanted her to do classical!” (Heather to Bob and Laura on Jules and how she has turned out)
  • “Bob Jelly’s a one-man crime wave!” (Anna to Lillian)
  • “Short of torturing Bob…” “Oh..” “No.” (Anna-Lillian-Anna on Bob)
  • “Nan’s not really doing much now…since the cremation.” (Zac to Lillian)
  • “It’s okay, we don’t have to talk about it. Although you know far too much about my creative and financial mess, and my criminal history.” (Ben to Laura)
  • “I thought you said that was done and dusted. ‘Exploded’ was the exact word you used.” (Ben to Laura on her description of her marriage)
  • “I will join your book club, I will join the netball team, I will learn how to play Mahjong!” (Miranda trying to beg Anna for forgiveness for standing her up for Jules)
  • “What possible reason could he have to stay in Pearl Bay?” “The calamari.” “Yeah, the calamari is pretty good.” (Miranda-Anna on Findlay possibly staying in Pearl Bay)
  • “It’s my job to love the pelicans!” (Miranda to Anna)
  • “Is it too early for a wine?” “Never!” (Laura-Ben)
  • “Mum, don’t come down here unless you want to pervert the course of justice.” (Miranda on the phone to Laura)
  • “She’s a big girl, she can apologise all by herself.” (Ben to Laura on Stella)
  • “I’d like my parents to get back together, although with my dad’s dementia, it’s a possibility.” (Ben to Laura)
  • “So how do you do the psychic thing with the underpants?” (Kevin to Zac)


Seachange (Reboot)—Season 1, Episode 7

We’ve reached the penultimate episode of the season and the caravan park story arc is escalating.

The episode kicks off with the caravan park residents being evicted, including Stone, who tells Miranda he’ll have to move in with his mum and that he no longer has access to his vegetable garden. Meanwhile both Laura and Miranda ask Bob what’s going on, just as he is about to explain, his daughter, Jules (originally portrayed by Bryony Price, now portrayed by Emm Wiseman) arrives. Jules has arrived to take over Bob’s company as he can’t legally run it. Laura calls Kevin to tell him what’s happened, only to reach his voicemail. Findlay tells Miranda that he is now working as an environmental consultant for Jules’ law firm.

Ben encourages Stone to exercise squatter rights, which gets them in court, but Bob and Jules play hard ball and win. Laura then offers to defend Stone, which leads to Clara Russo coming back to town to be the magistrate. Laura goes on to spend most of the episode feeling inadequate to Clara, as she is her professional and love rival.

When Zac tells Laura a story of a “magic gumtree” near her old property, which has moved her property outside of the boundary line, which would ultimately make Bob’s DA invalid. Zac tells her that the map which proves this is in her office, which is now Clara’s. Ben gets the map for her under the guise of delivering Clara her lunch and cleaning the map’s frame. Clara clearly doesn’t buy this but allows him to leave anyway.

While all of this is going on, Jules and Miranda get reacquainted. In the original series they weren’t friends and Jules was mean to her, except for one episode where Jules was accused of robbery, and Miranda and Jules’ younger brother, Craig, stuck by her. Adult Jules is being nice to Miranda and asks for her plans for the Marine Centre, so she can make it a part of the construction project. She also asks Miranda what’s going on with Findlay, as she’s interested in him but doesn’t want to step on any toes. Miranda gives her approval to go for Findlay.

Prior to going back to court, Laura finds out from Clara that she is applying for the magistrate’s job permanently and that Jules demanded her to be the magistrate over Laura. When she goes back to court, she uses the map to prove her argument and wins.

After court, Miranda goes back to work and yells at Findlay to do something to help her, he kisses her, she walks away, appalled, then returns and kisses him and they finally hook up.

While Clara and Ben talk about their marriage, they admit it is over and part on amicable terms. Ben later tells Laura that Clara has left town so the magistrate position will be permanently hers. At the Jelly’s, Jules makes a mysterious phone call that will only spell trouble in the finale.

The episode ends with Zac and Stone talking about the magic gumtree and how it moved.

Overall I felt that this was a solid episode, especially with the re-introduction of Jules Jelly, even if she has been recast. It will be interesting to see in the finale exactly how much she has followed in Bob’s footsteps. I also enjoyed seeing Laura as a solicitor again, and Findlay and Miranda finally giving into their feelings. I’m looking forward to seeing how this all plays out in the finale.


Stray Observations:

-Heather left Jules’ room exactly as she left it, which includes leaving a Backstreet Boys poster on the wall.

-Jules is a lawyer-turned-property developer. At the end of the original series, Jules was working at her father’s real estate agency and doing a TAFE course to become an agent. She didn’t completely follow in her father’s footsteps, but she came pretty close, if not, has done better than him.

-Lillian went to school with Jules and Miranda.

-Jules has 7,000 Instagram followers.

-Clara’s allergic to orchids.

-Clara and Ben were married for 15 years.

-According to Laura, Stone built a Kubb pitch. She states that Kubb is a Scandinavian game that is a combination of Chess and Bocce.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Were you a squatter?” “More of a starving artist, but it goes hand-in-hand.” (Laura-Ben)
  • “Go for it! I can only pay in veggies!” (Stone to Bob when the latter threatens to sue the former for squatting)
  • “I would love to help you but Clara scares me.” “Don’t I scare you?” “Yeah yeah you do, just not as much as, I’m sorry.” (Zac-Laura-Zac on getting the map out of Clara’s office)
  • “Off to deal with the devil?” “Get a job!” (Stella-Miranda)
  • “Look at her rocking those heels, do you think they help?” “Help what?” “With the power trip.” “I’m just amazed she can walk in those.” “Oh I bet she can run, Zac.” (Lillian-Zac going back and forth about Jules)
  • “Aren’t those against uniform policy?” “Not in Italy.” (Zac-Lillian on the latter wearing heels with her uniform)


Seachange (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 6

This episode focuses on the annual fishing competition.

The episode kicks off with Anna going on holidays and leaving Lillian in charge. The first thing Lillian has to deal with is a fight between two men over an esky. In the process of dealing with this, Lillian discovers that the Fishing Club President, Phil Tran, is missing. It then cuts to a part of the beach where Phil’s belongings are found, which include his phone, which shows Ben calling him.

Phil eventually calls Ben and they met up and talk, where Phil reveals he has made a mess of his life and was faking his death so his ex-wife and kids could inherit his money. Laura sees them talking and they eventually end up in court, where she acquits Phil as his ex-wife and kids had no involvement in his plan and faking his own death isn’t actually illegal.

Throughout the episode, everyone is trying to win the fishing competition for the $20,000 prize money. The two men fighting over the esky, are revealed to be fighting over the fact that one of them was trying to fake catching the fish, and is quickly caught out in court. When Mr Shortland loses the case, he retaliates by giving Miranda a Letter of Demand, telling her she needs to pay back rent on the building where her office is, rent she wasn’t obligated to pay as Phil Tran let her use the space for free.

Miranda asks Findlay to catch the fish for her using his scientific knowledge due to being ethically against fishing, so she can use the prize money to pay her rent. She does this unaware that Laura has asked Ben to take her fishing so she can win the prize money for the same reason. Findlay eventually catches the fish, Miranda takes the prize money cheque and hands it over to Mr Shortland, paying the back rent.

Before this happens, Bob breaks into the police cell and steals the bags of money, he also steals Phil’s boat, unaware Laura is on board, and hides the money there. Laura, having had margaritas, has fallen asleep and is shocked to see Bob on board when she wakes up. They are both equally shocked when they are stuck on the river when the boat runs out of petrol.

Bob tells Laura about his plans to use the cash (to a degree), and Laura agrees to play dumb and let him get away, so when Lillian and Zac come to the rescue, he’s nowhere to be found, and Laura convinces Lillian to put the cash back and not tell Anna about it.

The episode ends with Ben and Laura going fishing together and it not going well.

Overall I enjoyed this episode, it was quirky and different. I don’t feel it necessarily pushed the major story arcs forward, but it was fun.


Stray Observations:

-According to Lillian, in previous fishing competitions people have used dynamite, have been caught in their own fishing tackle, and speared by a leaping marlin.

-Kevin’s caravan park is called The Come On Inn.

-It’s been 30 days since the black packages with money started showing up in the Bay.

-This is the first episode not to feature a Kevin chat at the end. However Kevin and Phrani are still absent, so I’m assuming they’re still on their honeymoon.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “I’ve got zero interest in fishing or anything that gets me up before the sun does.” (Ben to Laura)
  • “Any man that sits at my bar most nights doing the crossword and eating peanuts has some serious issues.” “Including yourself?” (Ben-Laura on Phil Tran)
  • “This isn’t theft, it’s a redistribution of wealth. To prepare for the perfect crime you’ll need to assemble a few simple household items—an empty drink can, a good pair of scissors, a few paperclips, and a credit card. Now you’re ready for your journey through step one: choosing your disguise through to the final step: stashing the loot, as we teach you to break into almost anywhere.” (Bob’s theft podcast)
  • “Lovely vest, it’s terrifying!” (Ben to Laura on her fishing vest)
  • “Your life crashed and burned, how come you didn’t run away?” “I embraced the humiliation!” (Phil-Ben)
  • “I would be prepared to take a motormouth fishing if it meant stitching up Shorty McShortypants!” (Ben to Laura on taking her fishing and outdoing Mr Shortland)
  • “Let’s face it people, fishing’s a lot like love—you put out your bait, you wait for a nibble and most days there’s nothing—but we keep on hoping for the perfect catch.” (Radio Riley)
  • “Lillian gave you an ultimatum?” “Yeah—get over it and get it in my tinny!” “Get over what?” “My irrational and unfounded fear of open water. Well not water per se—just what’s in it, under it, lurking in it…” (Laura-Zac going back and forth)
  • “I was promised margaritas and now I’m stuck here with you!” (Laura to Bob on Phil’s boat)
  • “I was going to do a runner. You know: bag wig, new name, fly Heather over to a Greek island.” (Bob to Laura)



Seachange (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 5

Love is in the air at Pearl Bay with Kevin and Phrani’s long-awaited wedding.

Frankly I was surprised that their wedding was written in considering Phrani’s determination not to marry Kevin in the original series due to her traumatic dowry experience with her first husband. However people change a lot over 20 years, including their minds.

The episode kicks off with Kevin armed with a bouquet of flowers, the engagement ring, and an adorable welcome home sign for Phrani, who he is expecting to see come off the morning bus, when she doesn’t show, he thinks she’s dumped him. He is about to throw the ring he worked hard for in the ocean when Lillian stops him just in time with the threat of a littering fine. He then confides in Laura in town and narrowly misses being hit by a keg Ben is throwing out.

Phrani eventually arrives home after caring for her sick father in India, and tells Kevin that she was late due to airport delays. She then proposes to Kevin and he joyfully says yes. He also asks Bob to be his best man, who is at the caravan park trying to get Kevin to sign over his land.

The engagement party quickly gets underway and Phrani asks Heather to be her wedding planner, however Heather kindly refuses due to her complicated situation with Bob, although she quickly changes her mind and becomes a co-planner with Lillian. While the wedding is being planned, which includes a Bollywood dance class, Phrani gives Kevin a wedding suit from measurements he gave five years ago. His suit doesn’t fit so he works out hard to get in shape, but it doesn’t work, so Phrani secretly lets his suit out in the middle of the night. The next time he tries it on, it fits and Phrani smiles at him, never admitting the truth.

The wedding goes off without a hitch, with Ben giving a heartfelt speech at the reception and Miranda giving the happy couple her chevy (which I’ll get to) for them to drive off into the sunset with.

While the wedding is being planned, a few minor subplots are at play.

Findlay is leaving in a couple of weeks and his position at Striplands is being reviewed and he is contemplating taking a research position in Antarctica. Findlay suggests that Miranda’s chevy is used as the wedding car for Kevin and Phrani, but when Miranda finds out she’s furious, to the point where she tries to set the car on fire during a meltdown. Miranda calms down and tells Findlay that she was engaged once to Elliott Conway and the car was compensation for him leaving her and she’s still healing. Findlay tells her there’s no timeline to it. After the wedding, Miranda visits Findlay at his office, where they dance and flirt and it looks like they’re going to kiss, but alas we (the viewers) are left hanging. Overall I enjoyed this subplot and character development between them.

Meanwhile Ben and Laura’s subplot revolves around him being back in court again over the keg throwing incident. Ben reveals to Laura that he was throwing out his brews as his ex-wife’s boyfriend claimed them as his own and won an award for them. When Kevin makes it clear in court he doesn’t want to pursue it any further because Ben apologised, Laura still holds him to account by sentencing him to 40 hours community service, brewing beer for the wedding, when Zac and Lillian remind her of the fact that drinks are needed for the wedding and he’s the only bartender in town. Ben does what he’s told, and gets Laura to help him get his brews out of the dumpster.

The episode ends with Bob tricking Kevin into signing his land over, and Zac and Stone chatting at the end of the episode as Kevin is away. They chat about the tradition of putting a piece of wedding cake under your pillow and dreaming about the person you will marry, which is a throwback to Phrani explaining this tradition in the original series finale at Angus and Karen’s wedding.

Overall I enjoyed this episode and it’s sweet nature, and I was happy to see Kevin and Phrani finally tying the knot.


Stray Observations:

-Georgina Naidu is the fifth original cast member to return to the series.

-Phrani likes disco dancing.

-Stone’s a vegan.

-Phrani throwing lotus flowers at Kevin is a throwback to the original series when she left a trail of them to let him know she was ready to take their relationship to the next level.

-Photos of teenage and adult Trev are present throughout Kevin and Phrani’s caravan.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Clearly I wasn’t thinking clearly!” (Ben to Laura on throwing the keg in the street)
  • “I saw her get on a bicycle and ride like the wind, she must like engagement parties as much as I do!” (Ben to Laura on Miranda)
  • “Can we put him in back in jail?” “Yeah, sure.” (Miranda-Anna on Bob)
  • “We’ve heard a great deal about your beer brewing crisis and self sabotage Mr Russo!” (Laura to Ben in court)
  • “Got any flammable liquids over there?” (Findlay to Miranda)
  • “You are a truly fascinating dancer!” (Laura to Ben)


Seachange (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 4

This episode is quirkier than the previous ones.

After concluding the adoption subplot, this episode focuses on Bucket’s possessions, which are for sale now that he has passed away. Ben tries to get rid of Bucket’s old chair but Laura and the rest of the town warn him of the bad luck that will come to him if he does, he doesn’t listen, until the pub starts falling apart and he brings it back to its rightful home.

Meanwhile, Anna is devastated after giving Joe back to Miranda. Miranda tries to reach out to her, but fails for much of the episode, Laura tells Miranda that she needs time to adjust to life without Joe. Throughout the episode, Lillian, Anna and Laura have run-ins with local foster kid, Arnold, who has stolen a mobility scooter (again). Lillian has had enough as Arnold is constantly having run-ins with the police, but Anna usually buys him a milkshake and gives him a lecture, but she is too sad to do so. Arnold worries that Anna is angry with him, especially after he tells Laura when his foster family won’t take him back (again) that he would stay at Anna’s and eat pizza together. Arnold later steals a car, not knowing Rocco (who I’ll get to in a minute) is unconscious in the boot. When Arnold stops the car at the police station, Anna lets Rocco out and he goes for Arthur, which forces Anna out of her depression and she ends up tasering Rocco to subdue him.

On the subject of Rocco, Bob’s former cellmate, half of the episode revolves around him taunting Bob as he is on parole for good behaviour. Bob tries to avoid him as he lied about a deal he made with Rocco, however he knows he can’t after Rocco finds him. At one point, Bob thinks Rocco wants to kill him, only to discover Rocco only wanted to get naked, and swim and chat in the ocean. Rocco gives Bob 24 hours to get the caravan park land signed over to him, Heather sees them in the ocean and freaks out. When Bob asks for Heather’s assistance during their lunch meeting, she believes that Bob is in a relationship with Rocco. When Kevin drops by the lunch and tells Bob he won’t be signing over the caravan park to him, Rocco loses it and tries to attack Bob only for Heather to knock him out with a wine bottle. Bob puts him in the boot of the car, which Arnold later steals. After Rocco tries to attack Arnold, his parole is revoked and he’s sent back to jail.

Meanwhile when everyone in town talks about Bucket having claimed to have seen a rainbow seahorse, Stella takes her phone and goes to the beach to try and film it in the water. When she shows footage of a rainbow seahorse in the ocean. Miranda, sensing something is up, tries to look for it but can’t find it. When Miranda comes across mail for Stella with a copy of the footage she used, she discovers Stella doctored her video. She goes to tell Findlay, only to find out that the sand mining has been delayed due to Stella’s footage and decides to keep quiet. Eventually Findlay finds out and he is suspended from his job and angry at Miranda for not telling him the truth.

Towards the end of the episode, Laura invites Anna and Arthur over for dinner, where Arthur is fixing Bucket’s lamp. He thinks he hasn’t fixed it and everyone leaves the room to have dinner. However once everyone leaves, it’s discovered the lamp has been fixed and spins, revealing that the rainbow seahorse Bucket saw was one conjured by the light from the lamp against the wall.

The episode ends with Kevin and Zac having their usual chat over whether mythical creatures such as the rainbow seahorse exist. According to Kevin bunyips exist and they like to eat parmigiana.

Overall I felt that this episode was the strongest in the series so far as Stella was developed further, and it looks like Anna is set to become a foster mother to Arthur. I hope the series continues to bring strong episodes.


Stray Observations:

-Bucket, the famous but unseen crazy character in the original series, has passed away.

-According to Lillian, Arnold constantly steals a mobility scooter from a woman by the name of Marge.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “How long do you think she’ll stay now that she hates me?” (Miranda to Laura on Stella)
  • “I haven’t interrogated him yet but I think he’s after a cooked breakfast.” (Ben to Lillian on Rocco)


Seachange (Reboot)—Season 1, Episode 3

This episode has a lot of truths come out and a new arrival.

The episode starts with Laura discovering that the adoption hearing is happening. Despite Miranda pleading Laura to stay out of the courthouse, she goes in with Joe, and tells the magistrate, an old friend of hers, that she will be applying for custody of Joe, which naturally angers both Miranda and Anna.

Meanwhile, Stella, Max and Laura’s daughter, arrives in town. She tells Laura that her boyfriend, Josh, broke up with her. Miranda immediately starts to hide evidence of her pregnancy and Joe’s existence, so when Josh shows up in town and sees Miranda and Laura, and calls the former “Panda”, Laura puts two and two together, and Miranda admits Josh is Joe’s father. Laura berates Miranda to the point of telling her she is as bad as Trudy, referencing Trudy’s affair with Jack. Josh is in town because Stella has lost his passport and he’s stuck in Australia.

The secret eventually comes out in pieces when Stella finds Miranda’s maternity bra, pregnancy vitamins, and finally when she sees breast milk being delivered to Anna. It’s also at this moment that Josh figures out Joe is his child. When he admits it, Stella takes his car and furiously drives off to confront Miranda and Laura in front of Findlay, and Josh isn’t seen again after this.

After being confronted by Laura and Stella, Miranda, upset, buries herself in the sand, with Findlay finding her. Findlay tells her that her mistakes don’t define her as a bad mother and pulls her out of the sand. Later, Miranda goes over to Anna’s and Anna reveals Joe can’t sleep without hearing Miranda’s voice, and they come to the inevitable conclusion that Joe belongs with Miranda. Miranda apologises to Anna and leaves with Joe.

When Miranda returns with Joe, Stella is leaving. Miranda tries to make amends, revealing that she doesn’t remember having sex with Josh due to being too drunk. They make up and Stella decides to stay, pleasing Laura.

Meanwhile on a smaller subplot, Ben’s having trouble with his girlfriend, Candace, who’s gorgeous but with four kids and overly clingy. Laura helps him get rid of her by kissing him in front of her. I felt that this subplot didn’t add much to the episode, other than to insert the cliche obstacle of keeping Ben and Laura apart.

The episode ends with Zac and Kevin having their usual chat, Zac’s desire to surf is squashed when Kevin talks about the perils of being a fish.

Overall I felt this episode was an improvement over the previous two as it concluded the adoption subplot and introduced Stella, who is an interesting character—typical of her age, but clearly just like Laura with her ability to figure out that Josh and Miranda had a fling pretty much the same way Laura did. I hope I see more of Stella as the series progresses.


Stray Observations:

-Laura missed Miranda’s 21st birthday.

-Angus is Zac’s uncle, this marks the first connection between a character from the original series and a character from the reboot.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Never trust a man who doesn’t wear socks.” (Laura to Stella)
  • “She makes a sloth look hyperactive!” (Miranda on Stella)
  • “That’s a crime in this country?” “It should be!” (Josh-Lillian on not wearing socks)
  • “Go to hell both of you! Actually hell is right here, so stay where you are!” (Stella to Miranda and Laura when she finds out the truth about Joe)


Seachange (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 2

Now that the premise and characters of the show have been established, the show can really get underway.

This episode focuses on one of Pearl Bay’s many eccentricities, specifically the shimmery moon–a phenomenon that reveals hidden truths and brings people together according to Miranda.

The episode kicks off with Kevin kissing a photo of Phrani and sending it off in the ocean for unknown reasons. It then changes focus to Laura, Miranda and baby Joe.

Anna takes Joe to Miranda’s so Laura can babysit while she is at work. Laura tries to keep her promise to stay at home, however this backfires when she is called in to start her first day as magistrate on short notice. Of course she is eventually caught when Anna goes to collect Joe from Laura and can’t find her. When her and Miranda show up at the courthouse, both women claim Joe as their baby. This eventually leads to Laura and Miranda having a conversation about motherhood, where Miranda reveals exactly how she felt when she left for London and Laura tells Miranda she thinks the adoption is a mistake. This conversation also reveals a continuity error when Miranda says Laura left her at 16, when in fact she was around 18 when the series ended, and Laura and Max hadn’t left yet.

Meanwhile, Lillian is determined to solve the mystery of the loafer in the drum under the window of the cell where the money is kept. Despite wanting to conduct a Cinderella-esque search of who it belongs to, Anna immediately deduces it belongs to Bob. In the meantime, Bob tries to get a room at the Tropical Star, only for Ben to refuse and for Anna to show up to question him about his loafer. Bob takes Ben to court, where it’s revealed Ben doesn’t have a liquor licence for the Tropical Star. Later, Ben eventually comforts Bob and offers him a place to stay.

Later, Ben and Laura share a bottle of wine when Ben comes across Laura talking to Joe in her car. They bond, with Ben revealing he is an artist, and that he and Clara moved to Pearl Bay for him to find inspiration to paint and make money.

Meanwhile, Miranda has Findlay’s office set up at the old Historical Society headquarters, which is next to her office. While Miranda is working at night, she runs into Findlay at the beach and they work together to get Myrtle the turtle out of a net, Laura watches on with Joe, just as the tension between them seems to be fading away. It’s during this time that Miranda tells Findlay how she feels about the motherhood predicament she finds herself in and Findlay listens with an open ear and without judgement, which Miranda appreciates.

Meanwhile Heather visits Bob at the Tropical Star to bring him some clean shirts and Bob tries to use the shimmery moon to reignite their relationship, but Heather refuses and leaves.

When Anna comes to Miranda’s house to pick up Joe, Miranda breaks down and finally admits she doesn’t want to give Joe up.

The next day, Laura goes to the police station and pays for Ben’s liquor licence on the condition she remains anonymous. However this doesn’t last as Ben celebrates at the pub and praises Bob, believing he did it. Bob tries to take credit, only for Lillian to reveal to everyone Laura paid for it. Ben thanks Laura.

After the celebration, Anna reveals to the town that the cash in the black bags will be donated to the community, when Bob squirms at Anna’s threat that the guilty party of dumping the black bags in the ocean will be punished, Lillian realises he’s guilty. While Anna is busy talking to everyone, Laura tries to take Joe, only for Ben to stop her.

The episode ends with the signature Kevin chat, this time with Zac, who discuss Kevin re-releasing a nine-legged octopus into the ocean, a running gag throughout the episode.

Overall I found this episode to be a little bland, however I am interested to see where the series goes from here with Miranda admitting she doesn’t want to give up Joe, and Ben clearly being set up as Laura’s new love interest.


Stray Observations:

-According to Miranda, the Pearl Bay Historical Society stopped operating when Meredith retired from running it.

-According to Bob, Meredith no longer owns the Tropical Star.

-The sign outside the Tropical Star states that it was established in 1898, yet Heather states that it has been part of the town fabric for 97 years, that’s a huge continuity error.

-Clara Russo has left Ben.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Why should I babysit some other dude when I can barely take care of myself?” (Ben to Laura in court, on Bob)